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My name is Patrick D'Arcy, welcome to


Snoop around for all the latest uilleann piping news and information.

If you would like to learn more about the uilleann pipes (pronounced: illan) then the f.a.q. section is a good place to start. The rest of you know what you're up to... welcome back :)

08/28/15: Announcing the Southern California Tionól 2015 November 6, 7 & 8. Featuring guest pipers Joey Abarta and Michael Stribling. Pre-registration is heartily encouraged!!! Details available at: See you there! ::: more »

08/03/15: In an attempt to gain more music students I have signed up for a service called - Visit my profile, read my reviews, ask me a question ::: more »

06/05/15: I am now on twitter under the name @piper_darcy - see you in the twittersphere!

05/18/15: The Ne'er Duwels CD is now available for purchase online at

05/11/15: This Saturday, May 17th, a project I've been working on for two years will be launched in Pasadena California! The Ne'er Duwels is the name of the band. It's a festival friendly melenge of four individual musicians that bring their experience and musicality to the table. What a feast! See the Website for details.

04/13/15: New York piper Bill Ochs has released a double CD of Micho Russell recordings to coincide with Micho's 100th birthday. It is available on CD and also on iTunes.

01/22/15: I just created a YouTube playlist featuring videos I have made for students over the years to help them learn tunes. Subscribe and enjoy! Visit The Playlist YouTube

01/02/15: Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for your continued support. May your reeds forever melodiously sing! Enjoy!

06/30/14: Cúirt An Phíobaire Presents a MEGA SESSION. Saturday, 28 June 2014, 7.30 p.m. An Díseart, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Featuring Paddy Keenan, Leonard barry, Kevin Rowsome and members of Na Piobairí Uilleann also local musicians and friends flyer ::: more »

05/12/14: The Pipers' Gathering, August 22 - 24, 2014
New Location: Wisdom House, Litchfield, Connecticut
Featured uilleann pipe instructors: Kevin Rowsome and Joey Abarta.
Register now and save money on tuition ! website »

03/10/14: Waterford piper, David Power, has just released a new CD titled "The 18 Moloney" featuring a wonderful historic set of pipes endowed to him by pipemaker Mal White and made by the Moloney brothers of Clare in pre-famine times. David is a piper of exceptional skill and taste, this is not a recording to be missed! more »

02/28/14: Congratulations to Na Piobairi Uilleann on the launch of their new website. Nice job guys! Exciting times ahead! more »

01/04/14: I have added a form to the Classifieds page in an effort to make submitting an ad easier more »

12/24/13: Happy Christmas to everyone in the uilleann piping community. Here's to another year of pumping, squeezing, cramping, scraping, tweeking, tapping, drueling, blistering. May your elbows keep pumping and your fingers keep flayling!

12/16/13: A new reedmaking book is now available. Reedmaking by Martin Gallen, a 70 page full colour step by step guide to his method of reedmaking more »

12/12/13: I am currently sold out of whistles. I am currently researching good quality, affordable instruments to stock. If you have a favourite let me know here »

11/19/13: The Lesson request form has been updated to include the 10% discount for 4 prepaid lessons here»

11/18/13: I'm finally back home from six weeks touring immediatly followed by the SoCalTionol, which I think is a word now. Now all I need to do it smoke a turkey. I think that's the sensible thing to do.

10/09/13: Jimmy O'Brien-Moran has just released "Take Me Tender" the long awaited follow up to his album "Sean Reid's Favourite". It is a tribute to the music of Paddy Conneely, a blind piper who lived in Galway. The darling of his age, Conneely gained national fame when his portrait and an accompanying article appeared in the popular Irish Penny Journal of October 3, 1840 - 173 years ago. Having survived the Great Famine Conneely died on September 11, 1851. However, over 180 pieces of his music had been transcribed by at least five collectors leaving a fascinating record of piping style and repertoire in pre-Famine Ireland ::: more»

10/09/13: Welcome to Caleb Cox of Paradise, Northern California. Read his bio here»

10/07/13: Leonard Barry has just released his new CD titled "New Road". Lot's of tasty tunes! ::: more»

09/19/13: I have added a contact form to the contact page. Send me a hello! ::: more»

09/11/13: I am in the process of updating the iTunes Store within this site. I have gotten as far as Tommy Martin. The links below him may or may now work anymore. It's a pretty comprehensive list of uilleann piping albums and related albums those pipers have played on. Go have a look ::: more»

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