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  1. SOLD: Mark Donahoe D ½ Set - This half set was made bespoke for the one previous owner in 2006 by Mark Donahoe of County Kerry. The set is in good condition.
    Chanter - D pitched, to a Rowsome pattern, with scalloped finger holes. It is in African blackwood with brass ferrules and imitation ivory mounts. It has a brass stop key and tuning pin fitted. There are blocks for additional keys.
    Drones - Reeded, in blackwood with brass ferrules and tuning slides, imitation ivory mounts.
    Bag - Large volume, chrome tanned leather, seasoned, sealed, glued and stitched. African blacwood blowpipe and chanter stock. 1 diameter plastic blowpipe with BSP fitting.
    Bellows - large volume, recently repaired by Mark Donahoe. Rosewood paddles, 1 leather belts, pads for elbow and hip, leather hinge
    Case - Hard case with lockable clasps and keys.
    Reason for sale: I purchased this set in error. I am a complete novice and should have been starting with a practice set. I have found it difficult to manage with the drones.
    Issues: The bellows have been repaired in October 2007.
    The set was appraised for me by Davy Stephenson who told me it was a good set, but not right for me as a beginner. The bag and bellows are too large for me.

    Listed: 10/15/2007
    Price: 1500 - [plus insurance and postage to UK and Republic of Ireland] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sharon at »

  2. SOLD: Tim Britton D ¾ Set - The set is made of rosewood (except for the stocks) and is very lightweight. The chanter has four keys and a metal top, no stop key. The metalwork is brass. This set has a number of extras: an A drone with a separate switch in addition to the normal 3 drones, and an E key on the baritone regulator between the D and the F# keys. Some of the tenons use cork for the seals, and some have waxed thread.
    I purchased the half set used about 7 years ago. Tim added the two regulators for me a few years back. He had enough of the original rosewood left from when he constructed the original set to make the tenor and baritone regulators. At that time, he also had enough rosewood available for the bass regulator, but I did not have that one constructed. Its likely he still has the rosewood if the buyer would want to add it to complete the set. I have been storing it in a soft guitar case. There is no official case.
    The set has minimal wear, but is obviously pre-owned. There was a crack on the bell of the bass drone that was repaired prior to my obtaining the set. One of the wooden supports for a key on the chanter was broken off, but repaired by Tim Britton. A hairline crack is still visible. The regulators are in virtually new condition. It takes a considerable amount of pressure on the bag, by design. The bellows are very comfortable and pump very well. There are no leaks.
    The sound of the set is very open, lively and expressive. Please see Tim Brittons web page here for more about his pipes:
    Im selling the set because I have another 3/4 set that Im playing most of the time now. The Britton set is beautiful, but I would rather have the money from the sale to fund my other vices than keep a set that Im not playing. It should go to a good home.
    My asking price is $6000 plus shipping and insurance, which is about 1/3 off of what a new 3/4 set with these options would cost new from Tim.
    Listed: 10/15/2007
    Price: $6,000 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Steve Pribyl at »

  3. SOLD: B.C. Childress B Chanter - In rosewood, made in 2001, artificial ivory rings, brass keyless headpiece. The chanter has 4 keys; long F natural, Bb, C natural, & Ab. Included are one reed by Bruce Childress and a spare by Brad Angus (actually made for an Angus B flat chanter, but plays very well in this one also). There has been no damage to, previous repairs done on, or modifications done to the chanter other than a little tape on the back D. It plays well in tune with what I would describe as a medium bag pressure requirement, and a medium volume. It's a very comfortable stick to hold, thinner than many flat chanters, and has a scalloped back D, and a right hand "thumbrest". B.C.'s current (Sept. 04') price for the same chanter would be about $1,100.00 dollars. I'm asking $900.00 dollars U.S.$ plus shipping and insurance charges. I'm in California. I'm selling it because I acquired another B chanter I like just a little better. Here's a few low resolution photos.
    Listed: 09/11/2007
    Price: $900 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Dave Collins at »

  4. SOLD: Andreas Rogge C# Chanter - Made in 2006.
    Materials: Ebony, brass and boxwood mounts.
    4 Keys: F, G#, Bflat and C.
    Listed: 04/02/2007
    Price: €1400 o.b.o. [will consider swap] - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Emmett Gill at »

  5. SOLD: Johnny Burke C# ¾ Set - [EDIT: New Information: it is now believed that this set was made by Willie Rousome and repaired by Johnny Bourke in the 80's.] 3/4 set of Johnny Burke (died c.1903, Dublin) C# uilleann pipes from the late 19th Century. (Apparently this set is by another Johnny Burke, not the one we are familiar with - Pat.) The set comprises a chanter, bag, stock with three drones and two regulators, and a bellows. It is fully reeded and is playing well. The set is made from ebony with brass and ivory detailing/ornamentation throughout. The stock is of rosewood.
    The chanter has three keys. The head of the chanter is metal and is unlikely to be original.
    The bellows is by Davy Spillane ( Dublin ) and is about 20 years old.
    Condition: One regulator key needs to be re-sprung.
    Reason for sale: I have another set and dont play this set enough to justify keeping it.
    Listed: 10/03/2007
    Price: €2,500 or nearest offer - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Aidan Duffy at »

  6. SOLD: Seth Gallagher B ¾ Set - For all those serious pipers out there, I am happy to announce that I am selling my fully loaded 3/4 Seth Gallagher Flat Pitch Pipes in B. These pipes were built by Seth in the summer of 2003. They are made of ebony and brass. The Chanter is fully keyed with the traditional F natural wrap around. The chanter also has a wooden top with no stop key. The reed is working well and comes with a number of back up reeds made over the years. The drones are very warm and stable with the original cane reeds made by Seth. The regs are working well and reeds are made of cane. Bellows are in great shape and I had new leather put on about 2 years ago. The pipe bag is also very new. These pipes are in very good condition! There are no major scratches or chips, just the regular wear and tear for a set that is 4 years old. I am selling the pipes because I feel that I am not playing these pipes enough due to my busy schedule and my hands are too small for the stretch. Gallagher pipes are professional class and are use by many professional pipers. Please see the attached photos and if more are required please dont hesitate to ask. Also feel free to check the link that I added below for sound clips played by Brian Bigley. This is the exact set that I am selling. He borrowed my pipes to record on his album. As you may not know, Seth is now on a 4 year waiting list. He is also not making B pipes anymore and only offers C pipes and concert pitch. I decided to sell the pipes for $8000 United States Dollars plus shipping. Please feel free to contact me at or 613-231-2523 which is eastern standard time same as New York .
    Listed: 11/28/2007
    Price: US$8000 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jeremy Keddy at or telephone 613-231-2523 »
    Audio Sample:

  7. SOLD: Peter Hunter D Chanter - Peter Hunter wide-bore concert pitch (D) Uilleann pipe chanter. This is a top end chanter made by Peter Hunter in his Micklethwaite workshop (1995). The finest ebony available, hand-rolled brass swan-neck & cap, fully-keyed (ring F nat, G#, Bb & C nat). Its in full working order, was very recently checked over by Hunter pipes and comes with a good reed and spare. This is a superb chanter, it has that big Hunter sound, crisp hard Ds and Es, glassy back Ds and a tone that sings with rich harmonics and partials. Check out the sound clip on Hunter pipes site under Hunter D to hear this chanter. Serious offers only please. Will post anywhere so long as you pay for it and the postage.
    NB. Im selling because I have two concert chanters and 'havent played in concert pitch for months because Im addicted to a glorious Hunter B set and need the cash to get even more bits! : )
    Listed: 11/05/2007
    Price: Best Offer - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Mark at »
    Audio Sample:

  8. SOLD: Neil O'Grady D Full Set - Neil O'Grady/BC Childress full set--a full set of Uilleann pipes in Cocobolo with extra chanter keys. The set includes everything but a case. You will receive two sets of reeds for Regulators and drones, popping strap and bag. This set was purchased in 2002 from Neil O'Grady. It was sent to BC Childress in 2004 and completely reworked (cork replacing twine as sealant). So there are three drones and three regulators, bellows, bag, popping strap, chanter included.
    I am selling this because I want to start over. I will be going with a half set or practice set. The regulators were very intimidating to play for a novice and prohibited me from practicing. Neil's pipes are very well constructed and with BC Childress rework you know you are in for quality. Neil's current price for a full set is $4000. This is my asking price because of the excellent condition as well as the rework. You pay the shipping but it will be actual cost only. I won't increase shipping just to make more money.
    Listed: 10/11/2007
    Price: $4,000 or nearest offer - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Matthew Stultz at »

  9. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Full Set - Full set made by Seth Gallagher in 2003. Ebony with Nickel Silver, Sterling Silver keys & imitation ivory mounts. Chanter is keyed with 2 keys (High C natural and F) and is well reeded by Andy Faden. As to the drones - 2 sets of reeds included in sale (1 cane By Seth- 1 synthetic by Bruce Childress). The bass regulator is the traditional "straight" style, and all the regulators are equipped with Seth's bronze regulator reeds. The L&M bag which is covered in Seths Green Velvet is in great condition as well as Seths traditional cherry bellows. The reason for the sale is that I already have a full set by another maker and I am in line to have a B set made very shortly. Seth's wait for a full set is now up to Four years, and to get a duplicate set like this one will cost of you $9200 (plus $125 per key), so this is an opportunity for serious bidders to get a great set without the wait..$7500 US. Serious inquiries only please. Buyer pays all shipping costs. Please feel free to ask any Q's and I will respond promptly. Thank you for looking.
    Listed: 10/11/2007
    Price: $7,500 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sean Doherty at »

  10. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D ½ Set - A fully loaded half set by Seth Gallagher - as new condition with zero issues. Then why am I selling this? They are my wife's and she is not able to give the time to play them that she would like and is sure they could be more fully used by another piper.
    Ebony pipes with silver keys, nickel silver metalwork, and ivory mounts; all four chanter keys; chanter shut-off key; trumpet-style bass drone end; extra A drone with pop-gun style plug (also in mammoth ivory) - all reeds in perfect shape; Beautiful bellows in black leather with velvet pad. The set has all the Seth Gallagher style and design. I am sure there is more detail I can add but look at the photos that speak for themselves.
    The pipes are 2 year old but have not been played the last time by a professional piper a month ago who said they were immaculate if only he could Stunning workmanship all around. Seth's work is highly praised by many in the Uilleann community, including Paddy Maloney.
    uilleann pipes: $4,800.00
    bellows: $300.00
    Total paid: $5,100.00
    Asking: $4500.00 (which includes a black solid case for shipment at no extra cost) Purchaser pays shipment and insurance costs.
    I can take 10% down to demonstrate serious interest and hold the set for 3 months to enable you to gather the balance.
    Of Note: For a couple of reasons. This is the price as it was set upon back then; Seth's price list has seen an increase since then. Additionally, Mr. Gallagher's waiting list for D sets is now being estimated at 18 to 20 months.
    Listed: 09/11/2007
    Price: $4500 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Pete Doyle at »

  11. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Full Set - Full set made by Seth Gallagher in 2003. Ebony with brass & imitation ivory mounts. Chanter is fully keyed and well reeded. There is a tell-tale check in the imitation ivory reed cap, but other than that the chanter is absolutely perfect. The previous owner did have a section of the bass drone repaired several years ago by pipemaker C.J. Dixon who used cocobolo for some reason. Its a fine bit of work which has no effect at all on the sound. You can't even see it under the regs, but I did want to mention it. As to drones - 2 sets of reeds included in sale (1 cane - 1 synthetic). I like the the latter as they are a bit brighter to complement Seth's robust chanters. The bass reg is the traditional "straight" style, but Seth is making a Taylor style "wrap around" section which would be included as well as Seth's bronze regulator reeds. The L&M bag is oft played, supple (ok-Limp...s) but still in good nick. You will need a bellows as I play a Dow which I use for my other set.
    The reason for the sale is that I play a half set at sessions and I got a bit over zealous vis: regulators and later came to the realization that I'm never really going to use them to their full extent. Plus an opportunity has arisen to obtain a Froment set in C and (you guessed it) that costs plenty.
    In excellent condition,this is a top quality set the likes of which don't become available often and those of you looking at this advert (and I thank you) know what you're about. Seth's wait for a full set is three years minimum, at a cost of $7800 (w/o bellows), so this is an opportunity for serious bidders to get something unheard of in the UP world...that is: Instant Gratification! (s) at a reduced cost of $7000. US
    Buyer pays all shipping costs. Domestic (w/ proper insurance) is probably around $150-$200) I think I've covered everything, but I will update if anything comes to mind. Please feel free to ask any Q's and I will respond promptly. Thank you for looking.
    Listed: 07/30/2007
    Price: US$6500 WAS US$7000 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Seamus Monahan at »

  12. SOLD: 2 Sets Lambe & Hevia
    1. 1 practice set 1000 by Eugene Lambe, Ireland
    2. 1 half set 3000 by Hevia, Espagne
    Reason for sale: To buy a full set.
    Location: Brittany
    Materials: Ebony, brass and boxwood mounts.
    Listed: 04/30/2007
    Price: €1000 & €3000 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Herv Gourdet at Phone - France - 0608607485 »
    Audio Sample:

  13. SOLD: Seth Gallagher C Chanter - Brass Top. 4-Key. Great sounding, easy to play, easy stretch for the right hand. $1800
    Listed: 08/16/2007
    Price: $1800 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: K. Padraig O'Kaine at »

  14. SOLD: Martin Preshaw Concert D drones, bag and bellows.
    Manufactured autumn 2006.
    Metalwork in stainless steel with drones in ebony and stock and drone ends in boxwood.
    L&M bag with cover.
    Fully padded bellows.
    Drones newly reeded by UK reed expert Alan Burton
    Seller location England, UK.
    Buyer pays shipping (method by mutual agreement) and any local duty/taxes.
    Listed: 07/05/2007
    Price: US$1,400 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ken Doyle at »

  15. SOLD: Joe Kennedy D chanter - African Blackwood, Made in 2005. The chanter has a stop key on the windcap and the body has the keys for F and C. Chanter is playing well and has no issues. Reason for selling is that I have moved to the dark(er) side of flat piping and shan't be returning!
    Price is 800 Euro, buyer to pay delivery. I'll be in Ireland (currently in Japan) between Aug 16th and 25th if that will help with the delivery rates let me know.
    Any questions? Please mail or email....
    Listed: 07/16/2007
    Price: €800 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Pol MacFionmhacain, Yamagata Ken, Nihon at »

  16. SOLD: Shuttle Pipes & M&E Flute - I would like to buy or trade any of these items for either a McGee Larson Preferred model D flute or a Burns Small-Handed version of the Pratten flute in either Blackwood or Mopane.
    1. John Walsh Bellows-Blown A/D 2000 convertible with hard case. Virtually never played. Cost around $1400.00 new. Sell for $1000.
    2. SOLD: M & E Polymer D keyless Irish Flute. Cost $435 new. Sell for $300. Like new. Indestructible.
    Listed: 05/03/2007
    Price: See above - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Doug Yarn at (706)548-0726 »

  17. SOLD: Mickey Dunne D Chanter - A Mickey Dunne concert pitch chanter in ebony, brass and fake ivory, has C key. Mickey was apprentice of Cilian O'Briain so I don't need to talk about sound quality. Great chanter. It is brand new, with new reed in it also by Mickey. I am selling it because I need money to pay credit for my new camera for my new hobby, filmmaking. I paid it 900. My price 800.
    Listed: 05/25/2007
    Price: €800 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Philip Staresinic at Croatia - 00 385 23 372 585 »

  18. Wilkinson & McArthey Full Set with Preshaw & McHarg Chanters - Full set of concertd D pipes made by Wilkinson & McArthey, ebony & brass with ivory mounts, regs need a little work, teardrop keys on the regs ( Bourke ), with case fully reeded with cillian obrien bellows & tony hebdon D chanter - Reasonable Offers Considered.
    SOLD: Martin Preshaw D chanter, Ebony & brass, reeded, less than six months old - 500.
    SOLD: Marc Van Dal practice set, bag, bellows & D chanter reeded & bag cover - 550
    Listed: 06/23/2006
    Price: UK£Reasonable Offers Considered - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Albert McGuinness at »

  19. SOLD: Alain Froment D Chanter & Dave Williams bellows - Practice set. Alain Froment chanter/Dave Williams bellows. The chanter is in immaculate as new condition. Two keys - Cnatural and Fnatural. Stainless steel with imitation ivory. Comes with excellent reed by Andreas Rogge. Ready to play. Reed seat enhanced by brass tubing which allows for easy tuning of chanter reed. Absolutely beautiful chanter in sound quality and tone and very easy to play.
    Can be heard on Up South by Fred Morrison - at (The Lochaber Dance) and at (Washington Street).
    Original bellows - leather padded and cushioned - made by Dave Williams himself. Fully airtight and in excellent working condition.
    New leather bag.
    Listed: 05/29/2007
    Price: UK950 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Fred Morrison at »
    Pictures: »

  20. SOLD: Charles Roberts D ½ Set - Bought in 2004 from Roberts,they are made of brass,African blackwood (drones) and Ebony (Chanter);Chanter is fitted with F and C natural key.The set is in excellent condition as I have always taken good care of it (see pictures).Chanter has been re-reeded by Fergus Finnegan and baritone drone reed replaced and made by Denis Quigley in Dublin.(all the rest is exactly as it was when bought in 2004 and doing well)
    I have been playing this set for more than 3 years and never had any problem.The set is very good in all weather conditions.It nearly costs me to sell them but I got a full set from Seth Gallagher and my B full set from Andreas Rogge in on the way (cannot afford to keep all those instruments/have only two arms and it would be a shame to leave a set like this unplayed)
    The set can easily be carried in a small case as Bass drone can be splited in 3 parts.(very handy when travelling by plane)
    Listed: 03/25/2007
    Price: €1800 or US$2350 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Erwan Le Corre at »

  21. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D ¾ Set - I am selling my used 3/4 concert pitch set made by Seth Gallagher in September 2003. The set is playing well and is in fairly good condition. There are a few chips in the plastic mounts and the bass drone trumpet piece was broken and remade by Pipe Maker C.J. Dixon. He did a great job and as an experiment made the replacment piece out of cocobolo and the bass drone has a better sound and look.
    The Chanter is playing well but could use a new reed because it has been adjusted to cold Canadian Weather. Drones are working well and have both cane reeds and brass/plastic reeds for colder weather. The regs have the bronze reeds made by Seth and are well in tune. The pipes have been fitted with a brand new bag by C.J. Dixon in September 2006 but I will also included the original pipe bag with green velvet cover.
    The reason why I am selling is that I simply don't have the time or desire to put into the pipes anymore. Between my career, pipe band drumming, concertina, and other interests.... the pipe are way down the list and it can be weeks to a month without me playing a single note. not to mention that Ottawa is way too cold for pipes. I really want these pipes to find a god home.
    Seth is a good maker and makes a great instrument. His wait time is 2 and a half years and seems to keep going up. I am asking for $6500 american for these pipes or best offer considering the few chips in the plastic but I will not hold out for much less.
    Listed: 03/21/2007
    Price: US$6500 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jeremy Keddy at »

  22. SOLD: Hunterpipes Concert Pitch Chanter - 4 Keys, Ebony body with imitation ivory mounts and brass metalwork. Bought in March 2006, exquisite condition with tone to die for. I can't believe I am selling this chanter, but the times make it so. Main reason for selling is I am graduating college in a couple months and want to get a head start on paying off my loans as well as I have a B chanter on the way and B is the pitch I want to play in. These chanters currently go for 925 pounds new from Peter and Sam so I am looking to get something in that ballpark but am certainly willing to accept reasonable offers. The pictures here are from the Hunterpipes website and are of the very same chanter just after it was completed, the chanter has not sustained any damage and is like new. Included with the sale are 2 rolled copper staples that came from the makers. The chanter has recieved great reviews from all those whom have played it, which I made sure to do since this chanter is capable of way more than I am currently.
    Listed: 02/23/2007
    Price: Reduced from US$1800 to US$1450 or best offer - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Mike De Smidt at »
    Audio Sample: 1 | 2

  23. SOLD: JOHNNY BOURKE Drones & Regs - I took the hard decision to sell my pipes, a Johnny Bourke full set made in 1982, in african blackwood and brass. They were made as the sister set to Davy Spillane's Bourke set and have the last of the Bourke hand-made keys in the Crowley teardrop style. It comes with bellows, new L&M bag and case. Reeded by Allan Moller. No chanter. It is a unique set and plays like a dream. Unfortunately I cannot afford to keep that set so I am forced to sell it. I am now looking for a good bag and bellows.
    Listed: 03/06/2007
    Price: €7000 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sylvain Barou at »

  24. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Full Set - This set is approximately five years old- second owner - but it is in prime playing condition. It has a Taylor bass reg which is very nice as it eliminates the cumbersome (and often poorly placed) long extension piece sitting on the left arm. I understand Seth makes most of his sets this style nowadays unless the buyer wants the "traditional" look.
    The set is brass - Seth's "standard" - apart from the wood chanter top which is an "extra."
    The chanter has four keys.
    The chanter also has a stop mechanism built into the chanter top. This is a unique design of Seth's and is much handier than the customary long stop mechanism on the chanter top.
    The whole set was just tweaked and tuned by Seth and everything is in top working order.
    He also put in his new design reg reeds which are totally bombproof.
    This is a real "players" set.
    The set would run $7575 new with the four keys and the wooden wind cap. I shudder to think what the wait would be.
    As always, I'm more than happy to take trade-ins of good flutes, whistles, or pipes (Uilleann, or Scottish small....No GHB please, I have my limits) as part of the final price.............$6999
    Listed: 02/22/2007
    Price: US$6999 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Patrick Jones at »
    Click here for pictures of this set »

  25. SOLD: Andy Faden Chanter - Concert pitch ebony chanter with brass ferrules, woodden top, C nat key, chanter reed. Two characteristics of Andy Faden's superb craftmanship:
    1. The chanter top is perfectly sealed with cork ring.
    2. The reed seat is enhanced with a brass tube and the reed can be easily moved up and down in this tube, which makes tuning the chanter easier.

    Condition Practically new. The plastic protective cover is still on the chanter top. Here is a photocopy of Andy's receipt.
    Issues The chanter is very easy to play, and jumps to the second octave with no efforts. This chanter is perfect for player who prefer delicate instruments.
    Materials the item is made from: Ebony, brass
    Reason for sale I've lost interest in Uilleann Piping. It is too difficult for me.
    Asking price Chanter is 560 pounds (GBP) or $1100 (US) or 850 Euros including shipping.
    If you are interested, I will sell a bag (made by Pat Stones a couple of years ago) and bellows made by Richard Patkos (a phenomenal young piper). The bellows is very powerful and has a big volume but has no paddings. The bag has stocks. I sell the bag for $80 (40 pounds, 60 Euros). I sell the bellows for $150 (116 Euros, 76 pounds) plus shipping (ask for price).
    Listed: 02/06/2007
    Price: UK£850 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter » Payment via PayPal (easier for people living in US) or wiring to my bank account directly for a European buyer.
    Contact: Miki Nemeth at »
    Audio Sample: I am not an established Uilleann piper. Here is how I can play a simple tune with this chanter. The recording was made with a Sony DSC-P72 digital camera in my room.

  26. SOLD: Andreas Rogge B Full Set - This wonderful set was completed in mid-2006. Set is ebony and nickel silver with artificial horn mounts. Chanter has the following keys: Fnat. G sharp, Bflat, C, and chanter shutoff. Set is in like-new condition, save for a tiny dent in the bass regulator bar. Comes with two chanter reeds, as well as a full set of cane drone reeds and a full set of synthetic drone reeds. Regulator reeds are cane. This set also comes with a deluxe Rogge flight case. I am selling this set because I simply have not the time to devote to it: something a set of this very-high caliber deserves. I do not believe in collecting instruments of this quality just for collecting's sake. Great pipes like this need to be played. I am asking roughly the same price as a new set from Rogge's shop - but without the 4-5 year wait!
    Listed: 01/30/2007
    Price: US$9500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Tom Klein at »
    Audio Sample: 1 |

  27. SOLD: Des Seery 'D' Chanter - Wide bore, ebony, stainless steel, fake ivory. Blocks for all keys but without keys. Made by Dessy Seery in late 1997. Rowsome copy. Des makes really quality chanters. I played numerous concerts with this one,it served me perfectly. I am selling it because need money urgently for one set of pipes that I ordered a long time ago.
    Listed: 03/27/2006
    Price: $900
    Contact: Philip Staresinic, Croatia at or 00 385 98 9600 650 [GMT & 1hr] » Pictures:

  28. SOLD: H.Kwisthout D ½ Set - Half set uilleann pipes for sale, maker H.Kwisthout, tested and set up by a reputated maker. Reeds are new as the ppe bag. Now is in perfect condition to be played. I'm selling it because I don't have the time and dedication that the instrument needs. I add 2 new chanter spare reeds, and soft bag to bring the instrument, the bellows and some accessories. I add H.Clarke method with CD
    Price is 850Eur+shipping. I think it's a nice inversion to be started.
    Listed: 08/22/2006
    Price: €850 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: llibertribo at - 0034 650755511 »

  29. SOLD: Brad Angus B Full Set - Here's a like new Brad Angus full set in B. Ebony and nickel silver. The stock is made of a very hard species of mahogany for superior resitance to any cracking. It is an improved Coyne design, with a four-key chanter,fully chromatic, plus a stop key. It will be dearly missed.

    Fully reeded, with two extra chanter reeds and extra drone and regulator reeds as well. Fully chromatic chanter. The G#, Bb, and F keys come in really handy when playing with fiddle or accordion settings of tunes (Altan CD's, for instance). The chanter plays easily right up to the third octave D. I hate to have to part with them, but a neck/shoulder injury has prevented me from being able to squeeze the bag for the last five months, and w/o health insurance I am in deep financial dung up to my neck.

    I do not play professionally, and the set has never left my music room, which is temperature (67F) and humidity controlled (70%) year-round.

    A new set like this from Brad is $7700.

    There is a fourth baritone regulator that I had Brad make for me, ($1100) that is included with the sale of the set. It has an E key on it. It is great for playing tunes in E minor (such as The Kid on the Mountain, The Tarbolton, Scatter the Mud, etc.). It is a quick swap for the normal bari reg. The E key sits opposite the G key on the tenor reg so that you can clearly define an E minor chord with a B in the chanter (impossible on normal reg setups) with E and G in the tenor and bari regs, or a G in the chanter (also impossible on normal reg setups) with the E on the bari reg alone. (The extra regulator's keys are thus D, E, F#, G, A, instead of the normal D, F#, G, A.) You can also clearly define (not just suggest) a C Major chord with a C in the chanter (again impossible on normal reg setups) with the E on the bari reg plus the G on the tenor reg.

    In some of the pictures I realized I took them with my Cillian O'Brien bellows. I will give you your choice of Cillian's bellows or Brad's "old style" bellows. The old style bellows with a thin strap of leather as a hinge takes some getting used to, but I don't really prefer one over the other. For performing, the O'Brien bag is safer-- the thin leather strap hinge on the old style bellows tends to wear and suddenly break, and of course, there's never an opportune moment for this to happen, but since I don't play professionally, it doesn't matter to me.

    If you're a serious piper, you know of Brad's artistry and perfectionism. The sonic balance of power is perfect-- strong fat drone sound, regs that don't overpower the chanter or sound like car horns, and a gorgeous chanter tone that is a pleasure to hear, even for people who think they don't like bagpipes. This instrument never ceases to surprise those I play it for. (My D 3/4 set, on the other hand, which I am keeping to retain some pipering chops, makes some people cringe in a reflective room. It is really too loud, unlike the Angus set, which is pleasant, strong, and controlled.)

    Listed: 09/06/2006
    Price: Reduced from $6000 to $5000 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Tom Gonta at »

  30. SOLD: Charles Roberts - Left Handed - D ½ Set - They are brass, Blackwood and Faux Ivory. C natural key on chanter and a chanter Stop Key. This set can be switched to be Right Handed if a buyer is interested in this. This has been my beginner/intermediate set. I bought it new from Charles and have played and maintained it for 8 years. Benedict Koehler has completely re-reeded both the drones and chanter, as well as tieing in a new very air-tight bag. It is in great condition and Benedict has really gotten them going better than Charles ever could have. I would like $2,800.00 OBO.
    Listed: 01/03/2007
    Price: US$2,800 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Gabriel McKeagney at - 949 283 8064 »

  31. SOLD: Van Daal Concert Pitched ½ Set - A half set of Concert pitch Uilleann Bagpipes in Ebony and Brass by Pipemaker Marc Van Daal. This is a very nice looking and sounding set that has treated me very well and it has some great benefits to it such as a C natural key and a stop key on the chanter, an airtight beautiful bellows with blue velvet covered hip and elbow pads, a hollow mainstock which is unique on a D set but gives a strong and beautiful overtone series on the drones (which sound great, very alive), an L&M highland bag for uilleann pipes which is a great bag because they are so airtight, and three great reeds that come with the chanter (one made by Marc, the other two by resident So. Cal Piper's club reedmaker Michael O'Donovan one of which was doctored by Benedict Koehler).

    This set has been great for me. I have used it to play many live shows and to record with. I have only ever heard rave reviews on the tone quality and overall instrument sound from this set, and comments have been made about them by some of the finest pipe makers in the world (such as David Quinn, Benedict Koehler, Michael Hubbert, Bill Haneman, and Martin Preshaw) who have been impressed by their make and tone. They would make a great set for anyone from beginners to advanced intermediate, but anyone should be happy with this set.

    The only reason I am selling is because I have had the opportunity to have a B set custom made for me in just 1 year! The new set is a hefty price though, so I need to sell this one to help finance the new one. I wish I had the capability to keep both, but hopefully this set will benefit someone out there looking for a good quality set without the wait!!!

    I am asking $3200 dollars U.S. and will take serious offers (but please remember all funds are going toward the new set, i'm not trying to make money off these).

    Please contact me at, or to ask questions or discuss purchasing.

    Good luck, I hope this set finds the right owner and a good home! A case will be provided with the set when shipped or picked up.
    Listed: 12/07/2006
    Price: US$3200 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Kyle Swanson at »

  32. SOLD: Ray Sloan D Practise Set - This is a Ray Sloan concert D practice set. Chanter in African blackwood, nickel silver, imitation ivory, key blocks, no keys. I am selling this set because I am a student and a parent and don't have enough time to focus on my music. I bought these pipes new from Mr. Sloan around 2001. They are easy to play and are perfect for the beginner. These pipes are in great condition except for a green mark on the bellows from the velvet bag cover. They would make a great Christmas gift! I am asking $900 obo.
    Listed: 11/30/2006
    Price: US$900 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: George Cooper at »

  33. SOLD: Thomas Aebi D Chanter - This is a Thomas Aebi D chanter in cocobolo with 4 keys. medium bore and holes, with brass and boxwood mounts. it is in new condition. Tom makes great chanters, but he is more famous as a great flutemaker. He used to work with Andreas Rogge (the design of the chanter is quite similar.) This chanter has got a very good vibrant and warm tone and the tuning is excellent. It has just been reeded by Alan Burton. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I will send a better picture and a sound sample soon. I'm selling the chanter to help me to pay for a new flute. I'm asking 1400 Euros for it which is the price of a new chanter from Tom.
    Listed: 12/11/2006
    Price: €1400 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sylvain Barou at »
    Audio Sample:

  34. SOLD: Kirk Lynch D Chanter - Made c. 1995-6, recently acquired as part of a half set. Blackwood with 3 silver keys and boxwood mounts, brass ferrules, wooden top. The back D hole has been opened up/refilled and taped. The reed is by EJ Jones who previously owned it and took really great care of it. Tuning's fine, though might be worth investigating a new reed from Kirk. I already own a newer chanter of Kirk's which I prefer, which is why I'm selling this one. $1000 - serious inquiries only.
    Listed: 11/08/2006
    Price: US$1000 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Benjamin Jaber at »

  35. SOLD: Gallagher 'D' drones - LEFT-HANDED drones in D. Nickel silver, imitation ivory and ebony. Made by Seth Gallagher during 2005. Except few tiny, barely visible, scratches they are like new. In working condition like new with new reeds, drones are now steady under different amounts of pressure. I bought them from Seth for $2000.
    Listed: 03/22/2006
    Price: $1500
    Contact: Philip Staresinic, Croatia at or 00 385 98 9600 650 [GMT & 1hr] »

  36. SOLD: A. Rogge D Chanter - Andreas Rogge concert pitch (D) Chanter for sale. Fully keyed(4). Ebony and brass , no air stop key ,wooden top. 1 year old perfect condition. I only want the price I paid for it = 1340,00 +postage ( chanter =900+ 4 keys = 440). Reason for sale , is I ordered it years ago but got another chanter in the mean time , so I dont need two chanters . The money goes towards paying for my new regs.
    Listed: 12/04/2006
    Price: €1340 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Thomas at »

  37. SOLD: B Full Set - A b-full set in tune for sale complete with bellows and carrying case:
    Chanter keyless: Andreas Rogge (made in 2000)
    Drones: Martin Doyle (copy of Ronan Brownes Harrington)
    Regulators: Finbar McLaughlin.
    They are made from ebony and brass, with mountings in boxwood. The bellows are by Cillian O'Brian. They are fully reeded and completely in tune. There is a crack in the puck of the bass drone which in no way effects the sound and if required could be replaced. Also a small leak in the drone switch. I have included some pics as attachments above and on my website under Audio there is a sound clip called "Bean a T" on which they are to be heard. Anyone intrested can mail me through the web site address. The selling price is 5600 Dollars or 4500 euros with purchaser paying postage and insurance.
    Listed: 10/31/2006
    Price: €4500 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Joe McHugh at »

  38. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D ¾ Set - The half set was purchased in 1997 and the two regulators were added in 2002. They are made of blackwood with brass and fake ivory. There is a C natural key on the chanter. They've been played in big concert halls and outdoor festivals and i have never been disappointed. The regulator keys are tear drop shaped, not the figure 8 shaped ones. I asked seth to do that because i thought it looked cooler. there are no real issues. One of the bottom pieces of fake ivory is chipped and i moved the stock so there is a patch in the bag but was sealed by Seth with this special glue they use on boats. It is air tight. They are in great playing condition and they are suited to me. Seth is great when it comes to making reeds that suit your style of playing.
    The reason I am selling them is because the oil changing place put the oil fliter on wrong and wrecked my car. The place didnt have insurance and they have closed up shop and their phone is disconnected. It costs $7000 to replace a brand new engine and i am a school teacher which means i am broke.
    Seth is selling the same type of set for $5350 so that's what i am asking. I don't want to sell these pipes, I have to. Hopefully they will go to a good home. These pipes have character. And as soon as I hit the top of the irish charts, they will double in value.
    Listed: 05/25/2006
    Price: $5350 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Brian Holleran at »

  39. SOLD: Martin Preshaw D Chanter - This is a D chanter in ebony, brass and immitation ivory. It has a C natural key. The top section was made by Seth Gallagher. The chanter was previously owned by John McSherry & Pat D'Arcy. I am selling this chanter to help pay for a new set of pipes.
    Listed: 05/22/2006
    Price: $1,000 [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Joey Abarta at »
    Audio Sample: 1 | 2

  40. SOLD: Brad Angus Full set in Bb - Illness and unemployment forces me to sell this fine set of pipes. I simply need the money......
    A full set in Bb made originally for Brad himself. Playing fairly, but would benefit from regulator adjustment, maybe a new reed in the tenor.
    I bought the set from Brad two years ago, and haven't played it much - I must admit, they are just not the right thing for me. I love the sound of narrow bore pipes, but feel much more at home playing a D-set.
    The set was adjusted, fitted with a couple of new reeds and a new bag last autumn by Chris Bayley.
    It has a small nick on the bass regulator, but that is about all that I could find wrong - overall it is in fine shape, it has an antique look that I find suits the mellow sound of the set.
    A small sound sample. MP3 not very well played :-)
    I'm throwing in an extra bellows (the original was a bit small to my taste), a bunch of reeds, and a sturdy hard case.
    Asking price $5500 plus shipping from Copenhagen, Denmark.
    I paid $7000 two years ago, so I think it is a fair price.
    Listed: 07/31/2006
    Price: $5500 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Morten Holm at »
    Audio Sample:
    Pictures: »

  41. SOLD: Robbie Hughes D ½ Set - Uilleann pipes which are blackwood/brass/imitation ivory with a very sweet sounding chanter reeded by Robbie himself. Green goretex bag and bellows are airtight and in good shape. The drone reeds are playing well. The set was purchased new from Robbie in 1989 and come with a hard case originally purchased from Alain Froment in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. The pipes are being sold because I have moved over to playing a stringed instrument and rarely play them these days. I would prefer it if such a good set of pipes were played regularly by someone who would cherish them. The asking price is 1,500 and the buyer is responsible for transit costs.
    Listed: 06/23/2006
    Price: Reduced from UK£1300 to UK£1250 NOW UK£1150 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Paul in Moniaive, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland at or Tel: 01848 200272 or by mobile on 07740 856047 »

  42. SOLD: Copeland D Whistle - Here's a like new Copeland D whistle in brass. Tapered (conical) body, tunable. It is absolutely, hands down, the best whistle (and the most expensive) that I own, and I hate to have to part with it, but I am in deep financial dung up to my neck.

    It may be the best whistle you will ever play. It is the best whistle I have ever played. It is so easy and forgiving to blow-- it can take a lot of variation in pressure without squealing or playing out of tune, and it records beautifully. It almost plays itself. Even cranning on the lowest D is no problem on this whistle. It shall be dearly missed.

    I do not play professionally, and the whistle has rarely left my room. Probably only twice, actually, for my sister's annual winter solstice party. It has been kept meticulously clean with Scotch Brite pads, and I have only polished it once with four ought (0000) steel wool for the shiney pictures posted here.

    Some of the pix were taken with only a Scotch Brite cleaning, and they came out better. Personally, I don't like it so shiney. Then it doesn't match my D pipes.

    Not much else to say. If you're a serious whistle player, you know of Michael Copeland's artistry in design and sonic perfection. This whistle is $300 new. I am asking $225.

    Listed: 08/23/2006
    Price: $225 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Tom at »

  43. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D ½ Set - A fully loaded half set by Seth Gallagher brand spankin new condition with zero issues. Then why am I selling this? The uilleann pipes just arent for me as a player I still LOVE to hear them!
    Ebony pipes with silver keys, nickel silver metalwork, and mammoth ivory mounts; all four chanter keys; chanter shut-off key; trumpet-style bass drone end; extra A drone with pop-gun style plug (also in mammoth ivory); black velvet bag cover; new condition - all reeds in perfect shape;
    Beautiful bellows by Jim Schaefer in padauk and black leather with African blackwood "thistle-shaped" air intake valve with silver Celtic knotwork "grate";
    Custom Cedar Creek case in "graphite futura" exterior and black velvet interior with accessory compartment, shroud, nickel hardware (including combination lock), two handles (one on the short end and one on the long end), and a built-in thermometer/hygrometer.
    Stunning workmanship all around. Seth's work is highly praised by many in the uilleann community, including Paddy Maloney. Jim's bellows work is unsurpassed - upon seeing this bellows (the bellows I requested Jim to make for this set), David Power immediately ordered an identical bellows.
    uilleann pipes: $4,800.00
    bellows: $300.00
    case: $300.00
    Total paid: $5,400.00
    Asking: $5,000.00 (everything is literally barely touched)
    I can take 10% down to demonstrate serious interest and hold the set for somewhere between half a year to a year (well talk) for you if you'd like the time to gather the balance.
    Of Note: For a couple of reasons, I had ordered this set two and a half years ago and only just received it recently. This is the price as it was set upon ordering back then; Seth's price list has seen an increase since then. Additionally, Mr. Gallagher's waiting list for D sets is now being estimated at 18 to 20 months.
    Listed: 08/07/2006
    Price: $5000 - [buyer pays shipping, insurance etc.] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Tommy Kochel at »

  44. SOLD: Koehler & Quinn/Gallagher hybrid Full Set - For sale: Koehler & Quinn/Gallagher hybrid full set of D-pitched uilleann pipes.
    The Chanter
    The chanter was made by David Quinn and Benedict Koehler in 2003. Its design is based off of Mick O'Brien's Willie Rousome chanter and has boxwood mounts, brass keys (C-natural, F-natural, G-sharp), and Honduras rosewood for its main wood construction. The chanter is bright, strong without being overbearing, very well in-tune and a pleasure to play. (I can't believe I'm selling this thing!)
    The Drones
    The drones were one of the very first batches made by Seth Gallagher in New York. These drones have been complimented by virtually every musician who has played or heard them as having a wonderful buzz and a pleasure to listen to. Indeed, there is something special about this set of Gallagher drones that make them a wonderful companion to the chanter.
    The Regulators
    The regulators are also out of Seth Gallagher's workshop although have been fitted with other reeds (exception: the bass regulator reed is Mr. Gallagher's). Once in-tune, they stay in tune for impressively extended periods of time: I have to tweak the tuning rushes about once or twice a year but with those exceptions, they are remarkably stable even in my wide-ranging New England climate. The bass regulator is of the traditional straight-bar design with a fine endcap that visually complements the regulator very nicely.
    The Bellows
    The bellows are of Michael Dow (of York, Maine) manufacture and are heavy-duty, tough, long-lasting, and easy to use.
    I have enjoyed several years of playing this set and have spent lots of time becoming familiar with the set. It is only through financial necessity have I decided to sell this instrument: I have decided to "go flat" and obtain a set of pipes pitched in C. Due to this expenditure, I am forced to sell my K&Q/Gallagher D set, much to my chagrin, in order to fund the flat set.
    I've replaced all the binding/thread on all the joints of the instrument; I've also polished all the brass . . . if you prefer the patina, have no fear for it will return soon!
    Pictures of the set are available in addition to sound clips; please email me at jhohl AT the-spa DOT com for more information. I hope to sell this set by mid-August and, ideally, can hand them to the new owner at the Vermont Pipers' Gathering
    To obtain a new set (similar to this one) from Seth Gallagher, it would cost you nearly two years and $7225.00. The Koehler & Quinn chanter adds significant value to this set; their ordering books have been closed for years, so that chanter further enhances the value of this set. In addition, these drones are quite unlike the other Gallagher drones I've listened to over the years. Consequently, I'm asking $7100 for this set of pipes; I am willing to negotiate if someone feels that they have a fair offer.
    Listed: 07/10/2006
    Price: $7100 - [o.b.o. - buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jonathan Hohl at »

  45. SOLD: Bruce Childress C ¾ Set - Chanter, stock and drones were made in 1998, with tenor and baritone regulators added in 2005. Set is blackwood with brass and faux ivory mounts. Chanter has C-nat and F-nat keys, and well as a stop key on the brass wind cap. Recent L&M bag with burgundy-colored velvet bag cover. New bellows by David Boisvert. Drone reeds are brass with plastic tongues by Bruce Childress. Chanter and regulator reeds are cane, also by Bruce Childress.
    Im selling the set for two reasons: 1) I need the cash; 2) I dont play this set very often, as I prefer to play in B.
    Asking price is US $4500, which includes a Yamaha keyboard case Ive adapted.
    Set is located in Los Angeles. Send inquiries to:
    Listed: 05/09/2006
    Price: $4,500 - $3,900
    Contact: Larry Dunn at»
    Audio Sample:

  46. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Full Set - made with Nickel/Sterling Silver and synthetic Ivory. Chanter, Drones and regulators are in Ebony. Bellows are made from Cherry.
    The set is in good condition, is playing well and has been regularly maintained. The chanter, bag and bellows are 4 years old, I added the rest a year later in 2003. Bellows are air tight. Chanter has been to Seth for modifications and "upgrades".
    I am selling because I am spreading myself "too thin" on practice sessions with other instruments and want to focus on Northumbrian Piping.
    I am looking to get $6,900 for the set including the hard case shown in the photos.
    Listed: 05/11/2006
    Price: $6,900
    Contact: Steve Douglass at »

  47. SOLD: Alan Ginsberg C ½ Set & Dave Burleigh NSP - Uilleann Pipes flat pipes in C, half set in Blackwood, made by Alan Ginsberg, Northumbrian Pipes in African Blackwood with Boxwood chanter made by Dave Burleigh 11 keyed chanter with complicated drones, one bellows used for both sets and wooden box for storage. Both sets of pipes have not been played for about 15+ years and are in need of restoration. I acquired them from a friend who relocated to the Far East and didn't think they would work well out there in the humidity. Basically I am a strings person and although I initially was enthusiastic about learning I soon gave up. The emergence of a family put paid to any further dabbling and they have remained in their box since. Financial pressures have forced me to consider whether I really need them still and therefore I have decided to sell them. I would accept offers around 600 for both sets given the restorations costs necessary. Would consider selling separately if necessary.
    Listed: 06/27/2006
    Price: UK£600 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Steve Dean at »

  48. SOLD: Charles Roberts D ½ Set - Blackwood chanter with brass and imitation ivory. Chanter is fitted with C natural key. Lovely mellow sound. Case is included. Buyer pays shipping.
    Listed: 03/24/2006
    Price: 1800
    Contact: Patxi Villén Ruiz at»
    Audio Sample:

  49. SOLD: Quinn/Pedersen/McNulty ¾ Set - Quinn Pedersen McNulty Set (bass reg included). I bought the chanter Christmas 1994. It is stamped "D.M. QUINN" on the front and, underneath the C natural key, "7902" - thus, second chanter, 1979. The seller bought it from a fellow who lived in Vermont at the time. The chanter is blackwood, the metal work is brass, the mounts are maple; also the set has a glued naughahide bag which I made, with the original Quinn maple chanter stock and blowpipe. The chanter has the C natural key and blocks for the addition of four more keys - Bb, G#, Fnat, and high D. I will also include measurements made by Ben Koehler of a Quinn chanter of similiar vintage which had all five keys, which you can use as a guide for adding more keys if you wish. Also I'll send along instructions for reeding/setting up the chanter. The drones were made for me by San Francisco pipemaker John Pedersen in 1996. The wood is ebony, the metalwork is brass (very ornate turnings), the mounts are of Corian, a mineral composite used in making countertops. If you're worried about that I should say that Corian doesn't seem any more or less fragile than faux ivory. The stock is mahogany. There are the usual three drones, controlled by the mainstock drone switch; and a fourth drone, which is from the Northumbrian pipes design - there is a plunger in the end of the sliding section which, when pulled out, will unplug a hole in the side which plays a G; towards the middle of the sliding section is a ferrule which can be rotated a quarter-turn, opening another hole which will sound an A. Going from one note to another requires retuning. The regulators were built in the 70's or early 80's by Glasgow maker Pat McNulty, who was an engineer for Harrier, the company who built the English military Jump Jets. Ossian has a cassette tape of Pat's piping, Autumn Apples. The wood is blackwood, the metalwork is aluminum, with coil springs for the regulator keys, which are about 1/4"/6mm wide, mounted between narrow wood blocks. The regulators suffered a bad accident at some point and most of the key blocks on the tenor and baritone regulators were broken; the owner then had them skillfully repaired by pipemaker Kirk Lynch, who hooked me up with the owner. Kirk didn't repair the A and C (top rank) keys, though, so the tenor and baritone regs now only have four and three keys respectively. I made wooden endcaps for the regulators, since the Pedersen set's regulator bores are set too close together for the McNulty endcaps to fit. I only have the tenor and baritone regulators in the set at the moment, the bass regulator bar was missing so I had a brass piece made to replace it, which I mounted on the set but later removed, plugging up the holes in the mainstock. I will include the bass reg and bar anyway, if you wish to put it on the set. The keyed section of the bass reg didn't suffer any damage like the other regulators, either. It still has the original McNulty aluminum/plastic end cap and windcap. I made all the reeds, the drone reeds are elder. I'll include two chanter reeds and some spare reg reeds. The set I'd say is medium loud. I played this set most every day for about 5 years, when I got my first flat set; it was my concert set for a couple years more until I bought an antique set. So it's been played a great deal. On the MP3 samples I'm using the tenor and bass D drones, and the A/G drone.
    Price: $2200 for the lot, which is less than what I paid originally - ah, the good old days. Quite cheap for a full set! Buyer pays shipping.
    Listed: 05/30/2006
    Price: $2200 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Kevin Rietmann, OR at or 503-538-1836 »
    Audio Sample: 1 | 2

  50. SOLD: Charles Roberts D ½ Set - Half set in D by Charles Roberts, pipes made in Rosewood and Brass. These are an excellent set of pipes with all the reeds going to perfection. The Chanter in great tuning and is balanced well with the drones. I have played these pipes for more than ten years and theyve have always performed well in all conditions. I am selling as I have a Full B and D set, I was holding on to these pipes for sentimental value but have decided they need to be play more often than I have time to play them.
    Listed: 05/10/2006
    Price: €1,700 o.b.o. [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ciaran Mc Philemy at »

  51. SOLD: Ray Sloan D Practice Set - Made in late 1995 Chanter in african blackwood, hide bag, nickel silver, imitation ivory and two key blocks but no keys. In great condition, well kept, no marks. I am selling as I have a new half set in D. Case and chanter reed not included.
    Listed: 06/06/2006
    Price: $950 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Felipe Gragera at »

  52. SOLD: Peter Hunter D Practice Set - Concert D Chanter by Peter Hunter, made in 1986. Has a C natural key and blocks for G sharp and F natural to be fitted. The chanter is fairly wide bore and has plenty bite. Recently reeded by Alan Burton. This would would suit someone after a Hunter chanter. A bag and bellows also by Peter comes with the chanter for another 75 if wanted as practice set.
    1. Condition: chanter excellent. Bag / bellows are fine for a practice set.
    2. Issues the bag has had a set of drones tied in and has subsequently been patched over - not ideal but is airtight.
    3. Materials: chanter from Anjiko with brass ferrules and key. No mounts.
    4. Reason for sale: I have another full set and need to raise some cash so can't afford the luxury of keeping a chanter that doesn't get played.
    5. Asking price: 500 for quick sale - bag/bellows for extra 75 if required. I am in Scotland - buyer pays shipping. I can take paypal or bank draft in pounds or cheque in pounds.
    Some eagle eyes from the C&F uilleann forum may recognise this chanter from ebay a while back. It failed to reach reserve hence my listing here. I am a piper of 20 years plus experience and want to make sure the buyer is happy so welcome all questions. Anyone interested can also discreetly ask Alan Burton what he thinks as he reeded it not so long back.
    Listed: 05/23/2006
    Price: UK500 - bag/bellows for extra 75 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ian Kirkpatrick at removed »

  53. SOLD: C.J. Dixon Practice Set - A practice set of uilleann pipes comprising a chanter by C.J. Dixon with bag and bellows by Kevin Thompson. The concert pitch rosewood chanter, made in 2005 by C.J. Dixon, is in pristine condition. The chanter has no keys or key blocks. It has artificial ivory and brass mounts and a brass "swan neck" chanter top. I've recently made a new reed for it which I've been playing for about 3 weeks. It is stable and in tune through both octaves check the sound files. However, as reeds react to changes in temperature and humidity, I cannot guarantee the stability of this reed once it changes region. The oak bellows, made by Kevin Thompson in 1995, are in good condition. The paddles have a few nicks and scratches. I've recently replaced the gusset and the valve flap with treated black leather so it is perfectly air-tight. The bellows has a brass hinge and an elbow pad both made by C.J. Dixon. There are two superfluous screws on either side of the bellows see photos. These are left over from the original leather bellows hinge which I removed as it was getting worn. Ive fitted a black velvet cover for the blow-pipe which matches the bag cover. The bag, made by Kevin Thompson in 1997, is in excellent condition. It is made of a synthetic material (not sure which) and is perfectly air-tight, including the valve. The stocks seem to be of boxwood. My wife recently made a black velvet bag cover. The trim on the bag cover matches the trim on the bellows and blow-pipe cover. The practice set comes with a light but sturdy wooden case (22cm X 22cm X 57cm) which locks with a key very useful if you have curious children. The case has a few bumps and scratches but is in good condition. I'll also include the Clarke Tutor (lightly annotated) and cassette and a leather popping strap.
    Im asking US$600 (neg.). Buyer pays shipping & insurance from Quebec City, Canada.
    Reason for sale - Im adding regulators to my main set and I need the money!!
    Listed: 05/22/2006
    Price: US$600 o.b.o. Currency Converter »
    Contact: Patrick McSweeney at or +1 (418) 831-9312 evenings and weekends »
    Audio Sample: 1 | 2

  54. SOLD: Andreas Rogge B Full Set - Full set in B, made by Andreas Rogge in 2002. Plumwood and brass with imitation ivory mounts. Fully keyed chanter, regulator tuning slides, pin mounted regs, removeable bass regulator. Identical set to Sean Potts'. Excellent condition. Will come with new set of reeds with sale, and existing reeds as spares. L and M bag tied in (new), but comes with original Rogge bag (very good condition) also. Super set made by top maker. (check out for current prices and waiting times)
    Selling for financial reasons and time issues - I already have one set, and dont have the time to really make the most of this set. See links for photos and email for more information. Buyer pays shipping from UK. Will consider serious offers.
    Listed: 04/21/2006
    Price: Serious Offers Please
    Contact: Calum Stewart at»

  55. SOLD: Rogge Polymer chanter w/ Seery drones - (2002) and Des Seery drones (2004) for sale. Set playing well. Chanter re-reeded in October 2005 and Drones re-reeded in Jan 2006. Polymer chanter sounds same as wooden Rogge chanter [see link, the Rogge polyacetal chanter clip played (Sean Bui) sounds very similar to this set]. 2nd octave easy to get and tuning good across range. Chanter volume is medium, not too loud, but you can be heard in a session. E hole taped for tuning, not noticable when playing. Same condition as when new and has had much use. Drones are wide bore and can be fitted with reeds to make as loud or quiet as preferred. Currently set at medium loudness. Made from african blackwood and stainless steel with imitation ivory. A little bit of chipping around baritone drone-end imitation ivory, other than that they are as new. New L&M bag 2005 and new Dinny Quigley bellows with C.J. Dixon elbowpad. Well constructed but some people might prefer a higher capacity belows if they wish to re-fit drones with louder guills. Set completely airtight. Selling because I have upgraded to a full set. Photos and clips to follow. Pipes €1,300 ono. With case €1,400. Case is a heavy stainless steel 'shotgun' case which I bought for €200.
    Listed: 05/05/2006
    Price: €1,300 o.b.o. [with case €1,400] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Diarmuid Meagher at» - Phone: +353 87 1210618 (Dublin, Ireland)
    Audio Sample:

  56. SOLD: Gallagher 'D' ¾ Set - 04. This black beauty is all in Ebony and brass. The mounts are all ebony. The chanter is fully keyed, f, g#, Bb, c nat. The keywork is clean and concise, finely sprung, very comfortable play. The set is very airtight, and comfortably positioned. Bronze regulator reeds, the regs are easily tunable. I had this set before and during the period when I worked at Seths shop, and I can say that this set exemplifies Seths standard of quality. The bottom of the mainstock is scratched from playing, but the rest of the set is in immaculate condition. There are no bellows with the set. The pictures were taken under several very bright lights, with the intention of showing the charector of the grain and exposing all the gritty details. The set is actually much blacker than shown.

    I am selling this set for several reasons:
    • Ive returned to college and wont be working.
    • Im getting married in April and need money for the wedding & reception
    • With school, I dont have time to keep multiple sets working.

    The set has played quite well. Since school started in Anchorage I have neglected it and the reeds, focusing on passing my classes. Im also not much of a concert pitch player.

    Currently the set is at the Seth Gallagher workshop to be inspected and perfectly fitted with reeds. Once a buyer has been selected, the new owner will recieve the set directly from Seth, after it recieves his approval.

    As we all know, Seths wait list is 12-14 months. A fully keyed 3/4 set without a bellows should go for $5,225.
    Listed: 02/24/2006
    Price: $5,225
    Contact: Chris Behnke, AK at or 1(907)770-9999 »

  57. SOLD: Andreas Rogge Wooden Chanter Top with Stop Key - Brand new, unused. Ebony, brass and very nice immitation ivory. Made for D chanter but should work with any pitch chanter as long as the diameter of its bore fits over your reed seat. Bore I.D. is .65" or 16.5mm. The bag tube O.D. is .3915" or 1cm. Remember to leave room for thread.
    Listed: 12/28/2005
    Price: $350 - buyer pays shipping
    Contact: Patrick D'Arcy at »

  58. SOLD: Geoff Wooff Bflat full set - made in Australia in 1982. Ebony, nickel silver and plastic. The main stock is blackwood or perhaps rosewood, the bellows maybe ash. 4 key chanter with stop key head. The set was with Geoff a few years ago and he made a new chanter reed as well as new reeds for the bass and tenor regulator. All other reeds are original and working as is the bag and bellows. He also made an addition to the chanter top which was originally tied into the bag but now has the attachment found on most of Geoff's chanter tops. The set is fully working, very airtight and sounds lovely. Please contact me at my email address to make an offer or for more information, pictures etc.
    Listed: 01/24/2006
    Price: Serious Offers Please
    Contact: Giles Bettison at »

  59. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Full Set - Pre-Ebay offering! The set is made of ebony, imitation ivory, and brass, and consists of the chanter with blocks for 4 keys, but no keys, wooden chanter top with stop key, reed by Michael O'Donovan. Three drones with cane tube reeds by S.G., three regulators with bronze reeds by S.G. Maple paddle bellows, L&M bag & green velvet bag cover.

    I acquired this set used, as a half set in May of 99'. It was a couple of years old at the time. The chanter has the #47 stamped in it, possibly a serial #, and Seth' records would likely tell the date of manufacture. I received the wood chanter top w/key in Aug. 00' and the regulators (and new bag) in Feb. 01'. In Feb 04' the chanter was sent back to Seth for a minor bore adjustment/improvement that he now makes on his older chanters to update them to his current specifications.

    The chanter has a great tone and response throughout it's range. The drones have been very stable and dependable, and have a volume and tone complimentary to the chanter.

    The bass regulator has a straight bar, unlike most S.G. sets which have a Taylor style wrapped bass bar. This was my preference, which Seth was happy to accommodate. This also required a new bag, as the stock is tied in at a different spot. The bronze regulator reeds seem a bit stuffy to me. However, I'm not much of a regulator player yet, and several much more experienced players have tried the set and said I shouldn't complain and just play the things!

    The brass has acquired "a lovely patina". One of the photos shows a similarly tarnished piece of brass (not from this set) partially polished with a Cape Cod brand polishing cloth.


    Have any alterations been made?
    1. Yes, on the chanter,it looks like a bit of black wax has been added to the upper side of 2 of the left hand toneholes, I believe by S.G., likely for tuning purposes. A common practice, and easily removable.
    2. On the drones, I added a brass nub to the tenor to aid in tuning. It is attached with soft (low temperature lead alloy) solder, and could be easily removed.
    3. To the regulators, I added cork bumpers to the underside of the key spatulas to quiet the action and eliminate excess key travel, also stabilizing intonation.
    4. The bag has a plug tied into a hole I put in it in a failed attempt at improving the location of the intake valve. The bag is completely airtight and the plug is non-intrusive.
    5. On the bellows, I added a pad and changed the location of the strap attaching screws, and cut about a foot of excess strap off. I'm kind of skinny, and if your capacity for Guinness is greater than mine, you may want a new waist strap.

    How much?
    Seth's 05' price for a set with the same features is $7,225.00 with an approximately 10 month to 1 year wait. Based on several ebay sales in the last year and a half of similar S.G. sets that all sold for about 10% less than the same thing new, I am pricing this set at U.S.$6,500.00, plus shipping and insurance.

    Will I break up the set?

    Why am I selling?
    See Chiff & Fipple forum "pictures of your pipes" pg.69. Everyone has their "dream set" and I just took delivery of mine. My new set has keywork more like a modern woodwind and a slightly quieter chanter,which better suits my needs.

    If I were keeping the set, what would I change?
    I would have Seth put 4 keys on the chanter, and I might look into new regulator reeds.

    This is a fine set of pipes from a very reputable full-time maker. It has served me well, but needs a new owner.
    Included are a few extra chanter reeds.
    If the buyer wants it, I will also include the case pictured. It is a sax case which I re-did the interior on.

    References: both I (and the set of pipes) are known to all in the Southern California Piper's Club. My Ebay seller,s I.D. is "illwinds" if you want to check my feedback.

    Listed: 08/11/2005
    Price: $6,500 plus shipping
    Contact: Dave Collins at (949)631-7904 or

  60. SOLD: Eugene Lambe ½ set in D - Eugene made the practice set for me in 1993 and then added the drones in 1994. The wood is African blackwood, and the fittings are brass. Imitation ivory is used on the chanter and bass drone. As a standard feature, Eugene bored and plugged the stock so that regulators can be added later. When he made the drones, I also had him scallop around the finger holes of the chanter. I have the original bills of sale and Eugene's flyer, which I kept to show at U.S. Customs, as I lived in Florida at the time.

    This is a stable, well playing set of pipes with the rich Leo Rowsome sound. Eugene has played this set himself once or twice over the years. Eugene also made the chanter reed, which is made to the specifications described in Dave Hegarty's book. This reed is very responsive and easy to play.

    The drones are extremely solid and have always played well. I have never had to think about them, so there isn't much to say about them.

    I mounted a leather pad on the outside of the bellows. The pad shows signs of use. The straps are fitted with D-rings and hooks, so once adjusted they allow for getting into and out of the pipes quickly. There are two popping straps included. There is no case.

    The set is air tight. I would say the condition is better than average. The brass shows very slight tarnishing in a few places. I believe this would polish out.

    There are two extra chanter reeds made by Eugene Lambe in about 1996. They were bought as spares and have hardly ever been used. I tried them quickly the other day, and they both played, although neither matched the quality of the sound of the reed that is in the set now.

    I played these pipes regularly for a few years and then came to realise that I just didn't have the time to devote to them that they deserve. I played them only sporadically for the past several years, and have now finally admitted to myself that it is time to let someone have them who will put them to good use. I am selling the set for 1,600 euros plus the actual FedEx shipping cost from County Clare, Ireland.

    Some extras that I will throw in:
    • A chanter made by Nick Witmer in the mid-late 1990s. This chanter plays quite well with the above set, and it is a little quieter than Eugene's chanter. This chanter has had noticeable work done on it. It sounds fine, but it is not pretty! (It is better listened to than looked at.) This chanter comes with two Tim Britton-style reeds also made by Nick Witmer.
    • Books: The New Approach to Uilleann Piping by HJ Clarke (with cassette tape); My Method by Tim Britton; Reedmaking Made Easy by Hegarty.
    • Videos: NPU Uilleann Piping video 1 and 2. (NTSC format will play on United States VCRs.)
    Listed: 02/01/2006
    Price: €1,600 plus shipping Currency Converter »
    Contact: Tom Broderidge at »

  61. SOLD: G. Wooff 'D' Chanter & Bellows - Geoff Wooff narrow bore chanter in D. Ebony,boxwood mounts and hand rolled brass ferrules. It has C natural key. Also the bellows. In excellent condition. I am selling this chanter because it is a little bit quiet as I am a session player, and of course I need money urgently.
    Listed: 03/22/2006
    Price: Best Offer
    Contact: Philip Staresinic, Croatia at or 00 385 98 9600 650 [GMT & 1hr] »

  62. SOLD: Kirk Lynch practise set - This is a left-handed set of Kirk Lynch Uilleann Pipes. I bought them three or four years ago and have been very pleased with them since. I'm selling them simply because I'm a college student who is in need of money and doesn't have the time necessary to put into playing the pipes. I've been playing Irish music since I was eleven and have done plenty of research and first hand testing on what pipes sound/play the best and what pipes simply aren't worth the time or money. These truely are some of the best pipes that I've ever played in my seven to eight years of search/playing the pipes. The tone is crisp and yet somewhat mellow, reminiscent of a flat set of pipes. Both octaves are easy to reach and strong. The bottom D is strong and stable and the rest of the notes are all well in tune with each other. I've taken good care of these pipes since the day that I got them (I've actually often referred to them as "my children") and can guarantee their quality.

    Recently I checked to see what these pipes were going for now and found that the price for Kirk's pipes are up to $1900.00, plus I think a year and a half waiting list. These pipes are ready to ship at the drop of a dime.

    Further information on this set of pipes:
    • Chanter was made by Kirk Lynch
    • Bag and Bellows were made by Seth Gallagher. There is a stock in the bag for the drones whenever someone might want to upgrade them to a half set. There is a slight air leak in the bellows, but nothing serious and easily repairable.
    • The set of pipes is about four years old and are in mint condition (minus the small leak in the bellows). I'm simply selling them because I'm a college student who is short on cash and in desperite need of that cash.
    • There is a white plastic insert on the E hole at the bottom of the chanter. This was something Kirk inserted when he first made the chanter. This was an experiment he was doing for tone and tuning.
    Listed: 01/24/2006
    Price: $1400.00 - plus shipping and handling
    Contact: Phillip Rolfes at »

  63. SOLD: Charles Roberts 'D' Practice Set - Made in the summer of 1995, in great condition with a new reed by Benedict Koehler which really sings. Comes with an extra reed by John Pederson. Made in African Blackwood with brass and imitation ivory fitted with a high C-natural key. Real hand-sewn leather bag with green velvet bag cover. Ba has drone stock cup tied in for later addition of drones as this set was originally supposed to be a half set but the drones were canclled by the original owner. Fitted the bellows pads myself and they work great. Selling the set to pay for a new chanter from Peter Hunter's shop. Great set for someone who's starting up and needs a relatively inexpensive practice set. Easy to play and sounds great.
    Listed: 02/16/2006
    Price: $700
    Contact: Mike De Smidt, CA at »

  64. SOLD: Dave Williams 'D' full set with Mark Hillman chanter -
    Listed: 02/13/2006
    Price: Serious inquiries only please
    Contact: David Power, NJ at and USA 732 291 5217 »

  65. SOLD: Seth Gallagher Flute - This Gallagher flute is a beauty! Lined headjoint, 6 Keys, Grenadilla wood, low blocks (suitable for "piper" finger position if you happen to play that way), Bb is set to be keyed with the RH, Long and short F nat. The fact it is a 4 pc means it's very easy to store, travel with, and carry. The flute is light, easy to play, the keys are wonderful, and great sounding. Comes with a soft carry bag and has been cared for by a professional musician.
    A new Gallagher 2-pc 6-key in Grenadilla is $2700 (10mo-1yr wait). My guess is the 4pc is nearing 3k. I'm asking $2650.00
    I am selling because I just had my 4 front lower teeth removed. Flute playing is a remote thought at this juncture.
    Seth is a brilliant flute and pipe maker. His work is sleek and great soundng. He provides excellent support to all those who own his instruments (should they ever need it).
    I would love to sell this instrument to someone who will really take care of it and make some music with it.
    Listed: 02/13/2006
    Price: $2650.00
    Contact: Kynch O'Kaine, Miami, FL at »
    Pictures: :::

  66. SOLD: Robbie Hughes D ½ Set - Need to sell due to injury which no longer allows me to play. The pipes are blackwood/brass/imitation ivory with C and F keys. Bag and bellows are original, airtight and in good shape. The only known issues are a broken ring mount on one of the drones, and another mount loose. The Fnat key's spring broke and it was repaired by a regular instrument repair shop, but they used too light of a spring, so the key doesn't always close tightly if you use it. It will need to be repaired by a pipemaker if you are going to use it alot. The chanter and drone reeds are playing well at this time. The chanter will play up to high D (assuming favorable atmospheric conditions : ) and hit hard D fairly easily. The set comes with a hard case, but it's not originally a pipe case, so you have to do some disassembling to get everything in.
    Listed: 11/29/2005
    Price: $2000 obo. Buyer pays shipping.
    Contact: James Dassinger at »

  67. SOLD: Collection of Piping Items -
    1. 2 videos(PAL) The Art of Uilleann Piping Volumes 1 and 2...these have been watched twice..
    2. 1 Video (PAL) The Singing Chanter by Pat McNulty ..Watched twice..
    3. Chanter reed cane.. 10 pieces x 150 mm long..
    4. Bass,Baritone and Tenor reed cane 10 pieces of each average length 100 mm ...
    5. Chanter reed gouge... unused....
    6. Mandrel.....unused...
    7. Shooting board ....unused.....
    8. Dave Hegarty's book on reed new.....
    9. Tim Britton's book....My Method ...on reedmaking and new...
    10. Bridles 30 ..
    11. Chanter reed template.....unused....
    12. Brass tubing for staples...4 pieces..average length...280 mm...
    13. 4 pre-formed staples....unused....
    14. Set of full sized plans to make a set of Rowsome styled pipes in 'D' by Alen Ginsberg..
    15. Wilbert Garvin's book (copy) on Uilleann Pipe maintainance and construction....I made a half set of pipes (except the chanter ) using these two sets of plans and I believe that they turned out rather nicely.I dont have a Trade or anything.......just a practical bloke..Jack of all master of none ????
    To buy all this gear new is about 345 euros( USD$406 AUS$541 )......I'm asking 270 Euro's (USD$318 AUS$423 ) .......postage to anywhere in the World is included in this price......
    Listed: 12/06/2005
    Price: €270 (USD$318 AUS$423)
    Contact: Charlie Forrest at »

  68. SOLD: Brian Howard Practise Set - This is a pre-eBay advert! I purchased this set on 30th April 2005 and I paid 825.00 them. Theyre still in pristine condition, of course, having been played very little indeed. They play beautifully, loud and clear and beautifully in tune across the octaves with a beautiful tone, far superior to my previous Roberts set. Although a novice, I found them very easily played with only a light bag pressure required across the octaves. You can read all about the set on Brians website:

    Made of two contrasting woods it is unkeyed but the beauty of Brians chanter is that any keywork can always be added later if and when desired. I personally never felt the lack of a C key as it appeared to me to be entirely possible to crossfinger satisfactorily. The chanter has the bottom iris fitted for tuning the "Ds".

    Im including 3 working reeds with the kit, two made by the Master Brian Howard himself at 40 a pop, and another made by me that plays well too. I'll include 2 of his unique brass peturbed staples both unused, some unbent bridles and a cane slip so the new owner can have a go themselves, plus Brian's very helpful DVD on reedmaking. (This is all stuff I bought as I went along - another 70 worth or thereabouts). I found every reed I made using Brians method and supplies was a good one much to other pipers amazement. There's also a (tatty) copy of Heather Clarke's tutor book complete with CD that I'll include and my trusty leather popping strap.

    I've also a plastic toolbox I was hauling it all round in which I paid 20 for and which weighs a ton empty but is strong enough to sit/stand on or use to stop traffic. (It'll also take Low D whistles which is handy!) So long as the buyer's paying postage I'll include the box too!

    Needless to say, Brian says I can offer the new owner continued and full back up from him for the future, and I guarantee his after-sales service is second to non.

    I paid 825 for the practice set alone so over 900 spent on this little lot. Id like to sell for 720 or very nearest offer.

    Why am I selling? I continue to be passionate about the sound of other people playing UPs but Im not too keen on my own playing! And the volume is rather antisocial and doesnt fit in with my circumstances too well, I find. Plus, truth be told, Ive found my trad music soulmate at last Ive fallen head over heels in love with the fiddle and want to be single-minded in pursuit of perfection! Ill happily answer any other questions if I can, contact me on Im based in the UK in the West Midlands.
    Listed: 11/15/2005
    Price: 720 - Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jon Ingram at »

  69. SOLD: Andreas Rogge Practice Set - I am selling a practice set by Andreas Rogge. Bought it as a traveling spare, but haven't much used it. The bellows is one I used a fair bit, and is still in wonderful shape. The thing with this set is there is a choice of chanters!
    • For 1100 - it comes with a 3 key boxwood chanter.
    • For 600 - it comes with a polyacetal chanter that plays well, no keys, very stable.
    • Comes with both for 1400.
    • The boxwood chanter alone is available for 850.
    Listed: 01/20/2006
    Price: see above - buyer pays shipping
    Contact: Kevin Carr at »

  70. SOLD: Simack (Ian MacKenzie) C Chanter - Made by Ian MacKenzie in 1999. Sri Lankan blackwood. Brass and immitation ivory. Wooden top. Two keys, C key and an F ring key. The chanter has blocks for all other keys including top D and Eb. The chanter is a copy of a Coyne chanter. There is a repaired crack in one of the blocks that holds the F key.
    Listed: 09/29/2005
    Price: slashed to $800
    Contact: Tommy Martin at »
    Audio Sample:

  71. SOLD: Geoff Wooff D Set - Sadly, must offer for sale my beloved full set by Geoff Wooff. It is a narrow bore blackwood (ebony, ed.) set with boxwood mounts, keyed chanter with stop key, great bellows, all reeds in good working order, unaltered in any way, just as I received it from the maker. No case. This is an heirloom instrument that deserves a good home and regular play with a serious piper who will appreciate Geoff's great talent. Located in southern USA. Best offer - serious enquiries only,please!
    Listed: 12/08/2005
    Price: Best Offer
    Contact: Cathal Morley at »

  72. SOLD: Brad Angus C Chanter - This is an exceptional chanter in C made of ebony and faux ivory from Brad Angus. It has a wooden chanter top with a stop key. Like all of Brad's chanters, the workmanship is impeccable. The chanter also has a C key and slotted blocks ready for the other keys if you want them. The chanter has a wonderful tone and is very expressive. You can adjust the reed from loud to very quiet just by squeezing the bridle-- this is a very responsive chanter and the range of tone color and volume you can get from this is quite impressive. It is in excellent condition and plays in tune through both octaves with no problems. It comes with five reeds, and I purchased it new from Brad in the fall of 2002. I am selling because I am getting yet another chanter in D and I mostly always play my D chanter, so this one has not seen much use. It needs to be played more often than I play it. I am asking $800.00 for it. A new one would cost somewhere around $900 plus the reeds.
    Listed: 11/18/2005
    Price: $800
    Contact: Mark Ward at »

  73. SOLD: Chris Bayley Pastoral Pipes - Scottish Pastoral Pipes. The Pastoral or New Bagpipe appeared during the early part of the eighteenth century and research has indicated them to be the forerunner of the Union Pipes. This set is a 4 drone, 1 Regulator (6 keys), in D. Condition, Perfect. Chanter reed could use some adjustment to bring up the pitch on the top hand. Blackwood, Brass, Imitation Ivory. Reason for sale, I recently aquired a 1/2 set of Dave Williams pipes, I would like to buy 3 regulators.
    Listed: 11/15/2005
    Price: $2500 USD obo
    Contact: Mike LeBoeuf at »

  74. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D chanter - made in 2005 nickle silver top and fittings , fully keyed (4) with new reed made by Seth ( no extra cost to you) plus a good, working spare reed (no extra cost). I am selling it to finance the upgrading of my pipes. Seth is one of the best makers around and this is a chance to have one of his chanters now, with no waiting list. The chanter is as new with no blemishes or defects.

    Listed: 10/17/2005
    Price: $1500 plus postage
    Contact: Thomas at

  75. SOLD: Rogge D chanter - New Andreas Rogge (8/2004) D chanter for sale - Hi, Im a fine brand-spanking new but very lonely D chanter with a lovely voice looking for a good home where Ill be played for hours on end as I deserve to be - and not be left in the pipe case as I am by my current owner who wont play anything but a big fat B chanter and has only picked me up and played me a handful of times in the first year of my life! (Boo-hoo!) Im made of Ebony, Boxwood, & Brass, wide-bore, with four keys C natural, F natural (long), G sharp & B flat and I come with a spare reed. I can relocate to your kindly abode on my own for 900 or along with a good hand-stitched leather bag made by Alan Moller and a sturdy bellows by Davy Spillane for 1150. Pipers! Look at the pictures and rescue me! ; )

    Agus as Gaeilge! Seamsúr D breá nua (8/2004) le hAndreas Rogge le díol Aon scéal a chairde, is seamsúr D breá nua ach aonarach mé agus is binn mo ghlór atá ag lorg píobaire lách a sheinnfeas orm an lá ar fad mar ba chóir agus mé gan a bheith fágtha i mo luí i gcás na bpíobaí mar a bhímsa na laetha seo leis an phíobaire lena bhfuil mé faoi lthair - fear nach seinneann ar rud ar bith ach seamsúr B mór ramhar agus fear nár thog mé ach uair nó dhó sa chéad bhliain de mo shaol! (Ochón Ó! Is truaighe é) Tá mé déanta as abann, Crann Bosca & Prás, toll-leathan, le 4 eochracha - C nádúrtha, F nádúrtha (fada), G géar & B maol agus feag bhreise déanta le hAlan Burton. Cuirfidh mé fúm liom féin i do theach ar 900 nó le mo chairde - dea-mhála leathair lámhfhuaite déanta le hAlan Moller agus boilg téagartha déanta le Dáibhí Ó Spealáin ar 1150. A Phíobairí, amharcaigí ar na pictiúirí agus sábhálaigí mé! ; )

    Listed: 10/06/2005
    Price: UK900 or UK1150 depending on config. - Currency Converter »
    Contact: Mark Neilly at removed or removed »

  76. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D ½ Set - Lovely set. Seth made the chanter reed last year at this time. Drones work well. Boxwood mounts. Chanter serial number is 221.
    Listed: 08/24/2005
    Price: $2600
    Contact: Shoner at URL »

  77. SOLD: Alan Ginsberg D Flute - Handmade Rosewood D keyless flute made by Alan Ginsberg, including a wooden case. Traditional Irish keyless flute in the key of D handmade in Wales U.K. by Alan Ginsberg. The wood used for this flute is rosewood (from Brazil South America) and the metal used is sliver rings. The flute is a Pratten copy that has 4 pieces including tuning slide, but when disassembling the flute will have 3 pieces as the tuning slide stays assembled. The flute is stamped twice with the maker's name, A A Ginsberg, and the Welsh dragon once above the first note hole and other stamp on the foot end piece. Thread hemp is used to join flute together.

    The condition of the flute is excellent as the flute has no marks or cracks and is looking great. The colour of the flute is dark brown that shows the lovely wood grain appearing on the flute. The flute length is 650 mm and the length after tuning flute to A = 440Hz is 655 mm the weight of the flute is 290 grams. The flute has a lovely sound, easy to play with no hard blowing to get the low or high octaves. This flute would suit beginner to immediate to advanced players. I got the flute on Friday 12 March 2004 but not played it very much as I am playing the uilleann pipes more. I would like the flute to be played more and go to a good home where it will get lots of playing.
    Listed: 07/05/2005
    Price: UK400 plus shipping/insurance - Included is a wooden case lined in purple velvet.
    Contact: Fergus Maunsell at

  78. SOLD: Simack D Practice Set - I'm forced to sell my Simack practice set. The chanter was made from Australian Red Lancewood by Ian Mackenzie of Blackheath late in 2002, received in 2003. It's a wide bore D chanter in the Rowesome style that features 4 brass keys and a brass reedcap. The bellows is like new (only a few buckle marks on the belt) with black leather gussets and blonde colored wood clappers that I believe to be Flamed Maple. The leather bag has a dark green velvet-like fabric covering. Included: 3 good reeds. This is my favorite chanter. It plays loud with clear deep tone.
    Listed: 08/12/2005
    Price: US$1,500 - buyer pays shipping & insurance
    Contact: Tony at

  79. SOLD: Joe Kennedy C# 1/2 Set - The C sharp half set that has been dwelling with me will be up for sale soon. It's in Ebony with boxwood mounts and brass fittings. 5 chanter keys: F nat., G sharp, B flat, C nat., 3rd octave D plus chanter stop key. Very nice and substantial birdseye maple bellows. It's an excellent 1/2 set but I'm smitten by Joe's new C design and am going to go that direction. Anybody who is going to be in Miltown should try to see/hear the C half set he's delivering to a customer there... nice. The C sharp half set may be heading back to Canada with Joe in a couple of weeks time if anybody on that side of the pond is interested.
    Listed: 06/30/2005
    Price: €3500.00 plus shipping/insurance.
    Contact: Harry Bradley at

  80. SOLD: B.C. Childress Full Set in B - African Blackwood, full mount & furrell, imitation ivory, plated, german silver keys, chanter stop key, all B.C. Childress reeds & extra chanter reed. Plays incredible, and very well in tune. There are a handful of small chips in the imitation ivory, not very noticable, other than that the set is in excellent condition and is a dream to play (the sound clip i added does not do it justice) I am selling these because i have recently been blessed with an opportunity to buy a C set in boxwood, i also would rather have a C set to accompany my wife who plays the harp. I am asking $5,500 + actual shipping costs. More pictures available on request. If you live in the Maine (new england area) set up a time to play them yourself.
    Listed: 05/09/2005
    Price: $5,500 plus shipping
    Contact: Jamie Moore at
    Audio Sample:

  81. SOLD: Overton Low D Whistle - Aluminum low D whistle by Bernard Overton. Katy says "Bought it in about 1996 from All Flutes Plus in London. Have recorded with it on following films: Good Will Hunting, The Postman and numerous BBC programmes." Includes soft case.
    Listed: 03/14/2005
    Price: $250 o.b.o. - buyer pays shipping
    Contact: Katy Salvidge at

  82. SOLD: David Boisvert D/C Blackwood Whistle Set - As-new Boisvert D/C whistle set. One fipple, two body tubes. Blackwood with brass trim. Produced in late 2004. Great clear tone, excellent intonation, efficient, responsive, large holes that facilitate clear crisp ornaments and easy half-holing.
    Listed: 05/26/2005
    Price: $230.00 + postage
    Contact: Michael Eskin at
    Audio Sample: With D body
    Maker's Website

  83. SOLD: Patrick Sky Practice Set - Ebony chanter in the key of D with the 2nd octave C natural key. Chanter has blocks for additional keys and has a brass windcap. The toneholes have been scalloped (making it easier for your fingers to find their way). The bag is the standard L&M that Mr. Sky provides with his sets. The bellows are his standard routed inset leather. The bag and bellows are airtight. The chanter is reeded and a spare reed is included in this set. This set can be upgraded! In the pics below you will see that I made and added a royal blue bag cover and bellows gusset cover. These are easily removed if they are not to your liking. This set is in excellent condition! I am selling the set because I simply do not have the time to learn to play (I also have a set of Northumbrian Smallpipes and when I do have time to play, I usually play them instead of the Uilleann set). This set would cost $1,250 if ordered new from Mr. Sky (with a 2-3 month wait). I am asking $1,000 and it can be yours now. Buyer to pay actual shipping (plus shipping insurance). NOTE: If you have a David Daye Penny Chanter (built by David Daye) or a Patrick Murray delrin chanter, and want to trade, I am willing to drop my price accordingly.
    Listed: 05/10/2005
    Price: $1,000 obo (buyer pays shipping + insurance) Price drops if you want to trade a Daye or Murray chanter.
    Contact: Morgan Whitney at or send a PM to Reepicheep at the Chiff&Fipple Uilleann Forum

  84. SOLD: Geoff Wooff 'D' Full Set - This set was made for me in 1984 while Geoff was living in Australia. It has a narrow bore chanter in the key of D, and is quite sweet sounding. Materials are Boxwood, brass and politically correct 'ivory'. I just took it out of its box after being untouched for 8 years, and played it right away - to my somewhat surprise everything works fine, completely airtight, no sticky pads, sounds good.
    All reeds are original Wooff (I have an own make in middle reg but original is still here, plus some assorted spares). Geoff also included a tape of the pipes, including some instructions for reed dimensions and so on, which the buyer is welcome to.
    Chanter has 4 keys (F natural, G sharp, B flat and C natural) plus the air-stop key. Drones have stop lever of course.
    No serial number (I guess this was before that time) but chanter and stock signed G Wooff.
    Set is of course completely demountable like any other, including a nice slide fitting for the bass reg. The 'full size' box (own make) is California redwood lined with lambswool. I made it because its nice to just take the pipes out and play them, instead of disassembly/assembly/retune every time, but it is a bit heavy and awkward for frequent travel.
    Bellows is also own make, 2 layers finest leather mounted at 90 degrees to eliminate stretch, hand stitched to ash (I think) boards, finished in mother-of-pearl and ebony, with sterling silver tied ends. 'Body moulded' lambswool-covered pads make this a very comfortable fit that doesn't wander around. (I had this bellows before, so didn't need Geoff's at the time).
    Listed: 02/14/2005
    Price: Note change - asking price now €8,000
    buyer pays shipping. (Note wooden case is a mighty 15lbs, or 22lbs with pipes inside, not sure how one ships it if you want the case - though easy enough within UK)
    Contact: Mike Gravina at
    Audio Sample:

  85. SOLD: Geoff Wooff C Chanter - Small-bore, two-keyed " C " chanter. Ten years ago, I was attracted to the small-bore sound and ordered a C chanter in ebony and brass with boxwood trim, two keys (F natural and C natural) and a stop-head from Geoff Wooff. Chanter arrived quickly, but my playing never progressed to the point of ordering a full-set. For non-musical reasons I have decided to sell it to a good home - along with a bag and spare reed from Geoff. Chanter is beautiful (boxwood is " old ivory " color and easier on elephants) and virtually unused ; several pipers have played and liked its tone. Unfortunately, I am not good enough to give a fair mp3 sample but I live in Paris, France, where you are welcomed to try it - bring a bellows. I am asking only what I paid for it at the time - 1 000 - plus postage. I will happily answer any questions and send any photos you wish.
    Listed: 03/25/2005
    Price: €1,000 o.b.o. - buyer pays shipping
    Contact: Bert McCLURE at

  86. SOLD: Andreas Rogge C Full Set - Left Handed "C" full set in snakewood, brass and artificial ivory. Bellows not included. "C" chanter with 4 keys C nat, B flat, G sharp and F nat. Regulators are pin mounted. All the reeds in chanter/drones/regulators are made from cane and playing great tuned to A=440 on the Electronic tuner.

    To play the set right handed you will need new bag and mainstock. Any uilleann pipe maker should be able to sort it out. Alan Ginsberg can do the mainstock for 160.00 GBP.
    Listed: 03/10/2005
    Price: EBAY
    Contact: Fergus Maunsell at

  87. SOLD: David Daye Penny Chanter - Black delrin A brand new black delrin penny chanter made by David Daye, with wind cap for Scottish bellows blown pipes. Manual and easy playing reed included.
    Listed: 03/04/2005
    Price: US$160 plus shipping
    Reason: Just bought a Quinn half set and don't need two chanters.
    Contact: John Dally at or 206-463-3535

  88. SOLD: Koehler & Quinn 'D' 3/4 Set - Chanter NOT included! Bellows; bag and bag cover; connecting blowpipes, mainstock and drones all of delrin with composite reeds; tenor and baritone regulators of ebony with phosphor bronze reeds. Basically, this is a 3/4 set WITHOUT a chanter. Many of you know this set and some of you have even played it. It is a lovely set of pipes. The bronze reg reeds are quite stable. I have not ever had to do anything with the drones as they are rock steady being of materials that are little if at all affected by climatological phenomena.
    Listed: 02/07/2005
    Price: US$7250
    Contact: Lewis Blevins at

  89. SOLD: Andreas Rogge D chanter - Brand new D chanter in plumwood, brass and faux ivory. Has four keys F natural (ring type), G sharp, B flat and C natural. This chanter has a wooden top. The price I'm asking is what Andreas currently charges for a new chanter of this description but on offer here without the waiting time. I ordered this chanter on March 10th 2001 and just received it last week. I paid a lot more due to shipping and parts still extant etc. There may also be a stop key head at some point which will be for sale when it arrives.

    This is one of the best Rogge chanters I've ever played and is very well in tune with a very responsive reed. This chanter vibrates really nicely in the hands and is a lot of fun to play.

    Listed: 01/31/2005
    Price: €1300 ::: currency exchange »
    Contact: Pat D'Arcy
    Audio Sample:

  90. SOLD: Dan O'Dowd Full Set in C - No known date. Functional and ready to play, your purchase will include a comfortable bellows and a hard case. Originally a highland piper, I purchased these approximately 10 yeas ago but have not had the time to seriously practice as I have been stationed overseas in the Marines Corps. The drones and regulators are in great shape, and all keys are fully functional. I have little experience with the regulators, but the drones and chanter are reeded and ready to play. Stamped on the stock and the bellows is "Dan O'Dowd", but with no date. Besides producing a wonderfully warm drone and a crisp chanter scale, the rich blackwood and sparkling brass make this a gorgeous instrument. Will ship from Miami, Florida, USA - will discuss shipping costs with serious bidders.
    Best Wishes,
    Donald McCorquodale III

    Listed: 01/24/2005
    Price: US$3,500.00 o.b.o.
    Contact: Donald McCorquodale III

  91. SOLD: Nick Whitmer Practice Set - with blackwood chanter and leather bag. I am in eastern Connecticut, U.S. I have had dreams of starting up the pipes, but never did. I would rather them be used. The pipes are in excellent condition.
    Listed: 01/04/2005
    Price: US$700
    Contact: Abe Karl-Gruswitz (860)367-0049 or

  92. SOLD: Michael Vignoles Practice Set - Michael Vignoles chanter, with bag and bellows by Calmont. Chanter is ebony, brass, and imitation ivory, with a brass reed cap. Reed is by Michael and is one year old. Chanter is in good tune. Chanter has stop key only. Will ship to North America, and Europe.
    Listed: 01/03/2005
    Price: US$600
    Pictures: here »
    Contact: David Boling at (256) 653-3728 or

  93. SOLD: Greenwood Pipes Half Set - Half Set by Greenwood Pipes (David Boisvert) - Half set in Australian Gidgee, Brass, and Boxwood pitched in D. Wood chanter cap, hollow mainstock in castella boxwood (lemon wood). Cane chanter reed, brass and synthetic drone reeds. Chanter is in good tune with itself and drones. This set is in new condition, and was purchased new in November of 2004. I am selling due to the odd shape of my hands not working with the chanter. Will ship to North America, and Europe.
    Listed: 01/03/2005
    Price: US$2100
    Pictures: here »
    Contact: David Boling at (256) 653-3728 or

  94. SOLD: Ray Sloan D Chanter - Made by Ray Sloan Northumbria region. Chanter made of African Blackwood "D" NARROW BORE (for a flatter feel, tonality, and response but with D pitch). 1year old, well kept, excellent shape, no marks. Comes with two reeds. Two key blocks but no keys.
    Listed: 12/21/2004
    Price New: US$1150, UK£600. Goes to best offer.
    Contact: Jeremy Lux at

  95. SOLD - Patrick Olwell keyless D flute - Keyless Rudall bore. Approx. 2 months old, includes hard case. Just bought for $1,350. Olwell currently has about a one year waiting list.
    Listed: 11/02/2004
    Price: $1,350 obo
    Contact: Chris Behnke, Alaska at 1(907)347-6210 Photos:

  96. SOLD - Cillian O' Briain Full Set in D Full set of Uilleann Pipes Concert Pitch D, by Cillian O' Briain, Dingle, Co. Kerry.
    This is a right handed set of pipes in Ebony and Brass made approximately 12 years ago. The set is mounted with boxwood and horse bone.

    The set consists of:
    Chanter: Ebony with C Natural key and has blocks for F natural and G Sharp. This chanter was recently fitted with a new head (Timber) with stop key. Brass ferrules with bone and boxwood mounts. Reed is inserted into a type of tuning slide at the top of the chanter.

    Drones: Three with brass ferrules and bone mounts.

    Regulators: Three, the tenor and Baritone regulators are finished in brass with Cillian's trade mark 'Belt Buckle' keys. The bass is a combination of brass tubing and ebony, again with belt buckle keys. Each of the regulators are fitted with tuning pins finished in boxwood. The stock is in maple and flanked on either side by a brass sleeve. The bass regulator top and reed are removed when the pipes are unassembled. There is a cap to cover the end of the bass regulator so as to protect the tuning slide while pipes are in the case.

    Bag: Hand stitched black leather, natural finish i.e. no bag cover. Hardwood inlet pipe finished with brass ferrule. End of the neck has a boxwood fitting for chanter.

    Bellows: Handmade in heavy duty black leather with hardwood, possibly mahogany boards. Black leather straps fitted with brass buckle. Padding both sides for comfort. Boxwood valve. Black rubber outlet pipe finished with brass ferrule.

    Popping strap.

    Case: Black moulded case by 'Savage and Moy' U.K. Fully lined with red velour interior.

    Condition: These are a fully working set in perfect condition. All reeds are by Cillian O'Briain. The chanter reed was made in 2002/2003 the other reeds are in place for a number of years. There are no cracks or repaired cracks on this instrument other than one on the horse bone resonator fitted to the end of the bass drone. The chanter has had additional keys G sharp and F Natural, these were requested by the previous owner of this instrument; Mr Jimmy Troy, Dublin. The keys have since been removed and the two holes taped over.

    Price. 12,000.

    C. Somers

    087 6663829

    Listed: 08/20/2004
    Price: €$12,000 - buyer pays shipping

  97. SOLD - Eugene Lambe Full D Set: 8 Years old, plays beautifully, very well in tune, excellent condition. Chanter has C natural key. Middle regulator D key has been repaired professionally with silver solder. Includes bellows and beaten up wooden case with molded velvet covered foam interior.
    Listed: 08/03/2004
    Price: US$5000 o.b.o. buyer pays shipping

  98. SOLD - Michael Copeland Low F Whistle: I bought it new and have owned it for about e years now. Seriel# 2373. It is a spectacular instrument. It is in perfect condition and plays beautifully.Includes soft case. On the Copeland website they are listed at $406. The waiting period isn't mentioned that I can see.
    Listed: 08/03/2004
    Price: US$350 o.b.o. buyer pays shipping
    Ebay: Link »

  99. SOLD - Colin Goldie Low D Whistle: 9 years old. Plays beautifully, excellent condition. Includes soft case. Some signs of use but nothing serious, everything is visible in the photos.
    Listed: 08/03/2004
    Price: US$210 o.b.o. buyer pays shipping

  100. SOLD1970 Fender Telecaster: Neck Plate No. 294231. Neck End No. 3NOV70B. Beautiful guitar. This guitar has been my baby since the late 80's. Very light in weight due to the solid ash body with a lovely little "B" type neck and that great classic Tele sound. Everything is working and in playing condition. Non original finish, not sure about the internals. From what I can make out the pot numbers are: tone: 015479 1 meg aud(?soldered over, probably audio) 137 6634 & vol: 015479 1 meg aud(?soldered over) 137 6636. This instrument has been played and is a performer. Non original, brand new, black hardshell case with deep red interiour included and in perfect condition.
    Listed: 08/03/2004
    Price: US$1800 o.b.o. buyer pays shipping
    Ebay: Link »

    Photo details including internal shots:
    tele_1.jpg | tele_2.jpg | tele_3.jpg | tele_4.jpg
    tele_5.jpg | tele_6.jpg | tele_7.jpg | tele_8.jpg

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  1. FOUND: High quality practice set Looking for a high quality practice set from a well respected maker. I am in the US, so I prefer a set already in the US, though the nationality of the maker is irrelevant.
    Listed: 03/15/2007
    Contact: Blake at »

  2. FOUND: Quality D full set - Quality D full set of uilleann pipes with a four- keyed chanter, preferably with a stop key.
    Conditions: I do not have the money up front, so I am seeing if anyone would be willing to sell a full set on a payment plan. The plan (depending on the price of the instrument) would be most likely a 36 month payment plan, and I would be happily willing to discuss either a set payment fee or healthy APR so the seller would make a decent amount of cash in interest from the payments--so both parties here are happy. I would gladly sign a promissory note for the transaction.
    Listed: 11/14/2006
    Contact: Matt Willis at »

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