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  1. Removed: Charles Roberts D ½ Set - In concert pitch. The pipes were made in 1996 and are in good condition and playing well. Set comes with new spare bag including stocks so pipes can be used as a practice set. The bellows are made by D. Keegan. Chanter has high C key and has just had a new reed fitted. Selling to fund a new set in C. Pipes located in Wexford, Ireland.
    Listed: 04/19/2012 Removed: 04/24/2012
    Price: €2000 o.b.o. - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Hamish Stuart at stuart.hamish AT »

  2. SOLD: Michael Copeland Low D Whistle - Description: Brass Copeland low D whistle
    Condition: used
    Any issues: no serial #
    Materials the item is made from: Brass
    Reason for sale: Raising money for a trip to Ireland
    Listed: 07/03/2012 Sold: 07/04/2012
    Price: $630 ($600 plus 5% for UO) - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John Daily at piperdally AT »
    Audio Sample: Link »

  3. SOLD: Nick Whitmer Drones - Beautiful set of concerrt pitch Nick Whitmer Drones and Mainstock (bag can be included as well).
    Condition: A little over 1 yr. old.
    Any issues: None, lovely hum-dronal sound. In tune.
    Materials: African Blackwood, Cherry Mainstock, with Brass metalwork. The bag is by CJ DIXON, brown, leather, with rosewood mounts.
    Reason for sale: Sad to see these lovely drones go, but I'm wanting to buy a full from the same maker soon and have no need for another set of drones!
    Listed: 03/07/2012 Sold: 07/02/2012
    Price: Reduced: Without bag = $1,100 (I paid about $1300 total for these); With bag w/ mounts = $1350
    $980 w/o bag & stocks -- $1180 with bag & stocks

    Now --> $880 w/o bag and stocks -- $1080 with bag & stocks" - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Benjamin Hutton at »

  4. SOLD: Richard Patkos B Chanter - Fully keyed B-natural chanter of African ebony, imitation ivory and brass - made in Coyne style. 6 keys are put on the chanter. F is a ring key. Chanter top is made of brass. The instrument is one-month-old, with an excellent reed. It is easily playable and clean with perfect conditions. Comes with a guarantee of quality from Richard himself!
    Listed: 03/22/2012 Sold: 06/25/2012
    Price: Reduced: €1130 €900 or offer - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Richard Patkos at »


  5. SOLD: Michael Vignoles Half Set - Beautiful Irish Uilleann Pipes Half Set made by Michael Vignoles in Galway Ireland. Blackwood Chanter & box mounts with a Cnat key. In addition, it has a stop key on the chanter top. Chanter needs a new reed.
    Listed: 02/01/2012 Sold: 05/26/2012
    Price: Reduced: €1500 €1000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michele Bresciani at »
    Audio Sample: 1

  6. SOLD: Martin Preshaw D ½ Set - I'm Selling my Martin Preshaw ( half set Uilleann pipes in D. Perfect condition as only used at home the metal work needs some polish. Includes hard case, stopper so can be used as practice set if needed and spare hemp roll. Fantastic sound. The metal work is all silver. Selling due to not having time to practice or the skills to play them well. So want them to go to someone who will use them. Asking for £1300 so grab a bargain as paid well over £2000 for them. Will consider swap for a Gibson Les Paul Standard. Item located in Stevenage, United Kingdom.
    Listed: 05/08/2012 Sold: 05/18/2012
    Price: £1300 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Daniel Horne at dannurse50 AT or call +447941003576 »

  7. SOLD: Michael Hubbert D ¾ Set - I am selling my 3/4 D set by Michael Hubbert of Northern California. I have had the set since 2007 and it has been very good to me. The set is made of ebony, nickel silver, and mammoth ivory. It has traveled with me to Japan, Ireland, all over The United States, and Canada. They've been my workhorse for playing music full time never once letting me down.
    The set has been repaired twice. While I was living in Japan a faulty case latch sent my pipes tumbling out chipping ivory mounts (please see photos) and breaking off the F# baritone regulator key mount. Also the C natural tenor regulator key mount broke off during a rapid tuning instance before a performance this past summer. Both have been repaired in the up most artistry that could be expected of such a truly wonderful maker where the repairs even when looked for cannot be seen. Also, an "after market" modification I have made was a flexible blowpipe tied in by piper and pipe-maker extraordinaire Mickey Dunne while I was living in Limerick, Ireland.
    The cane chanter reed works great and in tune all the way up to the third octave D.
    The spruce regulator reeds are steady, in tune, and strong. They are a hair louder than the chanter (for live performance purposes), but can be switched out for quieter reeds at anytime. The spruce reeds mean that they are less susceptible to very low are high humidity.
    The drones are also, just as dependable. A mix of cane for the tenor, mahogany body and spruce tongue for the baritone, and brass body and spruce tongue for the bass. These reeds have NEVER shut off. From Prince Edward Island to San Diego to Western Virgina to Denver, Colorado they have never let me down.
    I am selling the set for 9,000 dollars. I spoke to Michael and he told me that this was the best price for a set made of these materials.
    Listed: 04/07/2012 Sold: 05/14/2012
    Price: $9000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Joey Abarta at»


  8. SOLD: Neil O'Grady D Full Set - They are cocobolo, with brass and maple. Half set made in 2001 and regulators added in 2010.
    Items included:
    D Chanter with C Natural Key
    Bag purchased Dec 2011 from Jackie Boyce
    Many replacement reeds made by Neil (5 chanter,3 tenor regulator reeds, 2 baritone regulator reeds, 3 bass regulator reeds)
    Set of 3 drone reeds (bass and baritone are ezee drone reeds)
    Homemade wooden case, if you want it, but it's a little heavy (~15lbs).
    Wood is in perfect condition, no cracks.
    Brass is in good condition and has developed a nice patina.
    Bag is fairly new and air tight.
    Regulator keys may need some adjusting as there are one or two that are a currently little sticky, but all the pads seal well.
    Bass regulator has come very slightly loose from the mainstock and is being secured by a hose clamp.
    Reeds are generally good currently (see video for more) may need to be re-readed due to humidity change at new location.
    I have been playing this set since 2009 and it is a very nice beginner level instrument to get started on. I am selling because I'm the proud new owner of an Adreas Rogge Full set and so this set has unfortunately now become redundant.
    Listed: 04/23/2012 Sold: 05/05/2012
    Price: CDN$3000 o.b.o. - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Malcolm O'Dell at malcolmodell AT »


  9. SOLD: B.C. Childress Full B Set - This Is a set that I made for myself around 2003. The keyless chanter is African blackwood, brass with boxwood mounts, a chanter stop key mounted in a kingwood headpiece. The mainstock is cocobolo. The drones are Brazilian kingwood and the regulators are Central American kingwood. All mounts are boxwood. All brass metal parts. There are a couple of patches on the baritone regulator where I had mounted an experimental E key that is only visible when the regulator is removed from the stock. It is fully mount and ferruled.
    Listed: 04/28/2012 Sold: 04/30/2012
    Price: $5500 - [includes shipping in the USA] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bruce Childress at bruce AT »


  10. SOLD: Mickey Dunne D Chanter - Ebony with boxwood mounts. Comes with C key. Made approximately 3 years ago. Reeded and ready to play. Mickey makes in the style of Cillian O'Briain and uses the same cast metal parts as Cillian's chanters. And of course Mickey used to make Cillian's reeds (and possibly may still do). Excellent condition with no damage at all. Price: £750GB. Will ship anywhere in the world. Contact me for quote. We are in the UK, so chanter can be collected or posted at very reasonable rate. Please call +44-07546824313 or email: Calls preferred due to lack of internet access for long periods. But all emails will be answered.
    Listed: 11/07/2011 Sold: 04/16/2012
    Price: Reduced: GB£750 GB£600 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michael at Tel: +44-07546824313 »

  11. SOLD: Andreas Rogge C Chanter - Andreas Rogge C Chanter 2011 Andreas Rogge C Chanter in Plum wood with boxwood mounts. Metal is Brass. Chanter has 2 keys (c nat, and F nat) and a Stop key. The chanter is in immaculate; as new condition with Andreas's original reed.
    Reason for sale: Financing a new D set.
    Listed: 10/11/2011 Sold: 04/16/2012
    Price: $1800 $1500 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sean Doherty at »


  12. SOLD: Andreas Rogge C Full Set - Ebony, brass and artificial ivory. Fully keyed chanter. Mounts on chanter head for stop key, but stop key not added. Wooden block mounts on regulators, with sliding tuners on tenor and baritone to move reeds in or out.
    Condition: Six years old, and in excellent condition. Top block mount on the tenor reg has been repaired by pinning and gluing. All reeds in good condition, and set is in tune and playing well. Chanter comes with two reeds by Andreas, and one by Alan Burton.
    Reason for sale: I prefer to play my D and B sets.
    Listed: 03/21/2012 Sold: 04/13/2012
    Price: €6500 or offer - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Greg Waite at »

  13. SOLD: Unknown Maker D ½ Set - For sale half set of D uilleann pipes , no maker marks, chanter and stock of drones appears to be made from greenheart and stained. Drones are made from either ebony/blackwood. Drones and chanter are reeded but have not been played for some time, so could do with new reeds or adjustment of the original. Selling with a set of Mc Warner bellows.
    Listed: 02/21/2012 Sold: 04/12/2012
    Price: Reduced: €950 €750 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Rob Ó Geibheannaigh at »

  14. SOLD: B.C. Childress Student Practice Sets - Bruce has a limited number of student practice sets available. Visit his website to get all the details.
    Price: $1000 - [price includes domestic shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bruce Childress at bruce (at) bcpipes (dot) com »

  15. SOLD: Geoff Wooff D Full Set (no bellows) - I have reluctantly decided that it is time to part with my Geoff Wooff full set in D. This set was made in 1981, and I am the second owner. The set is made of ebony, brass and ivory. It has a wide bore chanter with 3 keys (high C, F nat, G sharp), different than the narrow bore D chanters Geoff makes now. I am selling the set without bellows, but with a custom hard case, made by Geoff for this set.
    I had the pipes fully re-reeded a couple of years ago by Allan Moller (drones/regs) and Alan Burton (chanter). The set looks, sounds and plays wonderfully. It never fails to get a lot of attention, and more than one piper has commented that it has some of the sweetest drones they have ever heard.
    My primary reason for selling is to fund the restoration of a 19th century C sharp set I acquired a couple of years ago.
    Please email me with questions, for more information and fuller details on the pipes. I am based in the London, and am happy to arrange to meet up with UK pipers interested.
    Listed: 03/23/2012 Sold: 04/10/2012
    Price: £7000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Rick Lines at»

  16. SOLD: Andy Faden D Chanter – It was made by Andy Faden of Bedford, England. The chanter is ebony and brass The chanter was reeded by Andy and has a C natural key fitted. A great stick by Cillian O Briains apprentice. Asking price €900 ono plus shipping and insurance. The chanter is in Dublin.
    Listed: 01/27/2012 Sold: 04/05/2012
    Price: €900 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Rob Ó Geibheannaigh at »

  17. SOLD: Tim Benson Tenor & Baritone Regulators - Made in 2008 from ebony, boxwood, and brass. Keys are in the tear drop style. Fast action and have lovely tuning. Regs come with spruce reeds, some cane reeds and one bronze reed. Reason for sale is to finance narrow bore regs to match my narrow bore chanter.
    These regs are in Tim's shop as he is wanting to redo the mounts and end caps once the purchase has been made. Tim will be able to turn mounts to suite the buyers current set. So after payment is recieved and if the buyer would rather imation ivory, cocobolo, boxwood, maple etc... this is doable.
    Listed: 03/07/2012 Sold: 03/19/2012
    Price: $1600 Canadian plus free shipping within North America - Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jeremy Keddy at »
    Audio Sample:

  18. SOLD: Lorcan Dunne Deluxe D ½ Set Lorcan Dunne Deluxe Half Set in D, in Ebony and German Silver. Chanter has two keys, F-nat and C-nat, and comes with a stop key. Chanter plays great, and the drones are haunting. Everyone that hears them says they are phenomenal. Set comes with Bass Regulator Bar pre-attached. Chanter comes with two brand new reeds from Joe Kennedy, just got them the week of December 25th. The drones come with synthetic Bruce Childress drones reeds which are rock solid. Set also comes with a lockable hard case. Set also comes with scrap leather and spare tying in twine. The set is very fun to play. The bag that is tied onto the set is a special custom MacHarg bag, made to the regular measurements, but the leather is much thicker, but still very pliable. Much better than a thinner leather bag.
    Condition: The set has a chipped mount on the Baritone drone, and the mainstock has the engraving of the 1st owners name on it: "Made for Zachary Abbott, by Lorcan Dunne, Kenmare" the engraving is very small and you can barely see it. I am the 2nd owner. I am willing to sell my set piecemeal. Additional pictures available here.
    Issues: None
    Materials: Ebony and German Silver
    Reason For Sale: I have my eye on a full set for sale, I'd have no problem keeping this set, but I just got the chance to jump on the other set, so this one has to go.
    Listed: 01/05/2011 Sold: 02/26/2012
    Reduced: Price: $5200 $5000 $3500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sean Cavanaugh at »
    Audio Sample: | | |

  19. SOLD: Andy Faden D ½ Set - Andy Faden concert pitch halfset for sale. Ebony, silver, Im. Ivory. Chanter has a C key, reed slide for tuning and a pua shell insert on the wooden chanter top. Set is in excellent condition and has been rock solid since I purchased them. Case is included. Andy no longer offers silver on new orders so this set is a bit unique. Paid $5600.00 but open to any offers, would like to see this set get a good home. Andy's craftsmanship is excellent. I would say (and probably anyone who plays a Faden set would agree) Andy's pipes share most of the same characteristics that you will see and hear in a Cillian O'Briain set of pipes. Please feel free to email me for more info, pics, sound clips, questions, reason for sale ect.
    Listed: 11/28/2011 Sold: 02/18/2012
    Price: Open To Offers - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Patrick Carroll at »

  20. SOLD: Richard Patkos D Full Set – An indian ebony full set is for sale! The whole instrument was made on the bases of Leo Rowsome's parameters, from indian ebony, imitation ivory and brass. It is the first completed instrument of the year. With the instrument, a chanter is included, only, not the same that is supplied in the pictures, but a very similar one without keys and stopkey. Bellows are included. In case of serious intention to purchase, I can send a series of photos illustrating the creation of the instrument, step by step. Price is: 3400 euros. For the sake of the safe transportation, I would ask 100 euros for the delivery in Europe, and 150 euros out of Europe.
    Listed: 01/23/2012 Sold: 02/13/2012
    Price: Reduced: €3400 €3000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Richard Patkos at uilleannhungary (at) hotmail (dot) com »
    Audio Sample: 1 2

  21. SOLD: Richard Patkos C Chanter - Chanter made from Plum wood with boxwood decorations. Chanter recently serviced and reeded by maker comes with a spare reed.
    Listed: 02/01/2012 Sold: 02/09/2012
    Price: €300 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bill Keaveney at »

  22. SOLD: Kevin Thompson D ½ Set - Pitched in D. Concert set Uilleann Pipes half set made in early 1990s by Kevin Thompson (based in Dublin Ireland) Playing very well. In excellent condition. Blackwood chanter and Drones with nickel silver trimmings. New chanter reed and hide bag fitted recently. Also includes a hardcase /flightcase with soft interior. Click Here to read more about Kevin Thompson's pipes.
    Listed: 11/17/2011 Sold: 02/07/2012
    Price: €2000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Fran Whelan at »

  23. SOLD: Ray Sloan Chanter & Bellows - I have a Ray Sloan chanter and bellows I'd like to find a home for. The Chanter is in D and is keyless. It needs a reed. Also, there is a chip ( not a crack) in the imitation ivory. It really isn't that noticeable and of course doesn't effect the sound. It's a nice looking chanter besides that. I also have the bellows made by Ray Sloan. They are in very good condition. I'm needing some cash and I just have never found the time to get the bag and stuff for the 4 years I've owned the chanter and bellows. I'm asking $400 for the both of them obo. I think I paid something like $700 when I got them.
    Listed: 01/04/2012 Sold: 01/30/2012
    Price: $400 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Caleb Miller at »

  24. SOLD: Nick Whitmer C Chanter - 2011 African Blackwood C Chanter made by Nick Whitmer. The chanter is like new and has been nicely reeded and is playing very well. There are two extra reeds for the chanter. I am selling the chanter to fund a set of D drones.
    Listed: 11/28/2011 Sold: 01/14/2012
    Price: $525 - o.b.o. - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jason Myers at »
    Pictures: Link »

  25. SOLD: Peter Hunter Fully Keyed D Chanter - 4-Key Hunter D Concert chanter in Palasanto (Lignum Vitae) wood w/Box Wood mounts, a Wooden top, and 2 reeds, (one from Sam Lawrence & one from myself). This is a great sounding, fantastically in-tune chanter, made by a superb maker.
    Listed: 01/05/2012
    Price: $1800 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: K. Pádraig O'Kane at »
    Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6

  26. SOLD: Pat Stones L/H D Chanter - Left-handed Narrow bore D Uilleann pipe chanter made by Pat Stones in October 2006.
    Indian Rosewood with brass and Castello boxwood mounts.
    Has 4 Keys F natural, G sharp, B flat, and C natural.
    Chanter top swan neck type made from Cocobolo with brass and boxwood mounts made by Andreas Rogge in February 2008.
    Chanter overhauled by Andreas Rogge in February 2008.
    Two excellent reeds made by Alan Burton (England) and other made by Fergus Maunsell.
    Chanter is in excellent condition and playing great.
    Chanter can be played right-handed with or without brass keys.
    Price £616.00 plus postage and packaging.
    Listed: 10/05/2011 Sold: 01/09/2012
    Price: Reduced: UK£716 UK£716 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Fergus Maunsell at »
    Audio: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4

  27. SOLD: MK Pro Low D Whistle - Beautiful whistle in every way. Satin green finish. Soft case included. Brand new condition. Got a second one from MK so need to move this one along.
    Listed: 12/31/2011 Sold: 01/07/2012
    Price: $300 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Patrick D'Arcy at »

  28. SOLD: Terry McGee 6-Key Flute 6key McGee Rudall Perfected in blackwood. Sterling silver keys and rings with eccentric bore head, double-semicircle embouchure and the MKIV tuning slide. Comes with solid wood birds-eye maple fitted case (holds two whistles) and protective outside case cover.
    It is in pristine like-new condition.
    I simply don't play it as much as it should be played, so it should have an appreciative home.
    Terry's waiting list is closed. This flute would cost $3,345 in D, $25 for the long D foot, $251 for the case and $59 for the cover.
    Total would be $3,680. I'm Asking $3,300
    Listed: 10/03/2011 Sold: 12/31/2011
    Price: $3,300 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: David Migoya at »

  29. NEW! Brian Bigley D Practice Set - Practice set available- new! Dave Williams style chanter made by Brian Bigley. Pitched in 'D.' Made of mesquite, brass, and faux ivory. Includes 'C' natural key. Bag is MacHarg. Bellows is walnut and leather. Easy to play and well in tune!
    Listed: 11/17/2011 Sold: 12/17/2011
    Price: $1650 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Brian Bigley at »
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  30. SOLD: Desi Seery ½ Set - I have a half set of uilleann pipes for sale, concert pitch, made by Dessie Seery. The pipes are made from African blackwood with imitation ivory mounts. They are fully reeded and in perfect working order, and the pipes play really well. The chanter has a back C key. They come with a hard shell case and the price is Euro 1,750. I am living in Dublin.
    Listed: 10/05/2011 Sold: 12/08/2011
    Price: €1750 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Kieran Wade »

  31. SOLD: Andreas Rogge D ½ Set - This set is one of the older ones, build around 1990, with a narrowbore chanter, made from boxwood, stock from maple, silver plated brass and black horn. It has been played, so there are scratches on the silver and the stock, some minor scratches on the drones and the chanter. The original bass drone has been replaced by Andreas with one of the newer, more robust ones, the wooden foot of the tenor drone has been replaced with brass. The bellows are only a few years old, the bag was sealed yesterday. It's a beautiful special set, lately reeded by the maker, and playing fine. I'm selling it cause i have two more sets and i dont play it very often.
    Listed: 11/07/2011 Sold: 11/23/2011
    Price: €2700 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Beo Brockhausen at »
    Audio Sample:

  32. SOLD: Eugene Lambe D ½ Set PRICED TO SELL - I've had the pipes for a few years but I have not played them much. I sent the chanter back to Eugene last year and he put a new reed in it, Sounds great! Plays great! All the drones are working perfectly also. Pipes come in a Protec tenor sax case. This set of pipes is ready to play with no messing around struggling with bad gear. Thanks for looking.
    Listed: 06/14/2011 Sold: 11/21/2011
    Price: Reduced: $2999 $2500 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Gerard Nolan at - Tel: 1-619 309-6167 »
    Audio: Clip 1

  33. SOLD: Jens Güntzel D Practice Set - I have a very nice uilleann pipes practise set for sale. It was made by Jens Güntzel from Germany in 2009. The chanter is in D (concert pitch) and made of African Blackwood. It has got a key for Cnat, mountings are imitation Ivory and all the metal parts are made of brass. The bag and bellows are in black leather and are of a very good quality; there is a plug on the bag where the hollow stock for drones/regs can be added and the bellows have very comfortable cushions (to avoid a lot of pain after practising for a while). I do also have 2 spare reeds for the chanter (for different settings). I am selling this set because I am playing a Rogge half set now.
    Note: The drones are from my own set and are NOT FOR SALE!
    The price is 900,00 Euros / 775,00 GBP, still negotiable. The maker is charging about 1200,00 Euros for a new set (without extra reeds or keys).
    Listed: 11/09/2011 Sold: 11/21/2011
    Price: €900 / £775 - negotiable - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Lukas Agstner, Italy »
    Pictures: Imageshack Gallery »

  34. SOLD: Mark Donohoe D ¾ Set I purchased the half set from Mark less then 2yrs ago and I picked up the regulators this summer. The pipes are in Nickle Silver, Ebony and Im. Ivory. Marks craftsmanship is excellent and all the nickle silver is hand rolled. The chanter is equipped with a C and F key an all nickel silver stop key wind cap. The chanter holes are slightly scalloped giving a nice feel when playing. I had Mark put the bass regulator bar on when I got the regs. so I didn't have to send it back to him for the addition of the bass regulator. Its also worth mentioning that if you decide to get the bass reg. it will be a lot less money because half of it is already made and mounted.
    Marks customer service is second to none. He is better then great to deal with. He answers his emails very fast and will solve and issues that may arise in a very timely matter. I tried to play the regs in the sound clip but I haven't had them very long so its a bit of a struggle. If anyone lives in the Philadelphia area and would like to try them out just let me know. Depending on where you live I would recommend having an experienced piper set them up for you if need be. Case included. All offers will be considered.
    Listed: 01/04/2011 Sold: 11/17/2011
    Price: $6500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Patrick Carroll at »
    Audio Sample:

  35. SOLD: Kirk Lynch D Practice Set - Ebony with Rosewood brass fittings. Perfect condidtion playing well.
    Reason For Selling: Daughter got her new half set which were ordered a few years ago.
    Listed: 10/03/2011 Sold: 11/02/2011
    Price: €1200.00 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Vincent O'Flynn at »

  36. SOLD: Andreas Rogge D Practice Set - Chanter is polyacetal and brass. Bag is nylon with polyacetal stocks, bellows are beech and leather.
    As new condition. Plays really well with good reed. Chanter has adjustment screw for back D.
    Will send anywhere at buyer's expense. May be collected from London, England.
    Listed: 10/03/2011 Sold: 11/02/2011
    Price: UK£500 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Dave Bondy at »

  37. SOLD: Bill Hanemann C# Small Set - Chanter has a C key, wooden top. Tenor and bari drones with stoppers. L&M bag. Padded bellowswith screw on blowpipe. Case included. Condition: Great tone and intonation throughout both octaves, with no tape or rushes. Bellows and bag are airtight.
    Issues: None.
    Materials: Chanter: dalbergia (rosewood). Drones and stock: macassar.
    Reason For Sale : New pipes on the way.
    Video Sample: YouTube Link »
    Listed: 09/27/2011 Sold: 11/02/2011
    Price: $2200 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Scott Estes at »

  38. SOLD: Andreas Rogge D Chanter w/ Practice Set - Uilleann Pipes practice set with Andreas Rogge chanter. The chanter is in concert D and plays well in tune through both octaves. It is made in Plumwood and features Andreas' unique back-D thumbscrew tuning feature. The custom bellows are substantial with Cherry cheeks and brass hardware. The bellows valve cover is machined from solid brass. They are airtight and also feature ample padding on both cheeks (fashioned after Dow). The waist strap is elasticized to accommodate any player. The arm strap is also adjustable to accommodate arm/bicep. The bellows are large capacity to aid in reducing fatigue. The blowpipe features a unique silicone non-return valve to ensure the integrity of the system. The vinyl bag features a navy blue corduroy cover. I am also including a new hide bag for those who would prefer this option.
    Reason For Sale: Looking at Vpipes.
    Listed: 10/28/2011 Sold: 10/30/2011
    Price: $900 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Paypal Accepted. Currency Converter »
    Contact: Davey Armstrong at »

  39. SOLD: David Daye D ½ Set - Chanter in D (penny chanter) from David Dayes with 2 cane reeds. Drones made in pvc and 2 reeds in plastic from David Dayes. Bag made of leather from Chris Dixon. Bellows made of leather and wood from Chris Dixon in very good condition, reeds are very stable.
    Reason For Sale: No time for it, working in a new show with a lot of flute and galician and french pipes.
    Listed: 10/03/2011 Sold: 10/31/2011
    Price: CA$1000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michel Dubeau at »

  40. SOLD: Patkos C Chanter 2011 Richard Patkos C chanter. Plumwood with Boxwood Mounts. Metal Work is Silver plated Brass. Chanter has 4 keys and a Stop key. It has less than 10 hours playing time on it. The chanter is in immaculate; as new condition with Richard's original reed. Price new was $1500.
    Reason for Sale: I recently had the opportunity to complete my C full set with its maker's chanter and therefore do not need (2) C chanters.
    Listed: 07/14/2011 Sold: 10/07/2011
    Price: $1000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sean Doherty at »
    Audio: Clip of Richard playing the chanter

  41. SOLD: Tim Benson Boxwood D Chanter Chanter was made by Tim back in sping/summer 2010. It comes with Cnat, Fnat x 2 (wrap around and regular style), G# and Bflat. This chanter is a direct copy of a very good Rowsome chanter owned by a popular mainstream piper of today(ask Tim for more info regarding this). It's a very good chanter and it will surely please pipers who love Rowsome style chanter. Tim's work is very nice and plays very well. I am only selling this chanter because I own 2 concert chanters and not using this one as much. This chanter is in very good condition with very few marks on it. A new reed is needed, so upon sale of this chanter, I will gladly ship it to Tim to be reeded up (at my cost both reed and shipping.) If the buyer does not like the cocobolo windcap and wants to buy the chanter without it, I will take $150 off the asking price so a matching wind cap can be purchased by Tim.
    Listed: 09/06/2011 Sold: 10/05/2011
    Price: CDN$1550 - Without Wind Cap: CDN$1400 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jeremy Keddy at Tel: 902-489-0584 »

  42. SOLD: Hubert Kwisthout D ½ Set Made by Hubert Kwisthout back in 1997. This set is in very good shape as it has barely been used.
    Jeremy Keddy (Nova Scotia, Canada) got this set playing in acceptable order. The bag is in great condition and has been retied. All pipe pieces have been re-hemped, blowpipe valve remade and brass has been polished (still lots of tarnishing due to the pipes being left in a pipe box for years.)
    The keyless chanter has a really nice feel and plays in tune (although a new reed from a pro maker is recommend.)
    All drones are going and the chanter reed is playing fairly well (2nd octive is a little on the flat side). The chanter reed still needs some time to break in before the overall balance is comfortable.
    The set comes with pipe case and an attractive blue velvet bag.
    This set is a great and affordable way to get into the wonderful world of Irish piping. It is strongly recommend to only buying this set if you have access to a ner by reed maker or a strong piping community.
    Please check out Hubert's website as this will give you a better idea of his pipes and what materials he likes to use.
    Listed: 05/11/2011 Sold: 09/03/2011
    Price: Reduced: CDN$2600 CDN$2200 - o.b.o. - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jeremy Keddy at Phone: 902-489-0584 »
    Audio: Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3

  43. SOLD: Britton Deluxe D ½ Set Drones, bag and bellows are sold. Chanter still available - $2000. Made in early 2009, these elegant pipes by Tim Britton are made of blackwood and brass. Fully keyed blackwood chanter with wooden top. Keys for C-nat, F-nat, G#, and Bb. Chanter top features a unique twist-valve used to shut off air flow to chanter. Enables player to keep both hands on chanter or to use the drones while playing other instruments. Drones are pitched in D, but have enough tuning range to be adjusted down to "C" if desired. Drone reeds are Tim's upgraded composite reeds using a blackwood cylinder with a cane tongue. Features a 4th drone pitched in "A" with its own separate shut-off switch. Both bass and baritone drones feature a hollow resonator bell and U-bend, providing more volume and resonance to these two drones. Mainstock is hollow and made of cherry. Extra large elkhide bag. Bellows are also cherry wood and feature a unique quick strap-in system using brass clips. See Tim's site for more specific descriptions of features:
    One Britton-made chanter reed is included. Reed plays easily through second octave with moderate pressure.
    Condition: Good condition. Brass is unpolished, with a nice vintage patina. I'll let you do the polishing if you want the set shiny!
    Issues: The "A" drone tenon was damaged before I got the set, but has since been repaired by the maker. Tim's reeds are made bridle-less, however, I have fitted it with a brass collar to allow for more adjustment. Upon purchase, the set can be sent to Tim Britton if you would like him to balance it or if extra chanter reeds are desired.
    Reason for sale: Need funds for graduate school.
    With upgrades the set costs over $6300 with at least a 2-3 year wait list.
    Listed: 03/21/2011 Sold: 09/05/2011
    Price: $5800 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Nathan Fox at »

  44. SOLD: Alan Ginsberg Full B Set Alan Ginsberg Full set pitched between B and B flat and is modelled on the Michael Egan style pipes. Made October 2007 in rosewood and brass and imitation ivory. Chanter has four keys.
    Set is in excellent condition and playing well.I've had them since new.
    New leather CJ Dixon bag fitted Nov 09. New set reeds (chanter,drones,regs) fitted in August 09 by Robbie Hughes.
    New pads fitted to both bellow paddles. Blowpipe setup between the bellows and bag modified.
    No case but will be shipped securely in small aluminium flight case.
    Decided to sell simply because i very rarely play them as i prefer the concert set.
    I'm looking £3200 sterling, but all offers will be considered (buyer pays insurance and postage)
    Listed: 01/21/2011 Sold: 09/06/2011
    Reduced: Price: £3200 £2900 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Dermot Donnelly at »
    Audio Sample: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

  45. SOLD: Peter Hunter D ½ Set - Commissioned from Peter in 2000, the set is in Sri Lankan ebony with hand-rolled brass ferrules and antique ivory mounts. The chanter has one key fitted (C natural) and has blocks to accept the fitting of additional keys.
    The set has just been fettled by Sam Lawrence of Hunter Pipes (Peter's protégé) which included the fitting of new chanter and bass drone reeds and a new bag. The bellows are stitched in the traditional manner and look and work great.
    The set is in excellent playing order and sounds stunning, as the attached sound files prepared by Sam demonstrate.
    The reason for the sale is the usual sad combination of financial necessity (my third child arrived a month ago) combined with a lack of time to play and do justice to the set (see above!) which is also in excellent cosmetic order having only ever been played at home.
    The Hunter Pipes waiting list is currently closed and a similar set made by Sam, when available, would cost in the region of £2500.
    This is a rare opportunity to buy one of the very last sets made by Peter Hunter before his retirement from pipe-making. My asking price is therefore £3000 with sensible near offers considered.
    Listed: 06/03/2010 Sold: 08/08/2010
    Price: UK£3000 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Chris Marshall at »
    Audio Sample: 1 | 2

  46. SOLD: Bruce Childress D ½ Set Half set by Bruce Childress made in 1997.
    Blackwood chanter without keys and rosewood stock and drones with brass and false ivory.
    In full working order and recently serviced by Bruce (Dec 2010).
    Reed by Alan Burton and currently connected to bellows by NIgel Richards, although I do have the original bellows available for use.
    Come in a solid pine dovetailed case with oak veneered-ply sides.
    The pipes come with a lifetime guarantee from Bruce Childress should anything need doing at a future date.
    They currently sell new for almost $3000 with over one years waiting.
    I am finding I dont have enough time to practice and am neglecting my fiddle and whistle playing.
    My asking price is £1500.
    I am in Yorkshire, England.
    Listed: 08/08/2011 Sold: 08/25/2011
    Price: £1500 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Richard Simmons at Tel: 01423 524669 »

  47. SOLD: Richard Patkos D Chanter Due to financial difficulty I must sell my boxwood and brass Patkos chanter. It has a lovelly tone. It needs a new reed. It was made in December 2010.
    Listed: 04/20/2011 Sold: 08/13/2011
    Price: €300 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michele Bresciani at »

  48. SOLD: Kirk Lynch D Chanter I bought this a year ago from the original owner as a "back up", but liked it so much I ordered a new one from Kirk. Ebony/brass with 2 keys (F&G). Plays beautifully. Well reeded by my friend and reedsmith Ron Urban of the New Irish Workshop. Brass needs a bit of polishing but I'll buff it up to good nick before shipping.
    Listed: 06/14/2011 Sold: 08/08/2011
    Price: $1200 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Seamus Monahan at »

  49. SOLD: Patkos B ¾ Set: It is a three-quarter B-set. The main-stock and the bellows are made of nut-wood, the drones and the regulators are made of pear-wood, the chanter is made of plum. It is brand new and in excellent condition. The set comes with an excellent Jacky Boyce leather bag. The maker is Richard Patkos, Hungary.
    The drones, regulators and bag: 2000 euro. Bellow alone: 200 euro. Chanter alone: 500. The complete set altogether: 2500 euro.
    Audio Sample: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
    Listed: 05/02/2011 Sold: 08/07/2011
    Price: €2500 - [shipping & insurance included] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bence Marosan at »

  50. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Drones Concert pitch drones from Seth Gallagher. Brand new in blackwood and nickel w/ artificial ivory mounts. I had ordered these some time ago from Seth and couldn't in good faith renege when he called, though the all too common "financial reasons" requires I put them into other hands. You all know Seth's work: pretty (the drones, that is, though I have to admit S isn't horrible looking...s) sweet & steady and made for the rigors of everyday play. Comes w/ a new L&M bag. Seth is still a couple of years out, so this is an opportunity for something unheard of in the UP world: Instant gratification. I paid Seth's list ($3200). I am not naive or greedy but naturally, I'd Love to get that back, and since we are all comrades in alms, make me a (please) reasonable/sensible offer. Drop me a line with any questions and I'll respond promptly. Domestic shipping shouldn't be more than $20 or so. International we can discuss. Paypal is fine, but a certified check saves me whacking you the 2.9% vig Paypal adds.
    I also have another item: a very nice Tim Britton bellows $250
    Listed: 07/21/2011 Sold: 07/28/2011
    Price: $3200 o.b.o. - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Seamus Monahan at »

  51. SOLD: A. Rogge B Chanter I have a brand new Rogge Chanter in B with with two keys plus stop key plus tune-able back d and it is reeded. Plum wood. I got it from the maker about two months ago. It's never been played. I don't have sound samples. I'm asking $1500 OBO plus shipping, and would prefer to ship to the United States. It is a beautiful instrument, and I am very disappointed that circumstances have precluded my being able to make good use of it.
    Listed: 07/23/2011 Sold: 07/23/2011
    Price: $1500 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Matthew Willen at »

  52. SOLD: Martin Preshaw D Chanter Very nice D Chanter by Martin Preshaw. Made in 2006. Blackwood. 2 reeds. In Ireland at moment but can bring to USA in July to save shipping.
    Listed: 06/14/2011 Sold: 07/23/2011
    Price: $1000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Billy Jackson at »

  53. SOLD: Bob May D Practice Set set including african blackwood chanter decorated with brass and imitation ivory, fully airtight handmade leather bag, beautiful airtight bellows. Hard case and beginners dvd. Reason for sale is I am going travelling and need the money. Set is playing well in both octaves and was reeded by Cillian O'Briain. Located in south Ireland. Shipping can be arranged. Thanks for looking.
    Listed: 06/14/2011 Sold: 07/23/2011
    Price: €650 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Eddie Nolan at »

  54. SOLD: Art of Uilleann Piping Vol. 1 & 2 DVD'sThe condition is like new, only plaid once and in its original box and manual/booklet. Ships from the US.
    Listed: 07/08/2011 Sold: 07/14/2011
    Price: $32.99 each - [shipping & handling included in continental US] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Enrique Alvarez Vazquez at »

  55. SOLD: Cillian O'Briain D Chanter Fully-keyed concert pitch chanter made by Cillian O Briain. I acquired this chanter from a friend in Toronto around 1995, who bought it directly from Cillian during a visit to Dingle some years before that.
    The chanter has 5 handforged brass keys, a brass top and scalloped toneholes. Last time I ran into Cillian a few years back he said it was probably made around 1988. It is a one-of-a-kind prototype. It is a strong and resonant chanter that has been my main chanter for 15 years, used for gigging and recording. Most recently reeded a couple of years ago by Allan Moller, and playing well.
    I hate to let it go, but since acquiring a Wooff D set a couple of years ago I rarely play it anymore. It is too good an instrument to be left unplayed, despite my sentimental attachment to it. It deserves a new home where it will be fully enjoyed.
    The chanter is in great condition, bar one small chip on the top wooden block of the high C key. I have tried to show this in one of the photos.
    This is a unique opportunity to acquire a one-of-a-kind chanter by one of today's top makers. Asking 1500 euros (plus shipping), or nearest offer. The chanter is currently in London. More photos and soundfiles available on request. Thanks.
    Listed: 06/14/2011 Sold: 07/02/2011
    Price: €1500 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Rick Lines at »

  56. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D ½ Set ... with an O'Grady Chanter. This is one of Seth's standard ebony and brass half-sets. I have included a Neil O'Grady chanter. I asked Neil to modify this chanter five year ago. He removed the bottom key blocks where he had placed a thumb rest that I wasn't found of. As result the chanter only has a C key, but I have always like the chanter better this way. Included with the chanter will be three reeds; one of Neil's, a Pat Sky reed and one of my own. I am selling this set because I already have a set of pipes and my wife is in the middle of a two-year unpaid maternity leave! The retail cost of the Gallagher components is over $3670 (bellows, case, bag w/stocks and drones) with the O'Grady chanter I am asking $3,000 without the wait! Subtract the O'Grady chanter and the price drops to $2500. Buyer pays actual shipping costs and insurance. Please contact me with any questions.
    Listed: 03/21/2011 Sold: 06/30/2011
    Price: $3000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Colin Everett at »

  57. SOLD: CJ Dixon Bag & Chanter Top Beautiful CJ Dixon bag. Attractive looking rivets and a thick greylish blue bag tan. Excellent craftmanship and it will last a long time! I am only selling because CJ made me a custom bag. Please see "chanter top and bag" picture for where the stock and blowpipe have been cut out.
    CJ Dixon wooden chanter top with chanter stock. The chanter top is made of cocobolo, brass and maple mounts. The stop key block is still attached and I would glady pay for shipping to CJ if you want to have a Stop Key made by Chris. The chanter stock is made from cocobolo as well. I am only selling this because I really like my current brass top.
    CJ has excellent products and service. The buyer of these items will be very happy.
    Bag $130 - Chanter Top $235 - Chanter stock is free with top - Shipping $15 anywhere in North America
    Listed: 11/15/2010 Sold: 06/16/2011
    Price: See Above- [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jeremy Keddy at Tel: (902) 489-0584 »

  58. SOLD: C.J. Dixon Bellows, Bag etc. CJ Dixon makes great pipe products that will last for decades. His workman ship is very clean, accurate and easy on the eyes. His customer service and busy manners are also very welcoming : )
    These bellows are airtight, strong, and sturdy and to be to the point…. A Powerhouse!
    There is no reed that they can't blow. They are in mint condition!
    I encourage you to take a scroll through
    He has detailed descriptions about the bellows, blowpipe and bag that I am selling.
    I can send more pictures to seriously interested buyers if required.
    The three items sell for $500 Canadian. I will ship anywhere in the US or Canada for free Regular Post. Add $30 if you would like express post. I can provide extra rubber tubing and tying cord.
    Message me if you have more questions or want more pictures.
    Listed: 01/18/2011 Sold: 06/16/2011
    Price: $500 Canadian - [Shipping Included. Add $30 if you would like express post.] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jeremy Keddy at »

  59. SOLD: Patsy Brown/Brad Angus Full Set The set is probably made by Patsy Brown. Chanter, bellows and a drone part by Brad Angus. Reeded and working. Regs. in-tune.
    Listed: 11/15/2010 Sold: 06/15/2011
    Price: $5000 o.b.o. - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ted Anderson at »

  60. SOLD: Andreas Rogge D Chanter Boxwood concert pitch (D) chanter by Andreas Rogge. 4 keys + stopkey. Chater is in boxwood with natural horn mounts, metalwork is silver plated brass. Chanter is in as-new condition. Classic strident Rogge tone. Asking 1500 Euro. Offers will be considered. Feel free to contact with questions.
    Listed: 09/17/2009 Sold: 06/15/2011
    Price: Reduced: €1500 €1350 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Rob Forkner at »

  61. SOLD: Childress ½ Set: I am going to part with my uilleann pipes to help pay for a new 8 key flute; I got the flute and the pipes at the same time and the flute won.
    I got the set in 2004 and they were made in 1997. They are rosewood, imitation ivory mounts and brass ferrules. The chanter is blackwood with imitation ivory and brass. I have adapted them to take a Nigel Richard set of bellows that I had spare from the borders I play, as they were in much better condition and they work well. They have been re-reeded by Alan Burton. There is a small crack in the chanter stock, it's easy to fix but haven't got around to it as it closes up when the chanter is in.
    There are also a few very small tarnish marks on the middle section of the bass drone when it was left in the box when it had got a slight spatter of something before being put in.
    I've attached a sound sample, please excuse the playing as I've not touched them since I tried to learn them a few years ago but I hope it gives you an idea of the sound. I'm including a box in the price which was made by a cabinet maker friend of mine, you have to take the bass out to fit them in but it's a really solid and airtight case plus it's well cushioned.
    Listed: 05/02/2011 Sold: 05/03/2011
    Price: £1250 - [shipping & insurance included] Currency Converter »
    Contact: David Adam at »
    Audio Sample:

  62. SOLD: B.C. Childress ½ Set:
    Blackwood, 3 antler mounts, 2 keys. Cork (artificial) is coming unglued but still functional. Comes with two original Childress reeds - they are hard, high-ish pressure (see photos). Made in 1999. Bass drone has one solder joint broken - it the loop region (it is stable and looks ok with electrical tape - see photo), treble and mid drones have antler mounts, bellows has antler mount, black belt and black leather hinge. Original leather bag with removable green velvet cover. There is no case. Im selling them because I am pursuing other musical interests.
    Listed: 01/21/2011 Sold: 04/29/2011
    Price: $2500 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bruce Teter at »

  63. SOLD: Seth Galagher D Practice Set For Sale , Uilleann pipes practice set in the key of D. Made by Seth Gallagher, practically brand new in great shape.
    Listed: 02/01/2011 Sold: 04/11/2011
    Reduced: Price: $2000 $1700 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Anne Killeen at Tel: 347-244-0584 »

  64. SOLD: B.C. Childress Practice Set:
    1. Childress (1999), Blackwood, 3 antler mounts, 2 keys. Cork (artificial) is coming unglued but still functional. Comes with two original Childress reeds - they are hard, high-ish pressure (see photos).
    2. Childress (2000), Blackwood , 3 antler mounts, 2 keys. Chanter has been modified - holes - (thumb hole , 3, 4, and 5) are retuned (enlarged and/or wax filled - see 2 photos) to play perfectly in tune with this reed: a Michael O'Donovan reed, plays very well at low-ish pressure. Has a sweet sound, a bit on the quiet side. Hard D is easy and loud. Second octave is easy, up to B.
    Either chanter comes with or without pop valve (it fits both) - your choice (see photo) - add $50 to asking price. The chanter without pop valve gets a smooth leather leg piece.
    Asking $2500 for 1/2 set with Chanter 1
    Asking $2300 for 1/2 set with Chanter 2
    buyer pays shipping and insurance
    For Practice set: bellows has tan leather belt and tan leather hinge. Original leather bag.
    (I wont sell the practice set until the 3/4 is sold)
    Asking $1300 with Chanter 1
    Asking $1100 with Chanter 2
    buyer pays shipping and insurance
    There is no case.
    I played them regularly for 5 years; selling them because I am pursuing other musical interests.
    Also for sale: Barkus Berry pipe microphone, fits into top of chanter in place of the top plug. Originally designed for modern flute, but fits the Childress chanters perfectly - se photo for setup. This is a professional quality mic that gives uniform amplification of all notes since it is detecting the reed vibration (external mics fail to pick up the back D). Comes with small preamp connected to mic by a black RCA cable. Barcus Berry 6100 plus 3000a preamp with treble and bass EQ so that you can get the perfect amplified tone from your instrument.,and volume output
    List price: $259-347; asking $200. You can try it out before buying. More info at:
    Listed: 01/21/2011 Sold: 04/09/2011
    Price: See Above - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bruce Teter at »

  65. SOLD: Neil O'Grady ½ Set New chanter reed made by Neil himself. Small hairline crack in bass drone end cap. No effect to sound. Well in tune through out both octaves. Coccobolo and brass. Cherry stock, airtight bag and bellows. Great set to start on. Selling to fund full set I bought.
    Listed: 10/12/2010 Sold: 01/29/2011
    Price: $1500 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John Red at »

  66. SOLD: A. Froment D Chanter & D.Seery Full Set - Alain Froment D chanter. Stainless steel and ebony. Great condition but slight damage where the C key is fitted. Does not affect working of the key , as the block is lined with stainless steel. Selling for a friend who need to sell because he needs the money for house renovations. Offers please
    Desi Seery fullset . Silver and Stainless steel. Bag needs to be re-tied . But all working well. Condition Good. Comes with Seery D Chanter. This set was used with the Froment chanter. Cillian O Brian bellows . Offers please.
    Listed: 11/23/2009 Sold: 01/20/2011
    Price: Offers Please - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Brendan Wade at »

  67. Chanter and bellows sold + For other things prices are reduced:
    Thomas AEBI D chanter, M. Dow Bellows + Case & Tuner, Tutor DVDs + CDs + Books, Tools etc.

    Thomas AEBI Deluxe Chanter: New Superb Concert chanter by highly respected maker. Very rare, one of a kind. I got it few weeks ago, play it just few times, enought to experience hidden genious. Best old ebony, Sterling Silver keys, Wooden top, Ingenious Stop key on rear for thumb, Amazing craftsmanship & beauty of every detail on chanter. Blue mounts made of special figured maple. Never seen nicer chanter. Tone qualities & playability associated with best narrow bore chanters. Exquisite, Full, Rich, Dense Tone, strong harmonics & bottom D. Best balance. Tom states design based on Historic Kennedy internaly. Sparkle reminds on F.Furey chanter, Bright proud but with great warmth, depth & by far Sweetest it can be. One of the Very Best on the planet. It has all. Since it's new I am selling it for the price I paid (3140 CHF/2500 Eur), but you get Dream chanter without long wait. Photos 1,2,3 Michael DOW bellows: known as best on market. Just got them recently from NY after dreaming long time. Made in 2002. Used just few times, since owner was using his historic Rowsome set. Only very light scratch on leather, that with time will go away. I spent almoust 500 Eur for them. I can let them for 390 Eur. Together with Chanter & Bellows goes A.mandrel, HQ NEW flightcase (80 Eur), special tuner (80 Eur), humidy clock & small humidifier (free). If bought everything together as on photo 3, the price will be reduced to min. 2750 Eur.

    Tutor/reedmaking DVDs, BOOKS, CDs: D. Quinn "Piper's Despair", NPU dvd "The heart of the instrument", Allan Mooler Reedmaking CD, NPU tutor DVD Art of Uilleann Piping 1, NPU "Piper's Choice" DVD's 2 & 3, NPU Traveler Piper DVD, John Mcsherry CD Soma, Dicky Deegan CD An Phib, Todd Denmann CD Celtic Peace, Mick O'Brien CD The Ancien voice of Ireland & CD of Celtic Uilleann pipes collection. H.J.Clarke The new approach to Uilleann piping book with CD. David Quinn DVD Pipes and Pipemaking, cd's with recording of drones "Just B,C,D drones" by K. Mcnicholl, D. Stephenson "Hand Rolling" CD. Things are moustly new, nonused. You can see all on Photo 4. I spent 450 Eur for all and they can go for 330 Eur minimum. Reedmaking TOOLS & CANE: Some tools were sold already. But now I am adding also the pieces that I wanted to keep as I was attached. Cane is also still avaiable. Photo 5. Price on request. UP Materials: 2 Cocus boards for handstiched bellows & piece of HQ leather. Beck hi tech valves for blowpipes & "Moose" valve - most advanced blowpipe valve. Price for all 90 Eur. Photo 6.

    Web Camera: Logitech PRO9000 - best on the market. Bought as I wanted to have Skype lessons with Pat D'arcy, since I am isolated. Camera was used only once for few minutes & it is NEW perfect. Top choice. Price 70 Eur. Photo 7. You can read description & review on Video G. lessons : since some pipers play guitars, I wanted to mention that I have a lot of videos & books, which I bought years ago to prepare for LA Musicians Institute. But soon after buying, my life radicaly changed, so all these stayed in the box all time. Hardly I managed to watch them all once-they are as new perfect. Photo 8. Details on request.

    Reason for sale: Forced sale, moustly becouse I don't have time at all. After numerous attempts it's time to let go. No room for them in my world.

    Listed: 12/02/2010 Sold: 01/14/2011
    Price: As stated. ENQUIRY for full details. European Union prefered if possible - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ales Asenberger at »

  68. SOLD: Brian Bigley Practice Set Brand new set. Chanter is Mesquite and faux ivory. Metal is Brass. Bellows are walnut. MacHarg bag. Based on a Dave Williams Chanter.
    Listed: 11/15/2010 Sold: 01/13/2011
    Price: $1500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Brian Bigley at »

  69. SOLD: Robbie Hughes D Chanter D chanter with C key, made by Robbie Hughes, Co Down. Ebony, brass, fake ivory. Reeded by Alan Moller. It's a good solid chanter with plenty of character. I bought it new in 1999/2000 and it has served me well. It's not pristine, it's had a life - it shows a little scuffing on the cap and top ivory ring, for example. I don't play so much these days and have an alternative chanter by Colin Jerry for when I do. Sorry to see it go but these days my children are overtaking me musically and my daughter needs a pedal harp. Say no more.
    £430 - buyer pays postage and insurance. Paypal preferred, personal cheque will need to clear before shipping.
    Listed: 10/21/2010 Sold: 12/17/2010
    Price: UK£430 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Eifion Jenkins at »
    Audio Sample:

  70. SOLD: CJ Dixon B Chanter in cocobolo with 2 keys. The chanter was made by CJ Dixon in 2008 from cocobolo with blackwood mounts and brass metalwork. It has a lovely warm, rich tone. I've owned it for over a year and I've very much enjoyed playing it. I'm selling to fund another project. Last April, I sent it to CJ to change the headpiece for the "Swan Neck" design, which I find both more comfortable and better looking. CJ also added the Cnat and Fnat keys. It comes with the original reed (I changed the bridle) as well as one that I made. No issues: the chanter is in excellent condition.
    If interested, I could add a bag and bellows, at additional cost, to make this into a practice set.
    Listed: 10/09/2010 Sold: 12/19/2010
  71. Reduced: Price: $750 $700 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Pat McSweeney at »
    Audio Sample:

  72. SOLD: Seth Gallagher ¾ C Set This set was made for me this year by Seth with nickel silver and imitation ivory. The chanter (which, frankly, I'd Really like to keep) is one of the best I've ever played. Even Seth......(his own severest critic) didn't want to give it up. Wooden top with three keys (Stop,C&F). The set is in perfect nick, though the buyer will need to supply her or his own bellows as I'm keeping my Dow. Price with chanter $7500. If you're interested in the set sans chanter, please drop me a line and we'll discuss. I really love playing this set (the drones with the cane reeds are lovely), but I need to raise cash and my concert pitch set keeps me in the gig market, so..... Here is an opportunity to obtain a top class flat along with something else heretofore unheard of in the piping world..... Instant Gratification! Thank you for looking and please contact me with any questions. I will respond promptly.
    Listed: 11/18/2010 Sold: 12/16/2010
    Price: $7500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Seamus Monahan at or call: 203.558.5989 »

  73. SOLD: David Stephenson D Chanter - It is in new - unused condition. I ordered it two years ago, expecting it in one year. During that wait, I had hand surgery that went bad. I lost any ability to play that I had, and see no sign of regaining the hand dexterity. I just recieved the pipe in January 2010. It has one key plus two extra blocks. The wood is holly. It has one new-unused reed sent with the pipe. Shipping is $20 in the USA, 20 pounds in the UK. Sorry, I can't give an audio sample. I can not grasp the pipe.
    Listed: 02/23/2010 Sold: 12/14/2010
    Reduced: Price: £875 $800 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Peter Allen at - Tel: (U.K.) 44-1638526115 »

  74. SOLD: Andreas Rogge Polyacetal Practice Set - LEFT HANDED [easily converted with a new bag] - I'm selling brand new - two-months old polyacetal practice set (bag, bellows and chanter in D concert pitch) made by Andreas Rogge. The set is for left handed. The set is great, lovely sound and it is in tune. It has a screw so you can tune back D. With this set you'll get hard case with code number option for locking it. The reason for selling is that I need monay, and I feel really sad that I must sell it, but if I will buy another set sometime, it would be polyacetal Andreas Rogge set for sure, couse it's really great. Price is 550 Euros + shipping costs (I'm in Zagreb, Croatia).
    Listed: 06/28/2010 Sold: 12/14/2010
    Price: €550 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ivan Bilic at »
    Video: Here I'm playing two simple tunes that I learned in two months of playing pipes just to show you the sound. YouTube »

  75. SOLD: Neil O'Grady ½ Set - 2 year old Neil O'grady standard 1/2 set pipes in cocobolo and maple. Played maybe 3 times. Wonderful, "easy" set to play. Includes good quality plastic chanter reed and original drone reeds. No case. Pipes are in excellent condition with the exception of the crack shown in pic #5, which is on both sides of that item. Repair or replace it yourself. Huge tax bill requires that I sell the instruments I dont really play.
    Listed: 04/19/2010 Sold: 12/14/2010
    Reduced: Price: $1750 $1400 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Janet Blajan at Tel: 505 690-3011 »

  76. SOLD: Pat Sky D Practice Set Chanter bag and bellows in new condition. Selling because I'm joining the Marines and will not have time to play the pipes. Will hopefully get back into them later.
    Listed: 11/15/2010 Sold: 12/14/2010
    Price: $900 o.b.o. - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Brendon Roberts at »
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  77. SOLD: Eamonn Curren D Chanter - Hi Pat, this is a couple of photos of the chanter im looking to sell, its also on, you tube, being played under Eamonn Curran Chanter For Sale. Eamonn made it for me in 2005 and I don't use it any more, I play an ebony chanter, so I have to sell up a lot of stuff.
    Video is available on YouTube »
    Listed: 11/04/2009 Sold: 11/12/2010
    Price: €620 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Conor Day at »

  78. SOLD: Tadhg Crowley ¾ D Set - 3/4 set in D made in the 1930s by Tadhg Crowley of Cork with additional fully keyed concert pitch chanter made by Cillian O Briain.
    Having recently acquired a full set in D by Geoff Wooff, the time has come to reluctantly part with this set, which I have been playing continually for the past 10 years. The set and both chanters were completely re-reeded by Allan Moller in 2009, and sound and play wonderfully.
    This is one of the earliest Crowley sets of the several I have seen. It was originally owned by John Duibhir of Ardara, Co. Donegal. After his death in the 1980s they came into the possession of a local publican in town, from whom I bought the set in 2000 while I was living nearby in north Sligo.
    The set is made of fruitwood, stained black to appear as blackwood. The metalwork is brass (handforged keys and hand rolled ferrules) and the mounts are catalin (a type of artificial ivory that turns to orange over the years, common on Crowley sets and those of some other earlier makers).
    There have been some repairs carried out on the set over the decades, although it remains almost all original. The bottom half of the tenor drone is a replacement, made of blackwood in a style to match the rest of the set. But for this single piece, all the other wooden parts are original, and all are stamped with the maker’s mark, ‘T. Crowley, Cork’.
    The mount on the baritone drone is a replacement, made of false ivory and stained to match the originals. It has been cracked and re-glued at some point in time but is otherwise solid. One of the regulator mounts is also cracked, but airtight. A touch of super glue should further solidify it if desired, although I myself have never bothered as it does not affect the playing. Neither crack is noticeable except on close inspection. The mount on the tenor drone although different in colour than the others is original. I have seen other Crowley sets of similar vintage with this identical white tenor drone mount.
    I had a new drone shut-off switch installed by Andy Faden of Bedford, UK in 2009, and the set has an L&M bag that I had put on it several years ago.
    The original Crowley chanter (as is the case with all Crowley chanters I have ever seen) plays sharp of modern concert pitch (closer to D sharp). It is a sweet sounding chanter nonetheless with a wooden top and one high C key. Both the chanter and top bear the Crowley maker’s mark.
    The O Briain chanter I acquired from a friend around 1995, who bought it directly from Cillian during a visit to Dingle some years before that. It has 5 handforged brass keys, a brass top and scalloped toneholes. Last time I ran into Cillian a few years back he thought it was probably made around 1988. It is a one-of-a-kind prototype. It is a strong and resonant chanter that has been my main chanter for 15 years, used for gigging and recording.
    The drones and regs are set up to play in modern concert D along with the O Briain chanter. I carry the entire set in a padded tenor saxophone case, which is included with the sale.
    The entire set is in tune and beautifully balanced. I play it out at sessions every week, so it is well maintained. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a lovely vintage set of pipes that will be playing for you straight out of the box, as well as a one-of-a-kind chanter by one of today’s top makers.
    The set comes with a Michael Dow bellows.
    Asking price, €10,000 ono. Reduced: to UK£6500. The pipes are in London. The buyer will be responsible for shipping and insurance costs.
    Contact with any questions of offers.
    Listed: 07/12/2010
    Price: €10,000 ono. Reduced: to UK£6500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Rick Lines at »

  79. SOLD: Brad Angus D Full Set This set was bought in 1999 and I've recently had the chanter and drones reeded and the set made airtight. Reeds are working here in CO at altitude, dry climate. The set is made of blackwood and brass. The regulators need some work on the reeds, but overall the set plays well, particularly the chanter. As far as condition, the bellows are functional, but not as comfortable as some sets I've played. The case is a quite simple plywood box. The stock is tied up rather high on a large bag, making the regulators a bit difficult to reach, but this could be remedied by tying into a new bag. I'm selling the set because musical interests have changed and it doesn't make sense to have a set of pipes unplayed in the house. Overall, it's a beautiful set, perhaps one of Brad's earlier works, but nice nonetheless.
    Listed: 08/30/2010 SOLD: 10/22/2010

    Price: $3500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Steve Kick at or cell 720.810.1702 »

  80. SOLD: Coyne Full Set in C
    Alas, who knew that college tuition would become so expensive? Due to such things in general, the time has come to send the old Coyne set on its way.

    I have had this set for many years and have played it on and off the whole time. It was originally brought over from Ireland by a priest who first went to the Northwest, where the set sat for a while in a violin shop display case, and then came to the Bay Area when the fellow was transferred here. The set wound up with a well-known family of Bay Area Irish musicians, who eventually determined that despite pipers in the family, none took to the Uilleann pipes. The set wound up with me.

    A recent comparison with another Coyne set performed by our own Michael Hubbert, pretty well confirms that the drones and at least the tenor regulator are certainly Coyne. The baritone regulator is stamped W. Rousome, so not too much mystery there. The bass, well, no stamps or indications that Coyne did or did not make it.

    The main stock is hollow and as can be seen from the photos, was, I think, at one time, left handed. It was changed over somewhere in the murky past.

    The chanter top was made by myself to replace a completely un-original lump of brass tubing, and perhaps the ferrule under the chanter top mount as well. Other than that, it is as I got it.

    The chanter has a decent reed in it, and plays pretty well, but not particularly easily, and the drones are reeded, but a mysterious air escape makes the set hard for me to drive with the drones on. I'm sure that with a little investigation the cause could be tracked down and rectified. The regulator reeds have, typically, over the years, been given to desperate pipers and never replaced.

    Once again, the set is historic and lovely, and deserves to be restored and played. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or energy to devote to it, and higher education demands payment. I hope a suitable home for them can be found.

    They live in an old case, and the drone stop valve is a coin dated 1850.

    Listed: 10/02/2009 SOLD: 10/15/2010
    Price: Asking $12,500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John Pedersen at Tel: 415-456-0414 »

  81. SOLD: Dave Williams D Chanter - Description: Chanter by the late Dave Williams in D
    Condition: Good
    Any issues: None
    Materials: Boxwood
    Reason for sale: Recession
    Listed: 03/19/2010 SOLD: 09/28/2010
    Price: £1000GB - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Liam Hackett at »
    Audio Sample:

  82. SOLD: Patrick Sky D Chanter This is a Pat Sky chanter with a Cnat key. I ordered it directly from Pat Sky and while waiting won a Neil O'Grady chanter on eBay with 3 keys. I paid $875. plus postage. I am selling it here for $800 plus postage. I still have the original box he mailed it to me in. I ordered it in April and got it in early June. It's in brand new condition. It has sunken finger holes, perfect for getting your fingers right back in place. I like that feature alot. It is African Blackwood and imitation ivory, and brass. Pat Sky reed is included. email me any questions.
    Listed: 08/13/2010 Sold: 09/27/2010
    Price: $800 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John Red at »

  83. SOLD: Charles Roberts D ½ Set (1994) - I am the original owner, never really learned toplay them... instruments are meant to be played. Excellent condition. Chanter made from ebony with brass top piece and imitation ivory ferrules. One key, C natural key. Stock made from rosewood w/ brass. Three drones w/ brass and imitation ivory ferrules. Chanter reed and three drone reeds included. The asking price is $2100 although all reasonable offers will be considered.
    Listed: 08/04/2010 SOLD: 08/31/2010
    Price: $2100 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sam Mitchel at »

  84. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Practice Set - Delivered to me direct from Seth Gallagher’s Workshop on 12/5/2000. They now sell for $2,400.00 new and there is a 3 year waiting time. See Letter [below] from Seth Gallagher to me at time of purchase. Includes a full size hard case.
    Condition: Excellent, like new, only played approx 5 times. This is a very beautiful starter instrument.
    Any Issues: Reed will likely need some tweaking.
    Materials Made From: Chanter is turned from ebony, accented with imported synthetic ivory and brass ferules. The bellows are made from cherry with extra-heavy duty leather gusset and combined with the elk-tanned leather bag. This provides a leak-resistant air supply.
    Reason for Sale: Never learned to play and became busy with kids and work. Now I need money.
    Listed: 07/19/2010 SOLD: 08/14/2010
    Price: $1,900 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: David Langfitt at »

  85. SOLD: Marc van Daal D Chanter - This is a D Irish (Uilleann) pipe chanter made of ebony with silver plated metalwork by Marc van Daal in August 2008. The mounts are turned of the same ebony block. The chanter has two keys: C natural and F natural.
    The chanter comes with the two original Marc van Daal reeds. You can listen to this chanter on this video: YouTube
    If you are interested I have a D drone set on sale as well (see the video).
    I played this chanter about handful of times on stage with my band: the chanter and reeds are practically in its original condition.
    I payed €860 for the chanter two years ago, I am willing to sell the chanter for €650 + postage (about €30).
    In the meantime I play nearly exclusively my flat pitch chanters and I do not need more than one D chanter any more. I am selling a couple of my other chanters as well to reduce my chanter arsenal.
    Listed: 08/02/2010 SOLD: 08/04/2010
    Price: €650 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Miklos Nemeth at »

  86. SOLD: Paolo Soprani Jubilee Grey C#/D Accordion - Beautiful three voice (MMM) C#/D button accordion made in 2007, in excellent condition. This is one of the re-issues Sean Garvey at helped develop.
    Incredibly fast fingerboard. John Brosnan lightened the action and sweetened the tuning.
    In classic grey with red bellows. This box is completely airtight and in fantastic condition.
    The only minor mark is from the strap under the fingerboard on the aluminium plate.
    I paid €1800 ($2440 at the time) for it in April 2009 so I will consider reasonable offers around that amount. Box will be shipped from California.
    Comes with hard case and brand new top quality strap.
    This is a magnificent box that deserves to be played.
    Listed: 02/23/2010 Sold: 07/01/2010
    Price: Reasonable Offers Considered - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Patrick D'Arcy at »

  87. SOLD: Martin Preshaw Full C Set - Full set of C Pipes with case by Martin Preshaw in excellent condition. Six months old and as new condition and playing beautifully. Pipes are in ebony, false ivory and stainless steel and have a lovely classic look to them. Chanter has 4 keys. Selling as need to raise cash for further study. Am asking UK £5,500
    Listed: 03/22/2010 Sold: 05/13/2010
    Price: UK £5,500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John McCormack at »

  88. SOLD: Mick Wilkins B Full Set - Full set of pipes pitched in B made in boxwood by Mick Wilkins in 1982. All parts work, the chanter is excellent, but the set in general needs attention as I suspect leaks...hence, they can go to a new owner for £1500 as I just don't have room for them in my very cluttered world.
    Listed: 06/09/2010 Sold: 06/14/2010
    Price: £1500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Troy Donockley at »
    Audio Sample:

  89. SOLD: Michael Burke Low D "Viper" Whistle - Tunable with rotating bottom finger hole for easy reach. Back Thumbhole which provides perfect 'C natural'.
    For full description and sound clip, see link
    Approximately 18 months old.
    Asking price: $210 ($315 new incl. the thumbhole) Listed: 04/21/2010 Sold: 06/05/2010
    Price: $210 - [seller pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Daire Doolin at »

  90. SOLD: Kerry Pro Low D Whistle - D low-whistle made by Phil Hardy from an aluminium alloy in 2006. It is the « Kerrywhistles » tunable model : « kerrypro D ». This model is used by musicians like Michael McGoldrick, with a both fitness and powerfull sound, you can pass from the first octave to the second effortless. Good condition (I'm selling because I need to buy another pipe chanter).
    Listed: 03/22/2010 Sold: 06/05/2010
    Price: €200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Neven Kernaudour at »

  91. SOLD: Hughes & McLeod Practice Set - I'm selling a Hughes and McLeod practice set in concert D, made in Co. Down, Northern Ireland. Please see my eBay listing at: EBAY This set was made some time in the 1990s, I believe. All parts of the set are in good, playable condition, showing normal cosmetic wear. Great tone, and plays easily and in tune across both octaves. This is an ideal set for a beginner or advancing piper who wants an authentic, serious instrument, not a cheap and frustrating knockoff made in Pakistan. The chanter is turned of blackwood, with brass fittings, brass head joint, and faux ivory trim rings. Stamped “HUGHES & McLEOD. DOWNPATRICK” - The one brass key on the chanter, the long C-natural, is block-mounted. The reed is brand new, custom-made and voiced by pipemaker Brad Angus. Bag is cowhide, covered with burgundy velvet, trimmed in gold fringe. Fittings are of turned blackwood and brass. The bag seems to be airtight, with no leaks. The bellows is stoutly made of heavy black cowhide. I was told it was actually made by the late Dave Williams, but there are no markings to confirm this. Bellows also seems to be airtight. Price: Opening bid is US$675.00, plus $25 for shipping via USPS. Additional photos are available. Feel free to email questions to me at
    Listed: 12/14/2009 Sold: 06/03/2010
    Price: Opening bid is US$675.00, plus $25 for shipping via USPS Currency Converter »
    Contact: Mark Morris at »

  92. SOLD: Kirk Lynch D Chanter - Up for sale is a brand new concert D chanter crafted by the great Kirk Lynch. It is crafted from ebony wood with beautiful boxwood mounts. Also has a brass reed cap with old-style swan neck attachment and two keys for G# and Fnat. The tone of the chanter is dark and earthy with strong volume. The playing pressure and volume can be adjusted based on how you set up the reed.
    The chanter is about two months old and is essentially un-played. I am selling it because I have another D chanter now that matches my half set and need to liquidate extras to fund a C chanter and regulators. The chanter comes with two reeds from Kirk, both voiced for a warm tone. Kirk’s pipes are in high demand—this is a great opportunity to get a professional chanter without the two year wait!
    *** This would be a great addition to the chanter-less Lynch half set also listed here from Zac Leger.
    Listed: 04/06/2010 Sold: 06/02/2010
    Price: $1475 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Nathan Fox at »

  93. SOLD: Mahogany Pipes Case - I'm selling a gorgeous pipe case from Tim Britton. It is about a year old and is made of lovely dovetailed mahogany and is lined with 1/4" foam covered in black velvet. The condition is good, but has some scuffing on the exterior and a few punctures in the foam--just minor cosmetic stuff. The case came with a set of pipes I recently purchased, however, I've decided to stick with my old case. It's sturdy and beautiful, but I just don't need two cases. It will hold up to a full concert set with some extra room for a whistle or two. The interior dimensions are: 28" x 10" x 4"
    These cases are $140 new. I am asking $100. Sorry, I don't have an audio sample of the case : ) I also have an extra blowpipe tenon in rosewood with leather valve and a couple pieces of blowpipe material if anyone needs it. The OD of the tenon is about 9/16", but could be beefed up with more hemp if needed. One blowpipe piece is 8", the other is about 5.25". There is a leather sleeve for the smaller one. See pics.
    Listed: 02/23/2010 Sold: 06/02/2010
    Price: $100 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Nathan Fox at »

  94. SOLD: David Daye D Drones & Bellows - David Daye concert pitch drones and bellows. Drones and bellows are both in good working order. I played these components for about 9 months before getting a flat set. I’m selling the set because I’m moving and can’t take the pipes with me. This offer includes a second set of synthetic drone reeds. This offer does not include bag or case.
    Listed: 05/24/2010 Sold: 05/27/2010
    Price: $400 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Daniel Smith at »

  95. SOLD: Nick Whitmer D Practice Set - Condition: Excellent. Plays nicely in tune in both octaves.
    Issues: None
    Materials the item is made from: Blackwood. Bag is newish L&M with stocks by Seth Gallagher. Bellows are heavy duty, top-of-the-line. Nice mountain dulcimer case and H.J. Clarke tutor, and extra chanter reed included.
    Reason for sale: Focusing on zouk/flute (is that focusing??)
    Listed: 03/24/2010 Sold: 05/19/2010
    Price: $1150 - [inc. USPS priority shipping to the lower 48 and Canada] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Scott Estes at »
    Audio Sample: D drone recording by K. McNichol - 1 | 2

  96. SOLD: Wilkinson-McCarthey Full D Set - I've decided to part with this set. Although I have not had them long, they are a good sounding and playing set. The set was built in London around 1975. It is in great condition and has just recently been tuned up- regulators and drones have been fitted with synthetic reeds made by Childress: Drones: 3 drones featuring a shuttle-type baritone drone- the turns in the pipe are internal, making for a more compact and elegant looking set. Regulators: 3 regulators with straight-type baritone. Chanter: The reed cap with stop key is original to the set, but the chanter has been remade by Childress. Apparently an original ODowd chanter was so badly modified at some point that it was unrepairable. Childress used the original specs, keys and mountings and created a chanter to fit, making it unique. The entire set is blackwood, with brass and mounted in real ivory. What type of ivory I'm not exactly sure: the very apparent schreger lines are greater than 90 degrees but less than 115. However, judging by the pattern and density of the lines- I would say its real elephant ivory. But because the set was manufactured around 1975, it is legal for export and sale since that is well before the 1989 ivory ban. Bellows are air tight and have a comfortable suede pad and long waist strap. I have higher resolution pics I can send upon request. Asking $5,000
    Listed: 03/10/2010 Sold: 04/20/2010
    Price: $5000 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Adam Hartley at »

  97. SOLD: Kirk Lynch D ½ Set - No Chanter - Great condition. Half set made by Kirk Lynch in 1991, sans chanter. Main stock is walnut with ebony drones. All metal parts are brass. It has served me well over the ten years I have had it. I won a gold medal in the 2003 Mid-Atlantic Fleadh here in the states and took a third in the All-Ireland senior piping competition with it the same year. I play trad music professionally and have used this set on stage and on tour with the likes of Eileen Ivers, Celtic Crossroads, Glen Road, Jamie Laval, Niamh Parsons, John Doyle, the Irish dance show Emerald Beat and on over a dozen recordings. However, I have a new full set coming very soon, so I must sadly part with my old friend in order to procure funds. This set has just been completely refurbished and cleaned up by master wooden flute maker and instrument restorer Jon C. All metal ferrules and parts have been thoroughly cleaned and polished, re-corked and many of the wooden parts rebuffed and refinished. A new blowpipe of very durable, thick black rubber was added which should last for many years. The bellows valve was replaced and completely new, very comfortable arm and waist pads covered with real black leather have been added to the bellows as well. There is no longer a leather flapper valve in the bag at the base of the blowpipe. Instead I use a garden-hose quick-connect system to attach the bellows and blowpipes together, with a LittleMac highland pipe valve fitted into the male piece of the quick-connect. This makes the set very easy to take apart and connect and very efficient with no need to replace leather valves in the set (no annoying "groaning" noises from settling valves, either). The drones use Kirk's brass and plastic composite reeds and they sound great. I never used the baritone drone as I don't really care for the sound of all three drones going, but I will include all three reeds with the set. A few nicks and dings here and there, but I have had it for ten years and it is in as good of shape as ever.
    Listed: 02/01/2010 Sold: 04/18/2010
    Price: $1700 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Zac Leger at »

  98. SOLD: Brad Angus B Full Set - They are ebony and art. Ivory with brass metal work. The bellows and bag are stitched. The pipes are currently located in Denver, Colorado.
    Listed: 03/01/2010 Sold: 04/05/2010
    Price: Serious Enquiries Only Please - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michael Grealy at »

  99. SOLD: Michael Vignoles Practice Set - Beautiful Irish Uilleann Pipes Practice Set made for me by Michael Vignoles in Galway Ireland. The chanter was custom ordered in Blackwood and fully keyed for chromatic playing in all scales. In addition, it has a stop key on the chanter top and Nickel Silver works to give it lasting beauty to the eye as well as the ear. The buyer of this set will also get a copy of H.J. Clark's Uilleann Piping book and a second, new reed made by Mr. Vignoles and matched to the chanter. I am letting this go only because my time has become more limited and I've had to narrow my interests a bit. I still play Sax, Clarinet, and Hurdy, but just don't have the time to devote to this beautiful instrument. Mr Vignoles's pipes can be heard on Youtube. I've attached a link for one of his practice sets playing the theme from Titanic. Absolutely mesmerizing! I'm listing it at $1299.00 - It cost me 1500.00 last year.
    Listed: 02/17/2010 Sold: 03/12/2010
    Price: $1299 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jay Greenberg at »
    Video: YouTube

  100. SOLD: Joe Kennedy C Chanter - It is about three years old and made of ebony, with brass and boxwood mounts. Also, it has a C and F key as well and comes with two reeds made by Joe. It is in overall great conditon and there are no issues playability wise. When I bought this chanter from Joe he informed me there was a small crack on the boxwood mount at the bottom (see pic) that he would replace for free. Since I was planning on completing this chanter with drones and regs, I just kept it. Anyway, I can have him replace it before sending this chanter to a buyer. Also, the buyer of this chanter can also have my place on his queue (about 1 1/2 to 2 years to go- his current wait I believe is about 6 yrs. now). The reason I'm selling this chanter is due to a cut back at work (I live in Michigan you know!).
    Listed: 02/17/2010 Sold: 02/28/2010
    Price: $1550 o.b.o. - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Steve Hill at »

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