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My name is Patrick D'Arcy, welcome to


Snoop around for all the latest uilleann piping news and information.

If you would like to learn more about the uilleann pipes (pronounced: illan) then the f.a.q. section is a good place to start. The rest of you know what you're up to... welcome back :)

07/06/20: Piper Sunday - Zoom Seminar: The Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club invites you to join us Sunday's at 11am (PDT) for the continuation of our Piper Sunday Zoom Seminar series featuring online discussion with guest speakers about Irish piping and music ::: Details »

My YouTube Channel05/08/2019: My YouTube Channel just reached 500 subscribers! How crazy is that? Thanks to everyone for their subscriptions, likes, shares and continued support!

03/19/2019: It's been ages since anyone has sent in a bio for the Piper Bios's page. Thanks to Dave Boling for doing just that. If anyone else would like to submit their bio, photo and whatever else you want to include, please send it to »

02/14/2019: Réalta featuring TWO uilleann pipers coming to a town near you! (hopefully!) ::: more

01/01/2019: Well that was a year to remember! Lots of ups and downs between broken bones, friends lost, musical highs, and wonderful time spent with family. Here's to more highs than lows in 2019. As Cord Hosenbeck put it so eloquently at this years Rose Parade, "Lean and mean in 2019".

12/02/18: Happy Christmas Season Everyone! All physical copies of Wallop The Spot are SOLD OUT! Rattle The Knee CD's are still available! Downloads of both are still available HERE. Thanks for your continued support!

08/27/18: The 2018 Southern California Tionól will take place over the weekend of October 26, 27 & 28, 2018. Guests include Joey Abarta, K Padraig O'Kane & our special guest representing NPU, Emmett Gill. We look forward to seeing you there! ::: more»

07/18/2018: REVIEW: Introducing my new flute by Seery Flutes! It's a beauty. It plays strong, easy and perfectly in tune. I can't say enough good things about it. Mine is the delrin model, which I like, as it is basically bulletproof... and you can defend yourself with it! Having said that, it isn't heavy. The turning on the outside has been refined compared to older models I've seen, especially on the head joint, where more material has been subtly removed but it remains thicker around the embouchure. If you are a flute player you are probably familiar with these flutes, they are a popular, affordable (and incredibly well playing) alternative to the traditional wooden flute.

Sadly Des passed away in 2015, which I just found out at Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy. I am proud to say that I met him. He lived in Bray, close to my family. I brought him some California cane several years ago for his reeds. He was a gentleman and wonderfully cheery soul. Fortunately, his legacy continues!

10/28/17: I have updated the classified submission recommendations suggesting users create a temporary email address to use on this site. I hope this will help curb spam issues people have experienced.

10/01/17: The Southern California Tionól will take place over the weekend of November 10, 11 & 12. The guest instructor is Patrick Hutchinson ::: more

09/29/17: Tiarnán O Duinnchinn is delighted to launch new solo Piping CD; "Reggish Paddy". Available to download or buy (hard copy posted) from Here is what Andy Irvine had to say "Tiarnan O Duinnchinn's new album is a revelation. His creative and inventive use of regulators has always been a mind blower for me. Well do I remember listening to him playing on a sunny Summer's day at a fleadh in Cavan a few years ago.I was overcome with emotion.The same feeling I last had listening to Willie Clancy in similar circumstances in Scariff in 1964." ::: link

08/26/17: Uilleann piper Eoin O'Riabhaigh has launched a new website promoting his pipemaking! Best of luck with the new venture Eoin! ::: link

08/18/17: I am very excited to annouce that I have been invited to teach at The Pipers' Gathering, Litchfield, CT. on August 18-20, 2017. Check out their website to sign up or request a private lesson. See you there! ::: more

07/15/17: On July 15th/16th weekend Marco Pollier is making a rare visit to England from Clare as a tutor at the Pat Molloy Summer School in Birmingham, England. He will also be performing at the Saturday night concert.

03/27/17: Website Update: I have removed the old Google Search Box that was in the left menu and added the new version to the top of each page. I think it will help you navigate the site better and find what you are looking for faster. Let me know what you think!

12/09/16: Another great year of uilleann piping has transpired and it's not over yet! Thanks to everyone for visiting the site. Thanks also to all those that listed classified ads. They help keep the wheels greased around here and every contribution is greatly appreciated. Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all!

06/05/16: Cillian Vallely has just released his first solo cd, "The Raven's Rock". It features his brothers Niall (concertina) and Caoimhin (piano) and a few friends that he's played with over the years including Sean Og Graham, Paul Meehan, Ryan McGiver (guitars), Jeremy Kittel (fiddle) & Brian Morrissey (bodhran).
The record is now available on his new website and can be mailed to all corners of the world. There's also a few clips on there to listen to.
To download the cd, you can go to
For anyone close to New York City, there's a launch gig on June 11th at the stunning Pier A in lower Manhattan. This will feature some of the musicians on the cd and fellow members of Lunasa including Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell, and Patrick Doocey. Details here.

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