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  1. SOLD: Martin Carrigan D ½ Set - Half Set of pipes for sale, made by Martin Carrigan of Kilkenny. Sale price €1,300 and case included. Chanter has 3 keys C, B flat and F natural. Martin's pipes are based on the wide bore Leo Rowsome sets and have a similar sound to the Leo Rowsome chanter. They play themselves, been played and just all tested by Eamonn Curran last week, great buy. Based in Cavan Town, Ireland. Also have a Charles Roberts practice set for sale.
    Listed: 02/17/2010 Sold: 02/24/2010
    Price: €1,300 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Kavan Donohoe at Tel: 086-234-2270 »

  2. SOLD: Nick Whitmer C ½ Set In blackwood and brass. Chanter has a 1 key (C) and extra reed. Condition: Excellent. Bag is nearly new. Bellows are airtight.
    Issues: none.
    Reason for sale; still too much stuff.
    Listed: 09/28/2009 Sold: 01/24/2010
    Price: $2200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Scott Estes at for more info such as payment options, etc. »
    Audio Sample:

  3. SOLD: Andreas Rogge D Chanter - Great D chanter for sale. Chanter is attractive Plumwood and Boxwood mounts & brass metal parts. All 4 keys ( F, G#, Bb & C key) with wooden top. Realy nice sound-vibrant, atracctive, warm tone & the tuning is just excellent. Andreas made Great reed for this chanter realy. I got chanter in December 2008 and it is in Mint perfect New condition as when I received it. I played it only for practicing, which was sadly not enought often becouse of many family obligations. I got great compliments from Mickey Dunne and others who tried it, so it's truly nice opurtunity for someone to immediately acquire a high specification & totaly nice stick from world known and appreciated maker. I'm asking the price which Andreas currently charges, but on offer here without long wait. I am forced to sell this chanter Urgently, becouse of hard recent economic problems. I have another one keyles chanter for practising and I just can't afford two now. I necessarily need money for paying my Narrowish bored chanter which is coming in 2010 and paying a spot-deposit for Flat chanter urgently. All interested please contact me. I will be glad to answer anything more.
    Listed: 12/10/2009 Sold: 01/13/2010
    Price: €1,370 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ales Asenberger at »

  4. SOLD: B.C. Childress D Full Set - Full set of Childress uilleann pipes, concert pitch, made in 1999. They have been nothing short of a workhorse. They have a Taylor style folded bass regulator, wood faced bass drone puck, deluxe mounts and ferrules - blackwood with stag antler and brass.
    Everything functioning and buzzing along. Drones have B.C.'s synthetic reeds - all going very consistently with no problems at all. Chanter playing nicely also. Back around 2000 Tim Britton did some bending on the keys to make them more ergonomic but other than that they are as they came 10 years ago.
    Set has the usual wear and tear - one fixed reg mount on tenor (glued and pinned by BC back probably 5 years ago - but not noticeable and never cracked again... cracked the first time by the key getting snagged in my sleeve - DOH!) but nothing really major. In fact, that may have been one of the two only times the set needed servicing by B.C. - and it is played in sessions, in rehearsals, or on stage constantly so it most definitely has many rewarding hours under its belt.
    Listed: 12/10/2009 Sold: 01/05/2010
    Price: $5,000 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John Maze at »

  5. SOLD: Brad Angus B Full Set - Full set in B. Ebony and brass with boxwood mounts built on spec. $7,260.00. Interested parties can contact me at
    Listed: 01/05/2009 Sold: 12/20/2009
    Price: $7,260 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Brad Angus at »

  6. SOLD: Seth Gallagher Practice Set - 2004 Seth Gallagher Starter Set - This is an absolutely like new starter set made by Seth, and is ready to play. I bought this set in early 2004 but only got them out maybe five times. Brass metalwork. I am selling because my wife and I are strapped into a huge mortgage and must liquidate all things of value. I am a GHB player and will keep my Naill's, but the dream of uilleann playing will have to wait. All is completely in AS NEW condition!
    Listed: 12/28/2009 Sold: 01/01/2010
    Price: $2100 o.b.o. - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Paul Dunn at »

  7. SOLD: Andreas Rogge B Flat Chanter - Andreas Rogge Bb chanter made for me in early 2008 . Made from ebony and brass with boxwood mounts . Rogge reeded and tuned , it has one key made from brass . Perfect condition. Spare reed included. I am selling this chanter because I needed it a lot for a band I played with , but the project ended , and I would like to finance to go towards a C set of pipes. Photo and sound clip on request from
    Listed: 12/21/2009 Sold: 12/31/2009
    Price: €1200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Brendan Wade at »

  8. SOLD: Leo Rowsome Full Set in D
    Sadly, the time has come to send th' old Rowsomes on their next journey. I have owned this set for probably fifteen years, having bought the set from the niece of Pat O'Neill. I played it often and always could feel the connections. When working, the set had the most beautiful tone and feel. The set is not currently reeded up, as the reeds have been given away, one by one, to desperate pipers.

    The set plays most comfortably, with the reeds that were in it, a little sharp of D, but several other reed makers have assured me that it could be brought down. I never got into it that far.

    The set was owned by Pat O'Neill, who was a very influential musician in San Francisco, and was bought from Leo Rowsome to replace his O'Meally set. His niece believes that it was sometime in the 1950's. Ted Anderson relates that Pat told him that it was a set that Leo had been playing himself for quite a while, and Pat bought it used to avoid the delay of having a new set made. Possibly the set is from the 40's sometime. In construction, I believe it is very similar to the set played by Liam O'Flynn.

    There is a new bag on it, and all the pieces are original with the exception of the ivory ring closest to the cup, which was fragmented and missing pieces, that piece is faux ivory, as I was fresh out of tusk. I believe that the bag cover is the one supplied by Rowsome, as is the case.

    There are some ancient repairs that would be nice to have redone, but I never got around to doing them.

    This is a historic and beautiful set, and it deserves to be restored and played.

    Pat O'neill's niece sold the set to me to provide college tuition for her son, and we agreed that it is only fitting that I have to sell it for the same reason.

    Pat was one of the very few pipers who continued playing on the west coast, and he influenced and encouraged many musicians, Denis Brooks among them.

    Additional high-resolution photos are available.

    Listed: 10/02/2009 Sold: 11/07/2009
    Price: Asking $20,000 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John Pedersen at Tel: 415-456-0414 »

  9. SOLD: Pedersen D ½ Set - I am selling a half-set built by John Pedersen of San Anselmo, CA in 1997, and masterfully modified by Tim Britton in 2001. The chanter and drones are made of ebony, with some very nice figuring on the chanter visible in the photos below. The chanter features C natural, F natural, and G sharp keys. The bellows and main stock are made of cherry. The bellows feature a beautiful Irish entwined serpent relief carving. The set is airtight with very smooth and quiet operation. I am selling the pipes because they are not my primary instrument and I no longer have sufficient time to devote to practicing them. They are in perfect working condition and have never had any problems other than normal reed problems associated with fluctuations in humidity. I am not a professional piper, but I have used the set for several professional recordings (two of them on Word Records) as well as for live performances at festivals, variety shows, and informal pub sessions. The demo sound sample here features this set and was recorded direct to digital with no editing or other post-production enhancements. The pipes enter at 1:33.
    In 2001 I had Tim Britton modify the pipes. Tim re-positioned the back D hole (see detail in photo). He did not use filler material to do this, but precisely filled in the old hole with another piece of ebony and then re-drilled. He also adjusted the taper of the bore within the chanter itself, modified the keys of the chanter to enhance ease of use, and made new reeds for the chanter and drones. Needless to say I was very pleased with Tim's work.
    I have never been much of a reedsmith, so I have pretty much stuck with the chanter reed Tim made for me. It is quite stable within normal humidity range, but the back D gets a little weak if it gets too dry. I have not played a ton of different pipe sets, but of all that I have played this one is by far the finest.
    Listed: 11/17/2009 Sold: 12/08/2009
    Price: $2000 (negotiable) - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Brad Almond at »
    Audio Sample:

  10. SOLD: B.C. Childress D Full Set Set - Bruce (BC) Childress Full Set in D - African blackwood, brass, imitation ivory, standard aesthetic appointments, chanter stop key. Chanter keys: F-nat., C-nat., B-flat, G-sharp. An aluminum shell case is included. The set started out as a practice set in 2000 and was gradually upgraded to a full set by October, 2003.
    I am selling this set on behalf of a client who has hit upon hard times. I am not making a dime on this. All inquiries are to be directed to me, via the contact info provided. This set is in near-perfect condition, aside from normal brass tarnishing, and some finish wear on the backside of the main-stock. I have tuned it up, and will give it it's final tweaks before shipment. This set will be backed, as I back up all my sets.
    Listed: 11/17/2009 Sold: 11/28/2009
    Price: $5900 (negotiable) - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: B.C. Childress at Tel: (207)985-2942 »
    Audio Sample:

  11. SOLD: Neil O'Grady D Chanter - For sale a Neil O'Grady concert chanter in cocobolo, maple mounts, and brass. It has 3 keys: C natural, Bb, and F natural. I bought this chanter about 6 months ago. It came with no reed. I reeded it myself. I personally play a Neil O'Grady full set and make my own chanter reeds, so I knew when I bought it that I could probably reed it.
    While I like the sound of Neil's chanters (with the right reed in it), I don't like his extra large mounts. So I personally ground and sanded by hand the mounts in order to make it look more ascetically normal. Also, Neil makes his chanters with a large thumb rest. I ground and sanded down the thumb rest as well, making the grip like any other normal Uilleann chanter. (I did all this to my own chanter years ago). Please see the pictures below of what this chanter now looks like.
    The chanter is well in tune and has good tone. The back D hole was enlarged a bit by Bruce Childress this past August at the Piper's Gathering in Vermont. It has helped to stabilize the back D note very well. However, other than the cosmetic work and Bruce opening the back D, there has been no other alterations.
    The reed is very stable, and has been for the past 4 months since I made it (hard D, solid back D, and even the third octave D). The chanter sings and is fun to play. Please check out the sound clips. The first sound file is of Tim Benson playing the chanter back in August at the Piper's Gathering in Vermont ( 55% humidity and higher). (Thanks Tim!). It was recorded in a room with a lot of echo. The second file is of myself playing the chanter a few days ago here in California (30% humidity). Both sound files are rough, on the spot, recordings made with a little Sansa Clip MP3 player.
    I bought the chanter 6 months ago with the idea of reeding it and selling it, but am only getting around to selling it now because it played so well. For a while, I thought about keeping it but finally decided I don't need two Neil O'Grady chanters.
    I am more than willing to to do Paypal or take a cashier's check/money order. I will ship anywhere in the world - buyer to pay shipping.
    Listed: 10/21/2009 Sold: 11/11/09
    Price: $700 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Joseph Sampson at Tel: 661-477-5746 »
    Audio: 1 | 1

  12. SOLD: Geoff Wooff Full Set in D - (includes C chanter) - These pipes were made for me by Geoff Wooff in African Blackwood, Ivory and brass when he was living at Port Fairy Australia in 1981. The pipes have not been played in recent years as I was leaving them for my retirement but with the kids at College and an interest in violin making its time to pass this set on to someone who will do them justice.
    I have communicated with Geoff and he indicated that the drones and the regulators are pretty much the the same as he makes today however Geoff has made some great inroads with the narrow bore chanter developing a sweeter sounding chanter. A new reed will have to be acquired for the chanter, my reed making skills are lacking with suitable cane at the moment. The chanter has 3 keys and has a strong sound and would be ideal for session playing. Also included is a C chanter with one key and provision for another 2 keys. This C chanter could be sold separately if required.
    The pipes would benefit from a service as they have not seen the light of day for 20 years. The set still appears to be airtight and the drones are working perfectally. The regulators will need some work, one of the key springs has broken and some reeds will need to be replaced. One of the ivory drone ferrules has some chipping around the edge as shown in the photo, this is minor.
    This is a chance to acquire a set from a very sought after maker, I am offering the pipes to help finance my son's education and to pursue my interest in violin making.
    Asking price is $10,000 AUD Australian Dollars, (6,200.00 euro - $9,000.00 USD) Buyer to pay postage and insurance.
    Listed: 11/02/2009 Sold: 11/04/2009
    Price: $10,000 AUD Australian Dollars, (€6,200.00 euro - $9,000.00 USD) - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bill Yarwood at »

  13. SOLD: Joe Kennedy Bellows & pipe bag for sale. Tim Benson Chanter top with stop key for sale.
    Bellows made in 2000. Re-leathered in March and are playing very well. I added new belts, hip and elbow cochins. These bellows are small, but sturdy and air tight. Ideal for a smaller player.
    Bag was received in March. It is a small bag, but feels comfortable and plays very well. The main stock has already been cut and is more suited for a player who likes to have their pipes lower like Emmitt Gill or Jerry O'Sullivan. The neck has been cut back to 6 inches so a swan neck chanter top would be the best for regulator playing. If you don't play regulators then this doesn't matter.
    Beautiful chanter top with stop key (plunger style). Ebony, boxwood and brass. Made back in March 2008 by Tim and Stephanie Benson.
    Bellows $300 cdn, Bag $175 cdn, Chanter Top with stop key $300 cdn or all three items for $700 cdn. Will ship anywhere, but buyer pays shipping.
    Listed: 09/28/2009 Sold: 11/01/2009
    Price: Bellows $300 cdn, Bag $175 cdn, Chanter Top with stop key $300 cdn or all three items for $700 cdn. - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jeremy Keddy at Tel: 647-618-0584 »

  14. SOLD: Hunter D Palosanto Chanter - This Hunter Palosanto Concert D (no keys) is a great playing instrument. It has been around the world /exposed to many different kinds of climates (UK, Ireland, California, St. Louis, Miami, and back again to the UK) and has held up very well.
    Sam Lawrence of Hunter Pipes (UK) has it in his possession as of now. He has inspected the chanter thoroughly. It is in great playing condition, and ready for sale.
    As one can hear from the tone and it's performance, there is no wonder why these instruments do not come up for sale more often.
    Listed: 10/21/2009 Sold: 10/21/2009
    Price: $900 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: K. Pádraig O'Kane at »
    Audio: In U.S. | In U.K.

  15. SOLD: Benson Practice Set - This is a starter set from Tim and Stephanie Benson (Cornelius and Benson) with Mexican cocobolo starter chanter with brass top and ferrule.
    Condition: It is pretty much brand new. I tried playing them a few times. Really, all that needs done to make them in the condition in which I purchased them is a little polishing of the brass. I bought these about a year and a half ago.
    Any issues: I don't know of any issues, but I have never really played them.
    Materials the item is made from - please see above for the chanter. I am not sure what the bellows are made of, but they were purchased from Cornelius and Benson, so I am guessing that they are their standard starter set materials as noted on their website.
    Reason for sale: I honestly never got around to learning to play these. I started with Irish fiddle and pipes at the same time. I really became interested in the fiddle and have decided to devote my time to that rather than to the pipes. I would like someone to get some good use out of these as I do think they are quite nice and well made.
    A reed is included. It is the same one that was fitted for these by the maker. I paid 950.00 for these, but am asking $675.00. I will most likely send these via USPS and will include insurance, delivery confirmation and signing upon delivery. I will pay the shipping and handling, but I can only send to the US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). If you choose to buy this an are living internationally, you will have to pay actual shipping and handling costs aong with any other associated fees.
    This is basically the "starter set" seen on Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer them as best I can.
    Listed: 10/13/2009 Sold: 10/14/2009
    Price: Asking $675 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michael Meehan at »

  16. SOLD: Richard Patkos ½ Set Brand new half set made of curly mapple and brass, in concert pitch. As it is new, it is in excellent condition. The reeds are easy. I've made it to fulfill an order one and half months ago but the buyer still hasen't contacted me. This instrument is ready to play!
    Listed: 09/17/2009 Sold: 10/08/2009
    Price: €1200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Richard Patkos at »
    Audio Sample: Halfset | Drones | Chanter | Halfset Slow Air

  17. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D ½ Set - I am finally getting around to putting up for sale my 1/2 set in D made by Seth Gallagher. They are ebony with brass and "ivory" fittings, no keys but blocked to accept them at a later point. The chanter was purchased in 1998 and the drones two years later. I have not polished the brass, so they have the patina of an old set of pipes. Otherwise they are in excellent condition and all the reeds are working (but the bass drone reed needs some tweaking). I am selling them because I have decided to concentrate on my flute playing and the funds will be used to travel to Ireland. Seth has a current waiting time of 2.5 years and a new 1/2 set will cost 4975 without the case. I am asking $3500 and that includes the case. Buyer pays for shipping and insurance. I am willing to travel up to 150 miles from central Connecticut if a serious buyer wants to try the pipes first.
    Listed: 05/04/2009 Sold: 05/14/2009
    Price: $3500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Will O'Hare at »

  18. SOLD: Eugene Lambe D Drones - with nice, heavy-duty bag and stocks.
    Condition: good. The drones are playing well, and bag is airtight, in spite of issue described below.
    Any issues: blowpipe stock turns in bag, but is not noticeably leaking.
    Materials the item is made from: blackwood.
    Reason for sale: too much stuff...
    Listed: 07/24/2009 Sold: 09/15/2009
    Price: $1350 USPS priority shipping included to lower 48 and Canada. Currency Converter »
    Contact: Scott Estes at »

  19. SOLD: Richard Patkos D Chanter - This is a new Patkos (own made) narrow bore concert pitch chanter. Materials are ebony, hungarian boxwood, and brass. I made the reed for this chanter especially, I've set it up about 2 months ago. The chanter have four keys. It has wooden chanter top. The price is 800 euro.
    Listed: 04/28/2009 Sold: 09/15/2009
    Price: €800 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Richard Patkos at »
    Audio Sample:

  20. SOLD: Kirk Lynch D Practice Set I am selling my Kirk Lynch practice set as have not played in years and never gave them the time they deserved. Bought them from Michael Eskin in around 2002. They've recently been played by a piper in West Cork and he says they're playing well. Have been kept well, have the same reed they came with. Ebony with rosewood and brass fittings. Am based in Ireland and am asking 1200 euros.
    Listed: 06/16/2009 Sold: 09/15/2009
    Price: €1200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Katy Salvidge at »

  21. SOLD: Brendan Ring D ½ Set D chanter made by Brendan Ring with a C key and a stop key. Reed and bag by Didier Heuline. It is sold with a transport case.
    Condition: Pipe is in good condition. Chanter has a small, microcrack on the top of the chanter, on the ivory. This very small crack does not affect the functioning of the chanter at all. The bag/stocks are fairly new. It is regularly taken care of by Didier Heuline and Alain Froment and the three drones have three reeds made by Alain Froment. There is a very nice bellow which is in walnut burl and has some drawings on it. Any issues: The halfset is in France but can be send anywhere.
    Materials: Chanter and drone are in ebeny and brass.
    Reason for sale: I'm buying a full set from Didier Heuline. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions. It is sold with another reed.
    Listed: 07/20/2009 Sold: 09/15/2009
    Price: €3500 or best offer - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sébastien Audouard at »

  22. SOLD: Richard Patkos D Drones - Brand New! This is a beautiful own made drone set. Materials are plum, boxwood and brass with walnut main stock. The reeds made from cane body with plastic tongue. Easy to play with it and have stabil sound. The asking price is 700 euro. I can send it immediately.
    Listed: 03/24/2009 Sold: 08/20/2008
    Price: €700 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Richi at »

  23. SOLD: Coyne B Set in Boxwood - Considering selling a Coyne set in boxwood/brass/ivory that was left following the passing of a friend, now it's for sale. I am told the set is circa 1800 to 1840.
    The set was garnered in pieces from Matt Kiernan, many years ago and was not in running order. The set was refurbished by Geoff Woof quite a few years ago. As the bass reg was missing Mr. Wooff made a new one. Additionally he made a new mainstock. the set is pitched 25 cents sharp of B. The chanter has over the last couple hundred years or so been mucked about with. Mr. Wooff, re-lined the chanter holes, now the chanter is very sweet and plays very well. The instrument has a soft tone, very typical of a flat set and i'm not too happy to part with it, but fiscal responsibilities require action i'm afraid.
    Comes with case, old wooden box, chanter cover, all reeds as well as a Michael Burke B (+25 cents) whislte. No bellows! Set's fully going. Would prefer it be played.
    Included is a sound sample. Forgive my meager playing, The Four Courts of Dublin into The Beauty Spot, as taught to me by Tomas Standeven. i also somewhat brutally try and run up the scale at the end. I don't play this chanter on a regular basis, so the fingering's a bit dodgey, it's a great sounding chanter imo, certainly could be tweaked and rushed by someone who knows what they are doing.
    Some history on the set: I only know what I've been told! I recieved the instrument as part of Standeven's estate. As one of his last students he left me this set as well as his flute, which I cherish, which was picked out for him by Eddie Cahill. The flute's not for sale, not worth much and I treasure it more than the set in question. "At any rate", Standeven got the parts from Matt Keirnan in the 60's as he described, he eventually sent it off to Geoff Wooff who was, as I was told, in Australia at the time, probably the 1970's. Whereupon he restored them and added the bass reg as it had gone missing, somewhere along the line. He certainly replaced some of the ivory mounts, though some of the originals, to my mind remain. I'll post shots of all the parts in a few days, am taking the set to the Pipers Gathering, in Vermont if anyone's around. Hope to have Benedict Kohler, fine tune them.
    Listed: 08/10/2009 Sold: 08/18/2009
    Price: All Reasonable Offers Considerred (buyer to pay shipping and insurance) Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bil McKenty at »
    Audio Sample:

  24. SOLD: Martin Preshaw D Practice Set - with C Nat. key. Ebony with brass and boxwood mounts. Not sure who made the reeds - I have two of them, one rather mellow, the other louder, bolder. Chanter has good tone and everything (chanter, bag and bellows) is in good condition but it could stand to have a new reed made for it. I am trying to thin out my herd of musical instruments - just too many fiddles, guitars, pipes and etc... to choose from, and I am not playing these pipes as much as they deserve to be played. Asking price is $1200US (buyer to pay shipping and insurance) Would prefer payment via PayPal.
    Listed: 08/06/2009 Sold: 08/18/2009
    Price: $1200 USPS (buyer to pay shipping and insurance) Preferably via PayPal. Currency Converter »
    Contact: Krister at »

  25. SOLD: David Boisvert C ½ Set - Purchased used with some updates and normal maintenance performed by the maker prior to delivery. The set is made from Curly Lemonwood aka Castella Boxwood, with brass ferrules and imitation ivory mounts. The chanter is keyless but has blocks. There is a 4th "A" drone w/ a stopper. The mainstock is hollow and the drone reeds are composite with brass bodies and cane tongues. There are two chanter reeds and a hardshell case. The set includes the original bellows as well as a set by CJ Dixon. The photos of course show the brass patina but I can polish that if the buyer wishes. The set has been well-kept with only a small amount of thread added to the tenons over the cold winter. This is a sweet sounding, well-balanced flat set with the classic maker look and tone. Price: $2500, buyer to pay shipping and insurance.
    This is a great set but I've decided that I'd like to go down in pitch to a B set.
    Listed: 04/16/2009 Bold: 08/01/2009
    Price: $2500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Corin Meehan at »

  26. SOLD: Chris Bayley D Chanter Concert D chanter by Chris Bayley. Ebony and Brass and imitation ivory, C key, wooden chanter top, long blocked taylor style. There are four reeds, one is unscraped (the reeds have never worked very well but it is very dry here Lanzarote, I haven't messed with them). I bought this with Bayley barrell style drones and am using the drones with the chanter I learned on and am more comfortable with. I would hope this would go to some one who will play it rather than sit in my case.
    Listed: 07/20/2009 Sold: 08/10/2009
    Price: €375 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Patrick Dunn at »

  27. SOLD: Bruce Childress D Practice Set Concert D chanter made by Bruce Childress with three keys and a stop key. Newish L&M bag with stocks by Seth Gallagher. Bellows made by Brad Angus. Tutorial book by Heather Clarke.
    Condition: Chanter is in excellent condition. It does have a small, microcrack in the very thin wood at the bottom of the chanter. It has had a thin film of epoxy applied and is not changing/moving/growing. This very small crack does not affect the functioning of the chanter at all. The bag/stocks are fairly new. The blowpipe stock is turning in the bag, but I cannot detect any significant leak there. I can retie it if preferred, but the bag is fully functional as is. The bellows are in fair condition. The intake valve has a repaired crack and is functioning well. The bellows are leaky, but provide more than enough power for this practice set.
    Any issues: see above.
    Materials: Chanter is cocobollo with boxwood mounts and brass.
    Reason for sale: I have too many sets/chanters...
    Will accept Paypal or other certified funds. Check Bruce's website for the cost of this chanter new. A new bag with stocks from Seth is $200 plus shipping. I am including the bellows as a throw in, although they are fully functional.
    Listed: 07/07/2009 Sold: 07/24/2009
    Price: $1150 or best offer [including USPS Priority shipping to Canada or the lower 48. Shipping elsewhere to be paid by buyer.] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Scott Estes at »
    Audio Sample: Includes chanter alone and chanter played with drones by Eugene Lambe. Drones are not included in this sale. Clip 1 - Clip 2

  28. SOLD: Andreas Rogge B Full Set - I'm a french uilleann piper owning two sets of pipes (D set and B set) but not having time enough to play both. So I sell my B full set made by Andreas Rogge. This set was bought in 2004 in Tübingen (Germany). It's made of ebony (african) : chanter, drones and regulators. Only the main stock seems made in a hard synthetical black material (delrin - ed.). As I asked Daniel Hervé (The french man who knows all bout the pipes and who, with Alain Froment, prevented it to disapear in the late 70ies), he didn't know exactly which material it was but told that it was particulary solid and really good for a mainstock because it would never crack.
    The chanter is fully-keyed: stop-key and four keys for the whole scale. So as you play in the scale of B (B, C#, D#, E, F#, G#, A#, B), you also have D, F, G and the 2nd octave A, with the 4 keys.
    You can see and hear me on myspace with these links: (Please be indulgent: my drones weren't tuned. Well,if you're interested I'll try to make other videos or mp3) Now, to be complete, I have to mention 2 little things:
    • The tenor regulator is rather dark brown than black whilst others pieces are black.
    • On this reg, the sharpest note/key make a weak sound ; I suppose something's wrong with te reed which had to be mended or changed.
    I never tried to learn playing regulators seriously so they're probably not in tune but I can try to tune them.
    Anyway, this set sounds beautifull. I'm quite sad to sell it because I love the sound of a B set, so deep and almost mysterious... but as I wrote it above, I've got no time because I play on my D set too and also play guitar... and I need money.
    I ask 7700 7200 euros (€) for this set, shipping and insurance included. I would send it in a flight case made for D set (so the bass reg would be apart in the case) and this would be in a another box, so to prevent from any shock.
    I think it's a good price : actually, it's less than the price asked today by A. Rogge for a basic B full set + keys 5 (€7306)... but he can't precise any delay (when I bought it, I had been told 2 years and waited more than 3 !) and A. Rogge asks you for 20 % deposit : so your set is in fact more expensive than the written price, because you lend your money.
    Jean Christophe CHARVET
    Listed: 05/18/2009 Sold: 07/23/2009
    Price: €7700 €7200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Jean Christophe Charvet at »

  29. SOLD: Nick Whitmer D ½ Set - chanter 1-1/2 years old, recently added 4 keys by Nick. Drones were added at the same time. Pipes are in excellent condition, like new. No issues at all. Selling due to health reasons, arthritis in hands. Price is $2500, plus shipping, and pictures can be viewed at
    Listed: 12/11/2008 Sold: 23/07/2009
    Price: $2,500 - $2200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bronie Rozenas at »

  30. SOLD: Reduced: Uilleann Pipe Works of Boston D Practice Set - I would really like to add the following. Its a Uilleann Pipeworks of Boston Practice Set, its brand new with a Mike McHarg Bag and a Urethane Resin Chanter, I'm selling because im totally focused on the GHB and have no time for the Uilleann right now and someone could make a better use of this than me. Im asking $750, buyer pays international postage of the item as its located in Costa Rica right now, I got no pics nor audio samples but you can always check Uilleann Pipe Works of Boston to get futher information.
    Listed: 02/03/2009 Sold: 07/15/2009
    Price: $600 - [INCLUDES shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Luis Monge at »

  31. SOLD: Charles Roberts D Half Set - Made of African Blackwood, brass, and boxwood. Chanter has two keys; F & C naturals. Fully reeded except for the middle (baritone) drone. Set is in excellent shape, and comes with a wood case which I made for it. I had them made about 1998, and would like to sell them now so I can upgrade to a full set. I'm asking $2200. (USD). I'll pay shipping and insurance.
    Listed: 01/12/2009 Sold: 07/12/2009
    Price: $2,200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Chris Flanagan at »

  32. SOLD: Seth Gallagher C Chanter - Seth Gallagher C chanter for sale. Four keys (Fnatural, G#, B-flat, and high C) Ebony with brass and imitation ivory. Brass reedcap. Plays well with little pressure. Easy reach on both hands. Reed by Joseph Smith. Lack of time and desire to add regulators to my D half set makes this chanter available. $1800. Now reduced to $1600.
    Listed: 04/29/2009 Sold: 07/02/2009
    Price: $1800 $1600 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Dave Boling at »

  33. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Practice Set Seth Gallagher D Practice Set with Michael Dow Bellows. D concert chanter with 4 keys & wooden top. The original owner of the chanter (K. Padraig O'Kaine) worked with Seth so the chanter would play perfectly in tune while keeping the vibrant tonal qualities that the instument is known for. The holes are lightly champhered and the read plays easy & vibrant. Seth also provided the bag and stock for this set while the bellows are from Michael Dow. The bag & bellows were purchased new 3 months ago. I am selling because I have re-activated a wrist condition & can no longer play. I bought this set for a total of $2,545.00 - the Chanter was $1,775.00 (see the sold tab at bottom of page for record of sale), bag & stock from Seth Gallagher at $210.00, & the bellows from Michael Dow at $560.00. I am only asking $2,350 for the set - $1,675 for the Chanter, $175.00 for the bag & stock, and $500 for the bellows. This is a great deal for anyone wanting a high quality practice set such as this one!!
    Listed: 06/10/2009 Sold: 06/24/2009
    Price: $2350 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Darren Gaebel at »

  34. SOLD: Childress/Wilkinson-McCarthy D Full Set with fully keyed chanter. Drones and regulators are by Wilkinson-McCarthy, chanter by Childress. High grade African blackwood with real elephant ivory mountings. The chanter keys and mountings themselves are vintage, taken from older O?Dowd chanter and used by Childress on one of his chanters, making it unique. The chanter bears both Childress and O?Dowd stamps. Drones are reeded. Set of regulator reeds included. Case included. The bag is an L&M and like new. No cracks in any of the woodwork. Ready to play. I have decided not to play anymore, and hope the set finds a good home. Priced to sell at $3800. Inquiries welcome.
    Listed: 06/10/2009 Sold: 06/26/2009
    Price: $3800 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: David Meyer at »

  35. SOLD: Martin Preshaw D ½ Set Half set, Preshaw pipes, c 2001, African Blackwood and brass, 2-keyed chanter, recently reeded, playing excellently.
    Listed: 06/10/2009 Sold: 06/28/2009
    Price: UK£1750 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Tommy Fegan at or Tel: 447545 926 773 »

  36. SOLD: Art of Uilleann Piping vol 3 (Video is now Sold chanter top still available) - VHS Cassette NTSC (North American standard) with 23 tunes and an introduction on regulator playing. Also included are an audio CD and a booklet with all 23 tunes. Purchased new last year and still in excellent condition. Asking US$30.00 plus actual shipping.
    Also for sale:
    Valved chanter top made in 2008 by Nick Whitmer: This is one of a pair that Nick made for me. I use the other all the time and I'm very happy with it. The valve works by twisting the chanter less than a quarter turn to the right. This stops air from entering the chanter and allows you to tune your drones or regulators. Asking US$140 plus actual shipping.
    Overall length - 127mm (5 inches)
    ID to fit to chanter - 17.5mm (11/16 inch)
    OD to fit to bag - 9.5mm (3/8 inch)
    Listed: 05/19/2009 Sold: 06/22/2009
    Price: Video: $30 Chanter top: $140 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Pat McSweeney at »
    Photo »

  37. SOLD: Alan Ginsberg D Full Set - Full set in 'D' made by Alan Ginsberg of Wales. Made in African blackwood, brass, and imitation ivory. Fully keyed chanter (F, G#, Bb & C key), L&M leather bag and hard case included. Fully reeded with brand-new chanter reed, three cane drone reeds and three polystyrene regulator reeds. The chanter and drones are set up nicely but the regulator reeds may need some adjustment. The original owner stated that the chanter was made in the mid 1990's, the drones were made in 1998/99, and the regulators were added a year or two after that (myself being the second owner).

    This set sounds great and is in good condition but does have some minor nicks and dings. The bass drone slide cracked but has been repaired with epoxy and has not given me any problems since. The imitation ivory mount on the baritone drone has been cracked and repaired with epoxy as well. The bellows have some staple and screw holes in the wood from a previous cushion but are in good working order. These issues are mostly cosmetic and do not effect the playability of the set. Please see photos for details and feel free to ask me any questions.

    The reason why I am parting with this set is because I have recently purchased another full set which I consider to be somewhat of an upgrade, albeit there is nothing wrong with the Ginsberg set for the price. I would love to keep both sets for many reasons, but I'd rather save up for a flat pitch set than have two concert pitch sets!
    Listed: 05/12/2009 Sold: 06/20/2009
    Price: $4500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Eric Wilson at »
    Video sample: The same reeds demonstrated in the video will be supplied with the set.

  38. SOLD: Allan Ginsberg D Practice Set - allan ginsberg practice set in D and it is made out of african blackwood and is in good condition.I would like to sell this set has i dont play anymore,£500 is the asking price.
    Listed: 03/25/2009 Sold: 05/30/2009
    Price: £500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Paul at »

  39. SOLD: Pat Sky D Chanter - I bought this chanter new directly from the maker a little over a year ago. It is ebony with ivoreen, brass top, C key, blocks for mounting additional keys, and comes with the original Pat Sky reed plus a reed of my own make. The chanter's tone is quite a bright, resonant and loud. The chanter plays better in my high, dry climate with a reed I made here. Sky's original reed has a raspy/weakish back D but may behave better in a more humid climate. Note in the photos; the brass insert in the E hole was done by the maker during manufacture. I am selling to fund a flat pitch chanter. I am asking $650 but will consider any reasonable offer.
    Listed: 04/06/2009 Sold: 05/25/2009
    Price: $650 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John David Phillips at »

  40. SOLD: David Dayes Penny Chanter Practice Set It is in near new condition & ready to play. It is a very easy pipe to play. I loved to play them, but due to a major injury of my elbow I can no longer use them. It is in the key of D, It has the high C keyed, and the chanter is black. It is a great set, very low maintance.
    For pictures and sound bites check view his site.
    Listed: 05/28/2009 Sold: 06/02/2009
    Price: $330 - [Shipping: Free within U.S.] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John Smithies at »

  41. SOLD: BC Childress D Full Set - African Blackwood, Brass, imitation Ivory Mounts, Keyless Chanter. MacHarg Bag, D Pitched (Concert Pitched). Recently adjusted and updated by BC Childress, himself. The Blackwood chanter is a brand new replacement. All reeds are functioning. BC will honor a transfer of full warranty to the new owner for life. For further questions you may contact BC through his website:
    BC has recently worked these pipes and will answer all questions. I am a Great Highland Piper and wished to learn the Uilleann Pipes but do not have a teacher or the time to work on them as I am still in school.
    A great Christmas present to yourself! No waiting a year or more for a new set from BC.
    Listed: 12/04/2008 Sold: 04/30/2009
    Price: Reduced: Was $5000 - Now $4250 + $100 shipping to the U.S. - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Kali at »

  42. SOLD: Neil O'Grady D ½ Set - Half Set with 3 keyed D chanter. Easy chanter reed. Chanter modifications by Tim Britton to improve mounts and tuning. Great condition. Cane drone reeds. Stock drilled for easy upgrade to ¾ or full set. Asking $1,200. Listed on internet sites for $2,200 +. Why wait a year and pay twice as much? Visit "Song of the Sea" web site for other information and sound sample.
    Listed: 03/23/2009 Sold: 04/11/2009
    Price: $1,200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Bob at »

  43. REMOVED: Andreas Rogge D Practice Set - ANDREAS ROGGE NEW D chanter with Bag & Bellows Beauthifull NEW D chanter with Bag&Bellows and … Chanter is Plumwood with Boxwood mounts and brass metal parts. Fully keyed chanter ( F, G#, Bb & C key) with wooden top. An opportunity to immediately acquire a high specification chanter from a top maker. The price I'm asking is what Andreas currently charges for this description but on offer here without the waiting time. Exchange for Highest Quality B chanter also possible. On pictures you can see also flightcase, bag with stocks and black velvet cover together with bellows. Flightcase is a wery good price plastic case one - suply of Andreas Rogge. The bellows are custom made by Scottish Small pipe maker Robin Beck. They are made of state-of-the-art modern materials like special nypren ect. So there is no unreliable materials and they don't need seasoning ect. And the bag is of high quality manmade material, made by Ross (Australia); the one that Andreas offer besides his usual bags. Andreas made stocks for bag. This bag also don't need any seasoning. Both are perfectly 100 % airtight. Also included Black velvet cover and reedmaking kit. I will happily answer additional questions.
    Audio sample: I am total begginer so I can't record anything. Rogge chanters are known to have great sound, tuning and very responsive reeds. And also Andreas said to me that he will do all his best, so there is no need to talk anything. You can hear sound of Andreass Rogge D chanters on his website, or on numerous records and on You Tube. Many wery good pipers play this chanter design.
    Reason of selling: The main reason is that I am forced to have much quieter flat chanter for my delicate situation. And now I also had quite big right hand ring finger injure at my work few days ago and I am not even 100 % sure what will be, until doctors tell me after recover.
    Post: No problem to post chanter anywhere, but you will have to pay insured postage.
    Listed: 01/19/2009 Removed: 04/10/2009
    Price: €1,850 - [Seller pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ales Asenberger at »

  44. SOLD: Kirk Lynch D ¾ Set - Due to an upgrade to a full set with a fully keyed Lynch chanter on my part, I am happy to offer my current Lynch 3/4 set up for sale. The chanter and drones are made in 91 and 92 respectively. The regulators I acquired used and they were made in 93. The set is in ebony and brass with rosewood mounts. All reeds are originally made by Kirk. The drone reeds are cane and have been very well stabilized. The chanter is fitted with a C natural key. As far as price goes I am asking $5000.00 US- or best offer. (I am open to selling the regulators and 1/2 set separately.)
    Listed: 03/03/2009 Sold: 04/03/2009
    Price: $5,000 - o.b.o. [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Paul Gribbon at celticmusic -at »

  45. SOLD: D Half Set - Set consists of:
    1. Bruce Childress Concert D Chanter with reed
    Blackwood chanter made in 2001
    Brass Windcap
    Scalloped tone holes
    Cnat key, Fnat key, and chanter stop key.
    2. Ray Sloan Concert D Chanter with reed
    African blackwood with nickel/silver and imitation ivory mounts.
    3. John Pedersen Drones
    Main stock has a brass on-off drone switch, with tenor, baritone, and base drones. The main stock (which I think is teak) has the Pederson style of pipe bag attachment with a lock washer system. These drones are nicely trimmed in brass and so called "tortoise shell" a synthetic plastic that John uses. Everything is in good working condition. There is a small ding in the end of the base drone brass tubing but it doesn't affect the drone at all.
    4. Ray Sloan Bellows
    5. Set of synthetic drone reeds
    I'm selling them because I just don't have time (with all my other retirement hobbies) to play them.
    Asking $2600.
    Listed: 02/13/2009 Sold: 03/27/2009
    Price: $2,600 - Negotiable [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Mike Lyon at »

  46. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Chanter - Seth Gallagher Concert D chanter. 4 Keys and Wooden top. As a professional musician and studio musician, I worked with Seth to tweak this chanter so it can to play perfectly in tune, yet retain all the vibe and tone that is associated with a vintage instrument. When Seth made this instrument he really out did himself, as I have yet to hear a Gallagher concert chanter that sounds better than this one! The holes are lightly champhered (but not overly so) and there are few chanters that feel as comfortable in the hands as this one does. The reed included plays nice and light, facilitating difficult passages. $1,775.00. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.
    Listed: 01/30/2009
    Price: $1,775 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: K. Pádraig O'Kaine at »
    Audio Sample:

  47. SOLD: Ray Sloan Scottish Smallpipes - Scottish smallpipes in "A" built in May 2000 by Ray Sloan with one bass and two tenor drones. Bellows recently seasoned and chanter re-reeded by Nate Banton of ELBOW MUSIC in New York. Nice hard-case of vinyl covered wood shows wear. $800 plus shipping.
    Listed: 10/06/2008 Sold: 02/21/2009
    Price: $800 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Clint in Midland TX at Phone 432-685-1931 »

  48. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Full Set - In ebony, brass and faux ivory. Chanter has one key, but has blocks for additional keys. I purchased this as a half set in June 2001, and had the regulators fitted in November, 2008. Pipes have always been stored in a humidified room in the winter, no A/C in the summer. Cane drone reeds, bronze regulator reeds. Taylor wrap around style bass regulator. Comes with a hard case.
    When Seth was fitting the regulators, he also put in a new chanter reed. The leather on the bellows was defective and so it was replaced as well. Basically he checked everything out and got the pipes 'tuned up' and ready to go. I've not mucked with any of the reeds since I got the pipes back.
    They are in exceptional condition overall, showing very limited wear. Some tarnishing to the brass, one minor scratch on the bottom of the common stock. The wood on the bellows has some dents and marks from where Seth replaced the leather or the buckle has hit it. That's about it.
    I'm selling because I realize that as much as I've been meaning to, I'm not giving this instrument the commitment it takes. It's time to let them go to someone who will play and enjoy them.
    Seth's waiting list is now up to 2 and a half years (probably much longer for full sets), and the cost would be at least $9,500US. I'm offering this gently used set for $7,400US. This is a great opportunity for the serious piper.
    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Buyer will pay only actual shipping and insurance charges.
    Listed: 01/21/2009 Sold: 02/08/2009
    Price: $7,400 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michael Williams at »

  49. SOLD: Tutor Videos: Art of Uilleann Piping Vol 1, 2 & 3 - All in VHS [NTSC] format for viewing on American video players. All in as new condition. These are essential learning materials in my opinion, particularly for the isolated piper.
    Listed: 02/04/2009 Sold: 02/04/09
    Price: $25 each - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Patrick D'Arcy at »

  50. SOLD: Brad Angus B full set - in ebony and nickel-silver with boxwood mounts. The chanter has a very comfortable stretch and an expressive tone. The drones have Childress composite reeds and are very stable with a nice buzz. The bag is a new L&M. It's a lovely looking set and the only reason I'm selling is that I can't get on with the bass bar – I'm used to a wrap-around – so they just don't get played enough. I'm asking $5750 which significantly under the current new price of $7200.
    Listed: 01/28/2009 Sold: 01/30/2009
    Price: $5,750 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Simon Knight at »

  51. SOLD: Arye de Keyser D Chanter - made of African blackwood in 2006. Plays well, excellent condition. Sound samples available, just contact me on Reason for sale: I have several instruments but only two hands.
    Listed: 11/06/2008 Sold: 01/28/2009
    Price: €450 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Erwan LeCorre at »

  52. SOLD: Charles Roberts D Chanter - Charles Roberts concert D chanter - with C-nat key. Ebony with Boxwood mounts and brass cap. Chanter made in 2000, and I am the first and only owner. The chanter has been reeded by Davy Stephenson and plays well. No cracks or defects. The most recent price I found for a new chanter from Roberts is €675 = £500, in 2003. I am selling because of financial needs. See eBay item listing 320218182737.
    Listed: 02/19/2008 Sold: 02/25/2008
    Price: Check EBay listing
    Contact: Brett Patterson at »
    Audio Sample:

  53. SOLD: Alan Ginsberg 'D' Full Set - This is a full set in 'D' made by Alan Ginsberg of Caernafon, Wales, thought of by many as one of the best pipe-makers in the world. The set is blackwood with brass keys and fittings and alternative ivory ferrules and finals. The D chanter has four keys. I purchased this set from Mr. Ginsberg two years ago and never really had time to learn to play. Consequently this set is essentially new. As it happened at the time, I made several inquiries about purchasing pipes from makers and though usually there is a one year plus waiting time from ordering, I was told that this set was coming out of the shop in about two weeks and the person who had ordered them backed out. The one unusual feature of this set is that it came with an artificial bag (that's the way it had been ordered, so that's what I got) which is completely airtight and doesn't require any sort of curing or care, but the purests amoung you would probably want to replace that with a traditional bag that I'm sure can be obtained from Mr. Ginsberg

    Financial difficulties force the sale of this fine set before I had a chance to play them. As I said, this is essentially a new set only played twice and is in need of a good home. Along with the set of pipes I include a spool of hemp, a cake of beeswax, a leather square for stopping the chanter on your thigh, a copy of "The new approach to Uillean Piping" by H.J. Clarke and a hard-shell case (formerly a generic tenor sax case in which the set travels quite nicely). The current price for such a set (and of course there would be that waiting period) is £3,700 GBP or about $6,500 U.S.
    Listed: 02/10/2006 Sold: 02/20/2006
    Price: Serious inquiries only please
    Contact: Gene D. Jennett, Vista, CA at »

  54. SOLD: Alain Froment D Chanter - D chanter made by Alain G. FROMENT in 2002 : Indian ebony (Timber imported to Ireland in the 1940's) Synthetic ivory rings. Stainless steel head, ferrules & keys. Keyblocks reinforced with stainless steel profiles. Stop key on chanter head. Chanter mounted with 4 keys (F nat, G#, Bb, C nat) Pristine condition! (as new, as I didn't get the chance to play really! I am selling it because of a hand injury I had a while ago) Beautiful tone & tuning. 2 original reeds (made by Alain) supplied with the chanter.
    Listed: 07/28/2008 Sold: 08/01/2008
    Price: €2,500 - O.B.O. - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Molly McTaggart at »

  55. SOLD: Boisvert-O'Hare D ½ Set - This is a halfset composed of drones made by David Boisvert and the chanter by Brendan O'Hare. The drones are made from Minnesota apple wood with imitation ivory mounts and brass. They look a lot similar to Boxwood but do not have the warping issues. The regulator holes havnt been drilled to ensure no leaks. If you want to add regulators it's an easy process for any maker. The chanter is made from blackwood with imitation ivory, wood chanter top, and full mounts. (no keys). Included with chanter is three different reeds. Also included is an Angus set of bellows. Reason for sale: I hate to see this go but I'm focusing on other instruments.
    Listed: 10/08/2008 Sold: 01/08/2009
    Price: $2500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ted at »

  56. SOLD: Des Seery ½ Set
    Condition - Completely renovated by the maker in August of 2007, excellent condition.
    Issues - Chanter reed experienced complications when I purchased it and had it shipped from Ireland from the original owner, it can be repaired, or at the very least serve as reference for the making of a new reed, it is pretty standard.
    Materials the item is made from - Leather Bag and bellows, nickel drones and stock. Ebony hardwood chanter with space for keys, none currently attached.
    Reason for sale - Not enough time to play between Flute, Pennywhistle, Grad school, etc.
    Asking Price - $2,200 USD plus shipping from California, US
    Photos - various images attached
    Audio Sample - Not available, samples of Seery pipes can be found on youtube and the like.
    Listed: 09/11/2008 Sold: 10/11/2008
    Price: $2,200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Zachary Gose at »

  57. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Practice Set - "Deluxe" model in ebony, silver and artificial ivory (you can see the same model at The D Chanter has blocks for 4 keys and includes 1 silver key (high C natural), wooden wind cap and nickel silver ferrules and gooseneck air tube. Original Gallagher Reed, very stable, amazing sound, powerful hard D and easy to play in both octaves. The Bellows are very comfortable and air tight. Leather Bag by L&M with dark green velvet cover. The same set new would be $2900 or 2105 € (and you would have to add the shipping costs from USA and expensive custom duties if you are from EU.), with a long waiting time (2 1/2 years, so you would have to wait to 2011 to get a new Gallagher set). I'm asking 1700 €: it's really a good oportunity for europeans to get a Gallagher set in perfect state avoiding import taxes.
    This pipes are in inmaculate condition: like new. I'm the 1st owner and I've only played this pipes a couple of times at home, so there are no scratches, chips, cracks or dings. Even the silver has no patina and it shines like the first day.
    Reason for sale:
    I need to buy a fully keyed flute (due to trad. school issues).
    Listed: 10/06/2008 SOLD: 11/15/2008
    Price: € 1,700 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Xaq at »

  58. SOLD: Uilleann Pipe Works of Boston D Practice Set - It is like new, in perfect condition ready to play. They were made last year from Uilleann Pipeworks of Boston, they have been great but my full set is now complete so I don't play the Starter set, though I have been more than satisfied. UPWoB Website
    Listed: 11/03/2008 SOLD: 11/10/2008
    Price: $750 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Scott Loftus at »

  59. SOLD: Seth Gallagher C Full Set - Ebony, brass and artificial ivory. The chanter has two keys ( F nat & C nat - that's Eb & Bb on a C set! ) and a wooden windcap with built-in shut off that's operated by twisting the crown. The bass regulator is a Taylor style wrap around which makes it easy to transport in a standard pipe case without disassembly or risk to the regulator reed. The regulator reeds are Seth's famous bronze reeds which have proven to be bulletproof in widely varying humidity conditions. This set was completed at the end of 2002 and is in excellent condition. I'm selling this set because I have too many sets of pipes and too many musical instruments - a fact that has resulted in this set seeing very little playing time! A duplicate set, from Seth, sells for US$ 9,275 and currently has a 2 1/2 year wait list. This set is available immediately for US$ 8,275. (Buyer pays shipping and insurance)
    Listed: 07/28/2008 SOLD: 11/01/2008
    Price: $8,275 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: R. A. Bennett at »
    Audio Sample:

  60. SOLD: O'Grady Practice Set - Includes cocobolo chanter in key of D with maple mounts (with keys for F nat, C nat, and Bb), two reeds, airtight leather bag, and walnut bellows. It has a really nice, mellow sound. The set is two years old, in excellent condition, and was made by Neil O'Grady of Newfoundland. Originally purchased for $1235 from Song of the Sea in Bar Harbor. Asking $950.
    Listed: 09/30/2008 SOLD: 10/28/2008
    Price: $950 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Chris at »
    Audio Sample:

  61. SOLD: Andreas Rogge B Full Set in Snakewood < Silver - Exceptionally beautiful looking and sounding set of pipes which regretfully must leave my possession and go to live with another lucky fellow. The set was made in the mid 90's, and I am it's second owner. It does not have many miles on it, but it plays exquisitely and is well in tune. It does all a flat set is supposed to do. The set does not come with a bellows, but does include a flight case. The set is pitched in B.
    Listed: 10/08/2008 SOLD: 10/25/2008
    Price: $12,600 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Kevin Carr at Tel: 650-468-5389 »
    Audio Sample: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  62. SOLD: Brendan O'Hare D Chanter - This is a Brendan O'Hare (Belfast) D chanter in African Blackwood and Brass with imitation ivory,wooden chanter top, full mounts but no keys.This chanter was made for myself around 1992, is in very good condition and playing very well, nice crisp tone, not too loud but can hold its own in a session. Brendan (who learnt his pipe making skills wIth Robbie Hughes) was at one time the supplier of sets (as recommended by the then and present tutor Tom Carke) to students at the Crescent Arts Centre Uilleann Pipe Club Belfast. Unfortunately Brendan is no longer making pipes due to RSI and his chanters dont come up for sale very often, so a rare opportunity to acquire a high quality chanter from a top maker. I'm selling the chanter (i have two other chanters that have keys) to help pay towards regulators. I'm asking £480 (plus shipping and insurance) or best offer, a similar chanter from Robbie Hughes would be around £550.
    Listed: 07/31/2008 SOLD: 10/08/2008
    Price: UK£480 - O.B.O. - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Dermot Donnelly at »

  63. SOLD: Terry McGee Flute - keyless unlined flute for sale.
    Listed: 09/02/2008 SOLD: 10/06/2008
    Price: $750 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michael Eskin at »

  64. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Chanter - Seth Gallagher concert D fully keyed ebony chanter with artificial ivory mounts, nickel silver ferrule and sterling silver keys. 2 reeds, 1 by Seth and the other by Alan Burton. Both reeds play well but the original reed is a bit easy blowing for my tastes I am keeping the original chanter top, so the one included in the photos is off my 'Preshaw' chanter, the chanter top is ebony with silver plated brass ferrules. The chanter is approx 3 yrs old and has had little use as I prefer playing my Preshaw chanter. £650 U.K which is just over half price without the 4 year wait. Buyer also pays shipping.
    Listed: 06/09/2008 SOLD: 10/05/2008
    Price: UK £650 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Leon Ballard at »

  65. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D ½ Set - In Ebony, Brass and artificial ivory. The chanter (#245) includes Fnat, G# and Cnat keys and a wooden wind cap. The set was completed in the fall of 2004 and has been played at least 2-3 times a week over the past four years. In other words, the reeds are stable, settled in and sound great. The set includes an additional winter reed and two Gallagher staples. When Seth delivered the set, I had already built my own bellows, and I am willing include these with this set. They bellows aren't anything fancy, but sturdy. Nailed, not sewn, Walnut paddles cut to the traditional shape, with David Daye leather Gusset. They are air tight and will be furnished with an extra long connector tube (5/8" radiator hose) that can be cut to size.

    The same gear (half set minus the bellows) from Seth today would be $5,000 and a 3-4 year wait. I'm taking delivery on a fancier ¾ set later this month and want another piper to enjoy Seth's outstanding work. I'm asking $4400.

    There are no major scratches, chips or dings, but the usual wear and patina one would expect of a set of pipes that have been carefully put away between regular sessions. If you have any questions about the set, I'd be happy to answer. I'm near Washington , D.C. same time zone as New York.
    Listed: 09/17/2008 SOLD: 10/04/2008
    Price: $4,400 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Rick Kemper at or call (301) 593-6954 »

  66. SOLD: NEW Hunter 7 key B Chanter etc. - (7 keys 1850 Coyne style with GLORIOUS sound)
    Description: This is a rare oppurtunity to own NEW magical sounding Hunterpipes B chanter. Especialy since Sam & Peter waiting list is fully closed & since this is the last B made from the last Peter's piece of extremely rare Sri Lankan Ebony, which these days is banned. Finest sounding wood-stunning tone. In opinion of many there is no better sounded B chanters out there than Hunter ones. You can check also opinion of the great players like Ronan Browne, Mark Neilly… Whole chanter made entirely by hand; hand rolled&forget metal ect. Mounts are Manmade Ivory, metal in Brass. A sound mashine with glorius, rich, complex, wery beauthifull Peter Hunter B sound, Full of Toooooneeee. The wood resonates great warmth and depth, & this specialy design of Coyne gives this chanter something wery rare – a tone and character of the best 200 years old chanters, which is hard to beat. A great musician who in the past tried all kind of the wery best B chanters said, that they were all wery good, but this »OLD« Hunterpipes B chanter sound is something wery special and hard to find these days. Chanter comes with two+one original reeds (one is softer for easier beggining).
    The reason of selling this chanter are huge family obligations (small babies)& problems and the fact that I don't have not time, to even finish my bellows, and even less to start practise. I was waiting wery hard for more than one year to get this great chanter, so it is not easy for me to sell it, before I even had opurtunity to start, but I have no choice at all ! I am guitar player and two years ago I heard Liam O'Flynn playing a solo in a ballad&I fall in love with Uilleann sound & so I order it, but I didn't know what kind of future I will have. It would be a big SIN if this magical sounding chanter would be there just to look. It must be played to make amazing music by someone who will devote time to it.
    Price: The price is 1900 Euros! which is apr.275 Euros less that was an original price in this precious wood. The chanter is NEW-I didn't even start to practise. You will get this special B chanter without Hunterpipes waiting time, since order doors are closed. No compromises about this price! You will have to pay insured postage. Only serious, please and only in Euros please! Chanter actualy costs me much more, becouse of Bank money transfers to Engl. and traveling-fly to England, ect. Original price for this special B chanter in Februiary 2007 when I order was 1500 GBP-2175 Euros, but they were generous and lower the price for 100, since I ordered it in this last piece of S. Ebony with all keys.
    EXTRA for FREE: I will also give to the new owner fully for free all other Uilleann things which I bought for beggining of my Uilleann pipes story: (Sean Potts CD ROM Tutorial, David Quinn CD »Pipes and Pipemaking«, David Quinn reedmaking book »The Piper's Despair« and I will add also two another things: a hand stiched bag which I made under Davy Stephenson supervision during my one-week staying at his workshop. It is made from top quality leather&special poly coat inside, which does not require seasoning and should give at least ten years trouble free service; Davy said that it should last for 20 years. The end of the bag neck is to long, not yet stiched to the end, so you can cut it for your own comfort. Lenght, put wooden insertion, and stich it to the end. I will give you also all parts which Davy gives me for my handstiched bellows (two Cocuswood already prepared boards, a piece of highest quality leather to last a lifetime and waxed/woven Kevlar Tiger thread, so you can glue&stich-finish it. (you can get all the instructions free on Stephenson site )
    Pictures: please go to to see the original pictures; I also made few pictures, so you can see chanter from different corners. And I add also two, where you can see also the things I will give for free together with chanter: a Book, CDs, Bag and materials for bellows.
    Audio sample: You can hear sound of the same Sri Lankan Ebony Coyne B chanter on the sound clip of Hunter pipes site under 'Hunter B', and there are also some video clips of B ect.
    Post: I will post chanter anywhere in this world, but you will have to pay insured postage.
    Listed: 07/17/2008 SOLD: 09/17/2008
    Price: €1900 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ales Asenberger, Slovenia at »

  67. SOLD: Steve Vickers D Practise Set - Chanter made from brown ebony, faux ivory and brass ferrels. Bag-L+M Bellows double leather. The chanter has plenty of bite but, sweet at the same time.
    Listed: 04/24/2008 SOLD: 09/10/2008
    Price: €1100 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Steve Vickers at »

  68. SOLD: Des Seery Fully Keyed D Chanter - Des Seery full keyed D Chanter - This is a Seery chanter in ebony with 4 keys, wide bore and holes, with stainless steel and fake ivory mounts and brass plated keywork. It is in very good condition and it?s Rowsome copy. I have been playing it mainly at home. This chanter is high quality although Seery is more famous as a flutemaker. This chanter has got a power response and the tuning is excellent. It has been reeded by the own pipe maker and the three reeds work properly. I am selling this chanter due to financial difficulties in the launching of my new own office, it is the best chanter I have. The pictures are not in high quality but I can send new ones on request. I'm selling the chanter to help me to pay for my new regulators. I'm asking about €1,000 for it or best offer.
    Listed: 01/22/2008 SOLD: 09/01/2008
    Price: €1000 - [o.b.o. - buyer pays shipping and insurance to Spain] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Manu Novo at »
    Audio Sample:

  69. SOLD: Alan Ginsberg D Full Set - Full set of D pipes by Alan Ginsberg in cocobolo and brass. They were made around 1994-5. The chanter has one key and the drones have the original cane reeds. The regs need new reeds. One key on the baritone reg needs a new spring. Bass regulator cap was stolen in a bar and will need replacing. Reason for sale. I have another D half set which I prefer playing and I want to fund a B flat set. The price is $4000 US plus P&P or I may consider a swap for a B half set by a reputable maker.
    Listed: 08/22/2008 SOLD: 08/30/2008
    Price: $4000 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Lee Sei-MacFhearchair at »
    Audio Sample:

  70. SOLD: Ray Sloan D chanter & bellows - Add a bag and blowpipe to complete your practice set. Reed by Patrick Murray.
    Listed: 08/20/2008 SOLD: 08/29/2008
    Price: $500 - obo - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Chris at - 860-779-3296 »

  71. SOLD: Charles Roberts D ½ Set - Chanter made from ebony with brass top piece and imitation ivory ferrules. One key, C natural. Stock made from rosewood. Completely overhauled in the last month by Eamonn Curran (resident reed maker of the Armagh pipers club). New Chanter reed and three new drone reeds. Drones stable under pressure. Chanter reed very comfortable to play and most importantly in tune!! Bag replaced also as I have issues with the Charles Roberts bag construction, bags constructed from multiple thin layers of leather glued together more often than not yield unsatisfactory results. The current leather bag also installed by Eamonn Curran is very solid.
    The reason for sale is due to having another set with a further flat set on the way so I have to part with this set to recoup some of the cost flat sets tend to bring with their arrival. This was my first set so I am the sole owner.
    The asking price is €1650 although all reasonable offers will be considered. I ask the above price as I wanted to sell a set in good playing order instead of the buyer receiving a set with a leaky bag and inheriting reed problems, thus i inherited the cost of overhauling them. Photos are included and if parties are intrested i will also supply sound multiple sound files.
    Listed: 05/27/2008 SOLD: 08/24/2008
    Price: €1,650 - [o.b.o. - buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Audio Sample: 1 - 2
    Contact: Michael Foley at »

  72. SOLD: Al Purcell's Crowley D Full Set - Crowley uilleann pipes, full set in D
    • Overall good condition. Previous owner: Al Purcell.
    • Fully reeded except for tenor reg.
    • Reeds need adjustment & some work.
    • Overall maintenance needed (rehemping, key pads replacement, springs adjustment, polish & cleaning, etc.)
    • Chanter: T. Crowley 14-1/8" 4-key (no high D).
    • Blackwood (?), plastic mounts, metal head.
    • Reed make unknown.
    • Regulators: Crowley w/Taylor-style regulator keys by DMQuinn. Original Crowley keys (-1) are included with set.
    • Drones, mahogony bellows, bag, all good condition.
    • Case: 13" x 27" x 5" fiberglas gun case
    Please visit for full details & photographs.
    Listed: 08/22/2008 SOLD: 08/24/2008
    Price: $7000 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ann Purcell at »
    Please visit for full details & photographs.

  73. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Practice Set - It is in perfect condition and has two good reeds. The bellows and bag are air-tight, all straps are like new. The condition is excellent with the exception of the brass needing a good polishing. I preferred the old look so I didn't shine it up. According to the previous owner, this set is about 7 years old and was purchased from Seth directly. The chanter is made of African blackwood with imitation ivory mounts. I believe the bellows is made of light maple and high grade leather. All straps are leather. I am upgrading to a 1/2 set so I'd like to sell this one to raise money for the step-up. I asked Seth what he woudl value this set at and he felt $1600 was fair, so that is what I am asking. I will attach photos once I get a usb cord for this camera.
    Listed: 07/28/2008 SOLD: 08/22/2008
    Price: $1600 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: David Townsend at or call (607) 562-3929 »

  74. SOLD: Brad Angus D Narrow Bore Practice Set - This chanter has only a C key although all tone-holes are drilled and covered with leather pads per Brad's normal practice. The chanter is made of ebony with artificial ivory and nickel-silver mounts. The set blows easily and has a sweet tone, not quite as big as a wide bore. Newly reeded by Brad. Good condition and no issues. I'm only selling because I have another keyed narrow bore chanter. The current new cost of a similar set from Brad would be around $1500. Asking price is $1100
    Listed: 07/28/2008 SOLD: 08/20/2008
    Price: $1100 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Simon Knight at »
    Audio Sample:

  75. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D ½ Set - Gallagher D half-set, 5 years old and in excellant condition. Blackwood/brass, keyless chanter. All the reeds are in good condition and play well, bellows is airtight and has cushions on both sides. Back D is taped for tuning. Was sent to Seth in October '07 to tweak into top shape in preparation for sale, and I've been procrastinating since then. I hate to lose it, but after a herculean effort (a couple of years ago), I am convinced of my inability to ever play them. Asking $3500.00. Contact Tom Lightfoot at, or call 631.821.9857 (New York).
    Listed: 07/17/2008 SOLD: 08/13/2008
    Price: $3500 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Tom Lightfoot at or call 631.821.9857 (New York) »
    Seller will text photos to your phone.

  76. SOLD: Neil O'Grady D ½ Set - Used 1/2-set of 2004 Neil O'Grady "Deluxe" Uilleann bagpipes made of Cocobolo wood w/ maple chanter mounts. Includes: airtight bag and bellows, chanter with 3 keys, and tenor, baritone and bass drones. Drone reeds: 1 synthetic tenor and baritone reed, 2 synthetic bass reeds, and a set of nice looking cane reeds that I have not used. The drones sound quite nice and are very steady. There are 2 chanter reeds, one currently working very well, in tune, and the other needs a little adjustment. The chanter/reed combo is easy to play, not much effort required to play in the second octave. This set can be played as a "practice set" for beginners without the drones attached, if desired. A great set to learn on due to the ease of sells this for $2200. I bought this set to learn learn how to play, but right now it has become more important for me to make a sizable down payment on my very first house, so I have to sell this set. Let me know if you have any questions!
    Listed: 07/28/2008 SOLD: 08/12/2008
    Price: $1,050 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Beau Hunter at »

  77. SOLD: Charles Roberts D Set with 4 drones 1 regulator - Small bore compact set D key ebony
    4 drones 1 regulator and bellow made by Charles Robert's (2400 euros)
    Sound's great with 4 drones: 3 in D key and 1 in G
    Chanter ebony made by Lorcan Dunne: Stop key also F, G & C Keys (400 euros)
    Case (150 euros)
    I offer case if you buy all the set.2800 euros
    Buyer pay shipping
    Charles Robert's saw my pipes 3 months ago. They are in excellent condition.
    I just get full set I can't keep two pipes. I think it's a good opportunity. I'm living in south of France
    Listed: 08/02/2007 SOLD: 08/11/2008
    Price: €2800 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Véronique at »

  78. SOLD: Vignole's D Chanter, Kerry Low D Whistle & Thorton High D Whistle -
    Vignoles D chanter This is a 2 year old Ebony D chanter with a very unique artificial ivory mounts. It's in very good condition, no cracks or dents. The tone is very sweet and crisp. Comes with 2 working reeds. Brand new on Michael Vignoles web site it goes for $780. I am asking $550 obo. I don't have any sound recordings, but you can hear the chanter here on Vignoles' web site: clip

    Kerry Low D Whistle This was made from the makers of Chieftain Whistles. Phil Hardy came up with the Kerry Low D with a molded, tunable headjoint. The body is a aluminum alloy with no dents. Few light surface scratches from regular use; nothing deep or distracting from its beauty. It has a deep soft tone that plays easily throughout the 2 octives. Lark In the Morning lists it for $140. Anything over $100 takes it home.

    Thorton High D whistle Wonderful low back pressure D whistle. Plays clear and true with very little chiff. Bought whistle this year. Brand new $88 - I'm selling it for $60.

    Reason for the sale is a new C# set is almost ready and someone else deserves a good D chanter and whistles instead of it laying around not being played ! Thanks for all of your intrest.
    Listed: 07/08/2008 CHANTER SOLD: 07/16/2008 WHISTLE SOLD: 07/23/2008
    Price: $See above - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michael Holian, Greensboro, NC, USA at »

  79. SOLD: Vignole's ½ Set - Includes extra bag for use as practice set, instructional books and CD. New chanter reed. In very good condition. Asking $1800. I am selling these for a friend who has not been able to master playing this fine set and he also is having financial troubles. He has always wanted a set like this but needs to part with them. I do not play the pipes so if you have technical questions about these I can put you in touch with Ed. If you need better or more specific pictures please email me at
    Listed: 07/07/2008 SOLD: 07/08/2008
    Price: $1800 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Donna at »

  80. SOLD: Steve Vickers D Practise Set - Great condition, tied into a new L&M bag with Gallagher stocks. Soneone soldered a smaller tube on the inside of the bellows pipe (see pictures). The bellows is air tight, powerful, and functions very well. The blackwood chanter has a lovely wooden top. There is a superfiscial crack on the inside near the ferrule that that does not penetrate all the way through, and does not affect the functioning of the chanter. The chanter is playing well in tune both octaves. I have found this chanter very easy to reed. I am selling off some of my instruments. I have another half set and have too many instruments to play. $1150. Please feel free to contact me at to discuss an offer, or to arrange to hear the pipes over the phone.
    Listed: 06/02/2008 SOLD: 07/02/2008
    Price: $1150 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Scott Estes at »

  81. SOLD: Boisvert & Childress B ½ Set - ...
    B Chanter by B.C. Childress, made in 2002
    African Blackwood body with boxwood mounts and brass ferrules and "full mounts and ferrules" as per Childress' specifications - no keys. Blackwood chanter top(unkeyed) with "gooseneck" air tube. Includes an extra reed by Childress. Very mellow tone, easy to play in both octaves. Very worry-free chanter - I don't even look at the reed. Noticeable dulling on the brass (I never liked how it looked new so I don't polish them) but otherwise mint condition.
    Drones by Dave Boisvert of Greenwood Pipes, made in 2002
    African blackwood with boxwood mounts and brass ferrules, hollow boxwood mainstock with hand-rolled ferrules and brass switch, boxwood "cup" with hand-rolled ferrule, and boxwood plugs installed in tenor and baritone regulator holes. Boxwood "sound box" on bass drone with brass accent plate (extra plain boxwood box also supplied). Drones are fully reeded with elder (Minnesota grown & collected) drone reeds. There is a minor tuning issue with the tenor drone, I have to pull off the decorative boxwood cap to get it in tune. Not sure how this is remedied, but I'm including the cap anyway. Again, more dulling of the brass parts, but otherwise in tip-top shape both visually and aurally.
    Leather bag by L&M Highland with blackwood/boxwood chanter and blowpipe stock by Dave Boisvert and blowpipe by Mike McHarg. Cherry bellows by Brad Angus. Cherry cheeks with ebony air valve, traditional "thong" style hinge and leather bellows with brass tacked red velvet cover and elbow pad. Includes leather arm and waist belts. The air supply tube is reinforced rubber hose and with PVC at the end. I never had proper stocks for the bellows. Not pretty, but it works. Includes a "Pipemajors" case and box of extra drone reeds and misc stuff.
    Also throwing in a plain rosewood mouth-blown practice chanter in D with two plastic reeds. This works pretty well and can reach 2nd octave and "hard" D. It will fit into the headstock on the B chanter so if you want to make more noise, here ya go. You can also have my reed-making kit: gouge, straight-edge scraping knife, honing stones and oil, shooting board, various threads and waxes, staple forming thingy (I forgot the name), brass and copper tubing for staples, copper strips for bridles, toolbox, large box of Arundo donax for chanter reeds and scarlet elder (Sambucus pubens) cane in various sizes and grades for both chanter and drone reeds.
    Listed: 04/22/2008 SOLD: 06/20/2008
    Price: $2000 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Chad Giblin at - 612 378 1802 (evenings only, please) »

  82. SOLD: Unknown Maker D Drones - Half set for sale: Maker unknown, fully restored drones, amazing, really strong, steady sound, very easy played. Good bellows and lovely case. Chanter not included. Selling as I now have a new full set. Euro: 900, ovno. Bargain for quality of sound.
    Listed: 05/28/2008 SOLD: 06/08/08
    Price: €900 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Daire Doolin at or +35387 6311237 »

  83. SOLD: Bruce Du Ve D Full Set - Set in D by Bruce Du Ve. The set is African Blackwood and with Brass ferrules and regulator keys, with Imitation ivory mounts. The set was made c.1978.
    The set comprises the following:
    Chanter, with 1 key (c natural), with brass top and stop key. The chanter is stamped B.W. DuVe, AN SPIDEAL.
    Stock and drones, with a straight bass drone.
    3 regulators, the bass reg having a straight bar. This set features an innovative removable bass regulator bar, allowing packing into a smaller case.
    An additional chanter by Mickey Dunne, with c natural key, in Ebony with Boxwood mounts, is also included. The Mickey Dunne chanter does not have a top, but it fits the Bruce Du Ve chanter top.
    Bag is by L & M. Bellows by Cillian O'Briain.
    A case is not included in the sale.
    Please note the F and G keys on the Tenor regulator shown not fitted in the photos, are now refitted.
    Reason for the sale:
    I have been asked to sell this set for a customer who has purchased a set of my pipes recently. My client bought the set new from Bruce Du Ve in 1978, and has owned the set ever since. The set is well maintained, with no cracks in the timber, and is fully reeded. Drones and Regulator reeds are by Alan Burton, Chanter reeds by myself (Andy Faden). Bruce Du Ve was an innovative maker who only made a small number of sets, so this is an opportunity to become the owner of a rare and unusual set of pipes.
    Pipes located in the UK (Bedford).
    Listed: 06/02/2008 SOLD: 06/04/08
    Price: €7,000 - [O.N.O. - buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Andy Faden at »

  84. SOLD: David Williams D Full Set - For personal reasons, I'm going to sell my full set before 4-6 months. It is a concert pitch (in ivory) made by Dave Williams in 1985 for my music teacher.
    It's in excellent condition ; A restoration was collectively made by Jacky Proux & Alain Froment last month (about 30 working hours):
    Some welds were redone, certain parts in metal strengthened (without altering either the aesthetics or the sound of the instrument), the leather plugs were changed, keys re-plated, etc. This set is perfectly sealed!
    The bellows (very comfortable/light) has an excellent return and has no leaks: it was made last year by Jacky Proux. My teacher has played this set during 20 years in the following bands : "Dan ar Braz"," Gwerz", "Den", etc.
    David Power playing my set with my teacher (on the right with his beautiful C# Full set)
    Myself playing these pipes
    I will take my final decision concerning the buyer before some weeks, so there are no emergencies.
    I'm waiting for serious offers only (I won't sell it under 10.000€)
    PS: There are possibilities to get this set without chanter or with my Froment chanter or with the original Williams chanter
    NB: Each drones can be tuned in E (ferrule system)
    Listed: 05/09/2008 SOLD: 06/05/2008
    Price: €10,000 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Loïc Joucla at »

  85. SOLD: Lorcan Dunne Full Set - From Kenmare. In ebony and german silver. With 2 keys on the chanter and a stop key.
    Listed: 02/21/2006 Sold: 04/13/2008
    Price: €5200 Currency Converter »
    Contact: Kevin Camus, France at »
    Audio: Link »

  86. SOLD: Des Seery D ½ Set - I d like to offer my pipes for sale for Euro 2000 plus shipping - from Europe
    1. Description: Des Seery Pipes – 5 years old – see attached images
    2. Condition – completely renovated by Des August 2007 to ensure that set is in 'perfect condition' for sale – bag retied and sealed, new staple on reed, new end on bass drone – slight difference from images- everything completely checked and working correctly..
    3. Any issues – completely renovated by Maker August 2007 to ensure that set is in perfect condition
    4. Materials the item is made from – leather bag & bellows, silver colored ( nickel?) drones and stock ( see pictures) hardwood Ebony chanter with no keys but space for them if desired.
    5. Reason for sale – don't play them much any more
    6. Asking price €2000 -
    7. Photos – yes -general chanter type from Seery, pipes pics c & b,
    8. Audio sample – not available yet
    Listed: 09/19/2007 Sold: 04/29/2008
    Price: €2000 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John Munnelly at »

  87. SOLD: Charles Roberts D Practise Set - This set (chanter, bellows and bag) was made by Charles Roberts in 1999. I am the original owner.
    The chanter is made of African blackwood, brass and imitation ivory, and is in D, with two keys: Cnat and Fnat. It has been reeded very recently by Michael Donovan. The reed is excellent and is made of spruce, which gives it extra stability. It is very easy to play. Minor tuning problems were fixed by adequate rushing. The chanter sounds very well and in tune, as demonstrated by the audio and video recordings. The keys work fine, one imitation ivory mount is missing.
    The bellows works perfectly, arm strap slightly worn.
    The bag had had some leaking problems, which were solved a few years ago by gluing an extra layer of thin leather, so the bag is a bit thicker than usual - this sets the basic pressure level slightly higher, but the chanter itself requires very little pressure, so overall the set is easy to play and is very stable, including with drones (I played it with drones for years). The bag already has a cup for a drone and reg mainstock, and is covered with a beautiful cover recently made from high quality blue velvet.
    You can see the set in the attached photos, hear it in the attached audio recording, and finally, both see and hear it (and me) in action at the following u-tube link:
    I am selling because I have been using another, fully-keyed chanter, for several years, but more importantly, I have recently become a Rogge-addict, and after having bought a Rogge full set in C, I am now upgrading my D set to a full set with new chanter and regs.
    If you contact me, please mention that you came through my ad at
    Listed: 04/14/2008 Sold: 04/28/2008
    Price: $1200 - [o.b.o. - buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Roy Becker at »
    Audio Sample:

  88. SOLD: Pat O'Riordan Low D Whistle - For sale is a Low D whistle made by Pat O'Riordan. (# DB-029 dated 1998-see photos)
    Those familiar with his instruments know that they have become collectors' items as he nears retirement This one is a gem in aluminum. Lovely, bell-like timbre with the easy transition to the second octave consistent with Pat's whistles.
    It is a pang to let this go, but I've been after a particular set of uilleann pipes which have recently become available and I need to raise some cash.
    This in an opportunity for serious bidders only (please) to obtain a truly fine, classic whistle from a celebrated maker which will almost certainly increase in value over time....all this along with something unheard of in the Trad wold-Instant Gratification!
    Please ask any Q's and I will respond promptly. Thank you for looking.
    Listed: 04/21/2008 Sold: 04/27/2008
    Price: $900 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Seamus Monahan at »

  89. SOLD: Seth Gallagher B Full Set - Seth Gallagher Nickel Silver B Full Set in excellent condition. Comes with a very nice large hard case. Not playing them enough to keep. A set this nice should be owned by someone who will play it. Interesting history, Used by a couple of top players in concert.
    A new set lists for $9600 (apparently closer to $9,950 now. Also, Seth isn't making B sets anymore and his wait is atleast four years now also. - Ed.) and 2.5 years wait. Buy this set now for $8300.
    Listed: 04/21/2008 Sold: 04/24/2008
    Price: $8300 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Doug Dexter at - 508-833-6503 »

  90. SOLD: Taylor Bros. D ¾ Set - The real thing. 16k firm. Needs restoration.
    Listed: 04/14/2008 Sold: 04/24/2008
    Price: $16,000 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Mark Hillmann at - 301-587-9205 »

  91. SOLD: Desi Seery D Full Set - These pipes are older and well used. They are tied into a new L&M bag. The common stock is weathered, but otherwise they look pretty nice. The chanter has a twist style shut off valve on the top. I think that there used to be a pin there to line up the holes for the top. There is a small hole at the top of the chanter where the pin would go. This is not afffecting the performance of the chanter top or chanter. The chanter was recently professionally repaired to replace a small chip out of one of the key blocks. The repair is not visible. The chanter has four keys and blocks for one more key, I believe. The chanter currently has a reed made by David Daye and is working nicely in both octaves, with some rushing of the chanter staple and a little tape here and there. I broke the bass drone reed, so I replaced the drone reeds with eze-drone reeds and they are working well. The regs are way beyond my ability. They are reeded and I can get some good sounds out of some key combinations, but I really don't know how to tune them or play them. The bracket on the bass drone is loose and can be slid around, but this does not affect its functioning. The pipes are blackwood (ebony??) with brass and plastic. I purchased these as an opportunity to try out the regs and try a chanter different than my practice set chanter. I like the chanter alot, but the regs are way beyond me. I am asking $5500, or best offer, plus shipping and insurance. I can accept Paypal, or other payment methods. I would also consider trades for a flat half set and some D drones. Please feel free to contact me at with questions, to hear them over the phone, or to discuss an offer.
    Listed: 04/07/2008 Sold: 04/23/2008
    Price: $5500 - [o.b.o. - buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Scott Estes at »
    Audio Sample: WMA »

  92. SOLD: Andreas Rogge D Chanter - A wide bore Rogge D chanter in ebony with silver plated brass and artificial ivory mounts. The chanter has keys for C Natural, B Flat, G Sharp, and F Natural. A wooden chanter top with stop key. I bought it new from Andreas in March 2007 and have hardly played it as I unexpectedly took delivery of a new full set from Andreas shortly afterwards. It is in brand new perfect condition. An opportunity to immediately acquire a high specification chanter from a top maker. I am based in the North of England.
    Listed: 04/07/2008 Sold: 04/15/2008
    Price: UK£1250 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Cameron at »

  93. SOLD: Brad Angus D Narrow Bore Chanter - This is an incredibly sweet sounding and quiet narrow bore chanter in the key of D made of ebony, brass and boxwood by Brad Angus. The chanter has a wooden top with stop key, a C natural key and comes with four reeds. This is a perfect chanter for apartment playing or accompanying smaller groups of instruments.
    Listed: 04/07/2008 Sold: 04/09/2008
    Price: $1200 - [buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Patrick Maun at »

  94. SOLD: Tim Benson D Chanter - NEW - New ebony concert pitch chanter made in January/February 2008 by Tim Benson and Stephanie Cornelius of East Pembroke, New York. Brass ferrules and chanter top, mounts are of Indonesian Wood Apple. Four solid brass keys (F natural, C natural, G#, and Bb). Well-reeded and in good playing order. See links for sound samples, pictures, and video. Price is $1400.
    Listed: 02/19/2008 SOLD: 02/22/2008
    Price: $1400 - [o.b.o. - buyer pays shipping and insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Tim Benson at or call (585) 300-9201 »
    Ebay Link: Link »
    Audio Sample: 1 | 2
    Video Sample: YouTube Link »

  95. SOLD: Full set in D - Full set of either Dan O'Dowd or depending upon who you believe, Wilkinson concert D pipes. The chanter took a trip to Belfast and was identified as Dan O'Dowd, but was damaged beyond repair and subsequently stripped of it's mountings and keyword and a new one built by BC Childress. I actually wouldn't mind keeping that. The drones are reeded and sound great, the regs have never been seriously reeded up. Blackwood, brass, real ivory, with a cocobolo mainstock. Entire set is in excellent condition, airtight and ready to play except for setting up the regs. I have a full set coming ahead of schedule and a number of personal expenses that suggest I shouldn't attempt to maintain both full sets, so I'm making this one available. Better photos to follow. I'm entertaining offers.
    Listed: 05/25/2007
    Price: Best Offer - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Royce Lerwick at »

  96. SOLD: Two Chanters & a Bellows - I have two D chanters for sale. Bruce Childress (blackwood with boxwood mounts) and the other maker is unknown (ebony with maple mounts). Both have C keys. I also have a set of bellows for sale.
    Childress Chanter $750, good chanter and has a brand new reed as well as the original.
    Mystery Chanter $500 (I would charge more if I could name the maker), fair chanter.
    Donohoe Bellows $300
    I am selling these items to pay for a new set I am purchasing.
    I also have a good bag with stocks that could be used if someone wants to purchase a practice set. Sold as a practice set listed below:
    Childress chanter, bag with stocks, and bellows $1,200 Mystery chanter, bag with stocks, and bellows $950
    I don't want to sell the bag and stocks unless it goes as a practice set.
    Listed: 12/06/2007
    Price: US$ See above - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Douglas Cross at »

  97. SOLD: Seth Gallagher D Practice Set - Seth Gallagher D Practice Set with Brass Rings in immaculate condition. Four key mounts and no keys. I am the 2nd owner of these and the set was in Seth's hands before I bought them to check out. I have owned them about 7 years and believe they were about 2 years old when I bought them. My total time on them has been about 4-6 hours. Seth made a new reed for them about 4 years ago (as I recall) which may have an hour on it. The instrument has been kept in a humidified and air-conditioned room with seven harps and a grand piano. Children, job, and not enough practice time suggests that selling to someone that will use this set is a wise move! The bottom note does have a piece of black electrical tape on it to decease the size of the hole, which was likely placed by the previous owner, who, I am guessing, had a small right hand/finger. I'll include Spillane's tutor and the Clarke tutor + cassette plus a cordura case. Contact Dan Sullivan at or call my office at 815.344.1392. Asking $1,725 plus shipping and insurance. I prefer to not ship outside the U.S.
    Listed: 01/21/2008
    Price: $1,725 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Dan Sullivan at Tel. 815.344.1392 »
    Click Here For Pictures »

  98. SOLD: David Daye D ½ Set - Everything but the drones and bag were received new from David in April '07. The drones and bag are about 2 years old and were bought second hand. The chanter is a combination of PVC and brass, the bag is high quality leather, and the drones are delrin/brass. All parts are in great shape and the set plays well. The reed sounds great (see sound samples). The only thing that needs adjusting is the tenor drone reed (which is synthetic). Right now I have the tenor drone taped over (imo it sounds fine with just bass and baritone). If you have a large waistline, you may need to get a new piece of plastic tubing as I'm pretty thin, but it shouldn't be a problem. The set will be available mid to late November as I'm waiting on another set to arrive. The set has been awesome in getting me off the ground, but I'm ready to upgrade to something I can eventually add regs to. This set would be ideal for a beginner, or someone looking for compact travel/spare set.
    $1100 for the set not including shipping. A half set from David costs $1,300 and is about a year wait. For more info see his website.
    Listed: 11/13/2007
    Price: $1,100 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Chris Sepic at »
    Sound samples:
    Tune » - Scale » - Drones »
    Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5

  99. SOLD: Dave Williams D Chanter - Dave Williams cahanter for sale was bought in the summer of 2007 reluctant sale due to house move, reeded up a few weeks back by Benidict Kohler. Has a c key on the back that looks like Peter Hunters work.
    Listed: 01/03/2008
    Price: Best Offer - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Danny McLaughlin at »

  100. SOLD: Kirk Lynch Drones, Kevin Thompson Regulators D ¾ Set - No Chanter - Set is a 3/4 set. NO CHANTER. Drones, bag and bellows by Kirk Lynch in the late 90s. Regulators by Kevin Thompson. This set was purchased from a piper in NM who kept them in mint condition and they have been kept in this condition in a non-smoking home. Drones are a beautiful rose-colored wood, probably cocobolo or mopane and still look brand new. Regulators are black-stained boxwood. The drones use Kirk's synthetic reeds, the regs have cane. All but the baritone drone reed are working well. I have hesitated from working on the reeds too much as you will probably want to modify them depending on how you play. Drones play and sound great and the regs are well in tune and airtight and have been serviced in the past by Seth Gallagher.Seller has decided to pursue fiddle as her primary instrument so these must go. Asking $3000. Comes with a hard case. Set will ship from the Los Angeles area.
    Listed: 01/21/2008
    Price: $3,000 - [buyer pays shipping] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Aria-Noelle Curzon at »

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